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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

10 YEARS of this BLOG

Today is a VERY special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate 10 YEARS of this BLOG.

10 years is like a life time in blog land so it is time to move on and make some radical changes: from now on I will concentrate only on special features and interviews.

Therefore the post here under will be the very last DOWNLOAD post ever.

I seize the opportunity to thank all the people who contributed to this blog over the years: JPaul, of course, but also Limburg, Joey R.A. Mone, Patrick (aka musicyoucan), Leo and all the others I might forget right now. 

The BellRays - Punk Funk Rock Soul Vol.2
In WAV - Scans are included

Bad Reaction
I Can’t Hide
Man Enough
Brand New Day
Junior High
Never Let A Woman
Every Chance I Get
Love and Hard Times


YankeeBoy said...

Congratulations on 10 years and thank you for the music you've turned me on to - not only the stuff I have downloaded but the many albums and CDs you've sent me off to Bandcamp to seek out.

RYP said...

Congratulations to 10 years ratb0y69 blog!
I have always appreciated your extraordinary taste. So you have to definitely exclude further downloads?

Anonymous said...

10 ans deja

tom said...

Thanks for all the great music

dado said...

10 ans, quelle endurance. Merci pour tout autant pour les téléchargements "good taste" mais aussi pour les interviews pertinents et l'actualité musicale. Bonne continuation

Ravachol said...

Longue vie à Ratboy!

CZone said...

Thanks for the great music you've shared over the years...

Cheers, CZone

musicyoucan said...

Happy Birthday and long life with a lot success to the new formula of your blog.
Again many Thanks for all your posts and information providen on so many interesting music groups.
Best wishes

RD said...

Best best best blog for cool interesting rock and roll music! Happy b-day!

Theabs06 said...

Thanks for 10 years of great surprises!

Anonymous said...

The Bellrays is a good way to go out! Thanks for everything Ratboy... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Stinky

C BRETON said...

Bravo et merci pour ton bon travail

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday et hurrah for the 10 next years

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for your 10 Years blog,I appreciated your good taste in music and your generosity.I wish you the best for 2018.

pogo said...

Bien c'est noté, plus de téléchargement!
Dommage parce que vous aviez plutôt bon goût... La preuve en est sur ce dernier post. Longue vie donc à cette nouvelle version que je perçois moins attractive pour moi qui venait vous visiter de temps à autre pour des posts que l'on ne trouvait nulle part ailleurs, même si je continue d'acheter des disques (et pas lors du Record Store Day). Merci pour ces dix années passées car vous avez aussi prouvé que l'on pouvait proposer un mélange entre partage de musique et spotlight sur l'actualité de groupes en devenir ou pas qui méritaient largement un p'tit coup de pouce. J'ai toujours eu plaisir à lire vos interviews autant que vos partages qui auraient peut être mérités parfois un peu d'infos pour les novices.
Merci donc pour tout ce temps passé derrière votre clavier et bon anniversaire à vous.


DEE DEE said...

Bon anniversaire et merci pour toute cette bonne musique

Anonymous said...

Long life Ratboy ;)
marco - italy

Joey R.A. Mone said...

Happy B-day Ratboy! Thank you for all the goodies - exceptional choices of music!

Malaspina said...

10 years of great music.Time flies.Thanks Ratboy.A very Happy 10th Birthday!

The Stooge said...

End of an era. Thanks for all of the great music!

Kirill Z. said...

gongrats! Best r'n'r blog in internet!

Woody said...

Thank you for 10 years of fantastic music. All the best!