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Friday, October 14, 2016

Bo Diddley - 1970 - The Black Gladiator

Bo Diddley - 1970 - The Black Gladiator
In Flac - Scans are included

A1 Elephant Man 4:28
A2 You, Bo Diddley 3:30
A3 Black Soul 2:47
A4 Power House 2:50
A5 If The Bible's Right 3:08
B1 I've Got A Feeling 2:46
B2 Shut Up, Woman 3:40
B3 Hot Buttered Blues 3:44
B4 Funky Fly 2:55
B5 I Don't Like You 3:10

"Black Gladiator" is a great compilation of dynamic music from Bo's funky later work. The beats in several cuts, most notably "I Don't Like You", "The Funky Fly" and "I've Got a Feeling" are among the best he ever created. Bo's guitar playing on "I've Got a Feeling" is what Chuck Berry must have been talking about when he said that Johnny B. Goode could play a guitar "just like ringing a bell". Great album which anyone interested in rhythm and guitar should have.

Thanx to JPaul for providing the goodies.

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