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Friday, January 30, 2015

Jerry Lee Lewis - Live At The Star Club Hamburg

Jerry Lee Lewis - Live At The Star Club Hamburg
In wav - Scans are included
1 Mean Woman Blues
2 High School Confidential
3 Money
4 Matchbox
5 What'd I Say - Part 1
6 What'd I Say - Part 2
7 Great Balls Of Fire
8 Good Golly Miss Molly
9 Lewis Boogie
10 Your Cheatin' Heart
11 Hound Dog
12 Long Tall Sally
13 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
14 Down The Line

Live At The Star Club, Hamburg is not an album, it's a crime scene: Jerry Lee Lewis slaughters his rivals in a thirteen-song set that feels like one long convulsion. Recorded April 5th, 1964, this is the earliest and most feral of Lewis' concert releases from his wilderness years, after he was banished from the radio and after he had left Sun Records for Mercury, but before he humbled himself and switched to country. Live at the Star Club is not country, boogie, bop or blues but showdown rock & roll, with no survivors but the Killer.

Not that the rockabillies and piano pounders whose tunes he devours — Ray Charles ("What'd I Say"), Carl Perkins ("Matchbox"), Little Richard ("Good Golly, Miss Molly") and Elvis Presley ("Hound Dog") — thought of Lewis as their chief competition. But he did. The world at large seemed out to get him, and that was no position for the hardest-working ego in show business. Lewis was not going to just slide through his career doldrums. He wanted to show 'em all — those prigs who looked down their blue noses at his marriage to thirteen-year-old Myra Gayle Brown, those fools who thought Elvis was the King, those damned Brit invaders, even the angry God of his angrier fathers. No enemy could touch him onstage. Once Lewis launches into "Mean Woman Blues," the audience and his backing band, a vastly overmatched British group called the Nashville Teens, simply toast in the afterburners.   (review from rolling stones magazine)

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this cool contribution.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prima Donna - Vinyl Cuts & Other Pieces

Prima Donna - Vinyl Cuts & Other Pieces 
In wav - Scans are included

tracklisting :

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on a steady diet of punk and glitter rock, Prima Donna are infamous on the L.A. scene. Unlike many of their contemporaries, however, this foursome not only taps into early British Invasion rock-n-roll as translated by sax infused bands such as the Dave Clark Five, early Stooges and The Sonics, but they also put their own snarling, full throttle spin on it, leaving just enough L.A. sleaze in the mix to make it their own.
Their curriculum includes musical road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, D-Generation and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two continents. Frontman Kevin Preston has also continued participation in Green Day side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs.!cEkghZQL!p8wi0SPx9sqCixluYb8A9a_jVTXYSyOW57c1sTp-f-I

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Don Juan Y Los Blancos - Poder Blanco!

Don Juan Y Los Blancos - Poder Blanco!
In wav - Scans are included
 1. Sweet Beat  
 2. That's All  
 3. Mean Streak  
 4. Chicken Walk  
 5. Better This Way  
 6. Bop On  
 7. That Lucky Old Sun  
 8. Feel So Blue  
 9. Runnin'  
 10. Don't Quit Me Baby  
 11. Bottom of the Bottle  
 12. Wild Gal  
 13. Tick Tock

DON JUAN Y LOS BLANCOS are like no others- mixing up RnB, Garage & Rock n Roll and then deep frying it in some Soul, their sound will make your bodies shake, jerk and vibrate outta control!!wJdVFbqY!Cw09Tdwdrxq2R-ii8-pOULt6_FF-J3Evvdh8UGFclo0

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this cool contribution.

Very funny video!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some reups

The Morlocks-2010-Play Chess
in wav - Covers are included
1. I'm A Man
2. Help Me
3. Killing Floor
4. Smokestack Lightning
5. Who Do You Love
6. Boom Boom
7. Promised Land
8. Sitting On Top Of The World
9. You Never Can Tell
10. Feel So Bad
11. You Can't Sit Down
12. Back In The U.S.A

The Morlocks aren't some smoothed-out, swagged-out screw-ups toting stage passes and guitars; The Morlocks are a living, sleeping and breathing embodiment of the garage punk they've perfected and long performed. The music they create is the lifeblood of their cause, a cause which is as much a point of pride as a way of life. The scars, breaks and bruises earned along the way serve to magnify the only truth they know. Growing up fans of Chicago blues-rock legends like Howlin' Wolf and Bo Diddley, L.A.'s The Morlocks' shared love of all things related to Chess Records created a natural inspiration to pay homage to some of their musical heroes with their fourth long player. The resulting album: The Morlocks Play Chess!!RYEWhSKK!NkhmbWhAKD3XS-m2fvB0PeZ6WsxarTnSG6g34U7h4mU

Thanx to Chris for this great contribution!!!

