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Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Motors - Tenement Steps

The Motors - Tenement Steps
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Love And Loneliness  
2 Metropolis  
3 Modern Man  
4 That's What John Said  
5 Tenement Steps  
6 Slum People  
7 Here Comes The Hustler  
8 Nightmare Zero  
Bonus Tracks
9 Love And Loneliness (7" Version)  
10 Time For Make Up  
11 Crazy Alice  
12 That's What John Said (7" Version)  
13 Love Round The Corner  
14 Tenement Steps (7" Version)  
15 Dancing The Night Away (Re-Mix)  
16 Emergency (Re-Mix)  
17 Sensation (Re-Mix)

More Motors, mostly interesting for the Bonus tracks!


musicyoucan said...

Thanks a lot Ratboy69 for this third Motors opus. Always good to ear.

Anonymous said...

Mediafire have blocked this already, because, quote, ""Here Comes the Hustler" by The Motors may be available for download from Amazon."

MammaÄmmä said...

Thanks for all you wonderfull uploads!
Could you please re-upload this one?