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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bruce Joyner and The Unknowns

Bruce Joyner and The Unknowns
In WAV - Covers are included

1. Pull My Train 2. Crime Wave 3. Streets 4. Rat Race 5. Riptide 6. White Trash Girl 7. City of Angels 8. Common Man 9. She Never Says No 10. Modern Man 11. Bounce 12. Actions/Reactions [Demo Version] 13. Suzzanne [Demo Version] 14. Dream Sequence [Demo Version] 15. Not My Memory [Demo Version] 16. Teenage Crush [Demo Version] 17. Tax Deductible [Demo Version] 18. Crime Wave [Demo Version] 19. Streets [Demo Version] 20. Pull My Train [Demo Version] 21. Rave On [Demo Version] 22. Common Man [Demo Version] 23. Rat Race [Demo Version] 24. Bounce [Demo Version]

Bruce Joyner with Mark Neill and Dave Boyle initiated the Unknowns in 1980, when moving from Georgia to Los Angeles; Bruce left by the end of 1982. They reformed in 1991, with Craig Packam on drums, for a european tour (and New Rose records anniversary gig), then Bruce left to focus on collaborating with Out Of The Fire, and also because suffering some health problems.


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