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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Endless Boogie - Vibe Killer

Endless Boogie - Vibe Killer
In WAV - Scans are included

  1. Vibe Killer
  2. Let It Be Unknown
  3. High Drag, Hard Doin'
  4. Bishops At Large
  5. Back in '74
  6. Jefferson County
  7. Whilom 

Endless Boogie did, in fact, start way back in the late ‘90s, as a chance for some employees of Matador Records to jam. And it took a while for them to get the thing off the ground, with only occasional shows and no recorded material to speak of until the mid-2000s. But they’ve made up for lost time in the ‘10s, releasing a slew of full-lengths over the past half-dozen years. The latest, Vibe Killer, further entrenches Endless Boogie as the band that time forgot.

Saw these guys last night, that was quite something!.

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