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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lust-O-Rama - Twenty-Six Screams (BY REQUEST)

Lust-O-Rama - Twenty-Six Screams (1991)
In WAV - Covers are included

1 (Can't Do) Another Mistake 
2 Yeah! 
3 I Want You 
4 Been So Long 
5 Night Of The Sadist 
6 Game Of Love 
7 Won't Be Running 
8 That's Okay 
9 I'm Down 
10 Trip Me Up 
11 In And Out 
12 Run From Her 
13 I Need To Know 
14 (She Left Me) Crying 
15 Again And Again 
16 Gotta Be Loved 
17 Trasher 
18 She Just Left 
19 1 - 2 - 5 (live)
Recorded at Athletic Sound, Halden, Norway. Track 19 recorded live at Last Train, Oslo, Norway on May 19th, 1991. Tracks 18 and 19 are CD bonus tracks. 
From Moss,NORWAY LUST-O-RAMA was formed by Arne Thelin after he left the COSMIC DROPOUTS (see that entry).Garage Punk at its best. Check out "Night of the Sadist"well known by all the "BACK FROM THE GRAVE" fans.


Honquijote said...

- Thanks for the post. I have their Pure Lust ‎compilation CD.

DEE DEE said...

Thanks a lot! So many great posts on your blog...

Woody said...

Thank you!!! Great album!!!

angel said...

hi ratboy, would you please re-up this one?