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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jonesy - Self Titled 7" out now on NO FRONT TEETH RECORDS!

The Dictators once asked "Who will save rock'n'roll?". Well my friends, I'm pleased to say that the answer to that primordial question comes straight from the streets of Montreal, Québec: JONESY!
Playing bass and biting tits!!!

JONESY is featuring four dudes who know how to play real Rock n' Roll with an attitude: Chilly Vinny: Bass, Vocals - Suspicious Dave: Drums - Simon Diamonds: Guitars, Backing Vocals and Nick Chasse: Guitars; Backing Vocals.

In the nowadays world, where people are expected to be over polite and politically correct, what a real delight it is to see a band who dares tracks like "(I Wanna) Bang Bang You" and "(I Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face" on its first ever released single. 

And JONESY is not only about attitude, these guys know how to write amazing ultra catchy tunes with ripping guitars that ooze with all the right musical influences. You name it, they have it: The Heartbreakers, The Waldos, The New York Dolls, The Dead boys..... 

So stop sobbing; there is a future to rock'n'roll, after all, and its name is not Bruce Springsteen, its name is JONESY.

Purchase it HERE :

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DEE DEE said...

Pure poetry, thanks a lot!