The Spongetones - BEAT MUSIC
In Flac - Scans are included
1 Here I Go Again
2 Tell Me Too! 
3 Cool Hearted Girl
4 Take My Love
5 Part Of Me Now
6 She Goes Out With Everybody
7 Every Night Is A Holiday
8 Don't You Know?
9 Where Were You Last Night?
10 You're the One
11 Better Take It Easy
12 Eloquent Spokesman
13 This Kiss Is Mine Tonight!9NlAiSrD!lGmROnLvRDXcP_q44ZPAgDSauZQJE5jTP85U0vXp29o

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution! 

Odnoder Teab - Teem Odnoder Teab (2011)
In wav - Covers included

1. The Sweetest Sound 
2. The Spell I'm Under 
3. My Baby (Knows How To Have A Real Good Time) 
4. Break-A-Heart 
5. Do You Wanna Have This Dance? 
6. Melina 
7. Full Moon Child 
8. Shoop Shoop 
9. Can't Wait Until Saturday Night 
10. I'll Never Let You Go
Influences run the gamut from early `60s Brill Building songwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-`60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early `70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock `n' roll music with all the drive of late `70s punk powered `80s power pop. If you like TEEN MACHINE or the 2 first solo albums by Sylvain SYLVAIN, this will be right down your alley! The best pop album of 2011. No less.

Special thanx to JuniorRatboy for this great contribution

Nothing but ...the Youth

THE YOUTH is a young Beat/Garage/R&B band from Copenhagen, Denmark including Jesper Agerbæk:  Guitar - Lasse Tarp: Guitar, vocals - Sune Christian Thomsen:  Drums and last but not least David Peter Jørgensen:  Bass, vocals.

Some people claim that they are influenced by Medway bands like The Masonics or The Milkshakes but as far as I'm concerned I hear much more the influences of Dutch 60's bands like Q65, The Motions or The Outsiders. And to prove my point, they deliver a very fine rendition of "That's your problem". And even if their sound is rooted in the past, it sounds totally fresh and contemporary!  Their debut cd/album, "Nothing But..." was recorded at Circo Perrotti Estudios, Gijón, Spain and released on Dirty Water Records last October.

You can purchase it here :

The YOUTH will be touring Italy at the end of this month:

28.01.15 Gennaio-Edonè Club Bergamo, IT
29.01.15 Titty Twister Club Parma, IT
30.01.15 Cox 18 Milano, IT
31.01.15 Loggia Leopardo Vegogno (Verbania), IT
01.02.15 TBA TBA, IT
02.02.15 Mattatoio Club Carpi(Modena), IT
03.02.15 TBA Venezia, IT
04.02.15 TBA Trento, IT
05.02.15 Jack the Ripper Pub Roncà(Verona), IT
06.02.15 Lio Bar Brescia, IT
07.02.15 Sound Bonico Piacenza, IT
08.02.15 Arci Virgilio Mantova, IT

Monday, January 19, 2015

Iris and the Deadly Flowers - What must a girl do

Once again, IRIS and her Dad, backed by the DEADLY FLOWERS are delivering the goods in spades. 

What must a girl do is a brilliant sixties rocker with a swirling organ riff. Five miles South of Mumbai on the other hand is an hypnotic and spatial instrumental close to krautrock. 



Friday, January 16, 2015

JJD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers

JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers
In wav - Scans are included

North Side Gal  
Country Boy  
Fire Bug  
Signs & Signifiers  
Wolf Teeth  
Scratching Circles  
Dimes For Nickels  
A Gentle Awakening  
I Can't Complain  
Your Love (All That I'm Missing)  

This Album is a must for anyone who loves pure original sounding Rock n Roll and Rhythm N Blues. Just think Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Bunker Hill and Johnny Burnette all rolled into one and you will be blown away by this album.
The material is all there own bar one and sounds really fresh but authentic.
The guy has a voice to die for and the production is superb. This is a must buy!!!!cckmSBLC!U2G7MUg08Dn8zI7hAMTlxQdTkPvhG5NQ4VkxeePEfmU

Thanks to LIMBURG for this great contribution

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The swingin' Neckbreakers - Pop Of The Tops

The swingin' Neckbreakers - Pop Of The Tops
In Flac - Scans are included

1 Rock 'N' Roll World
2 Train Wrecked
3 Deadsville
4 Beat It Creep
5 Refuse To Be Used
6 Papa Lost His Mojo
7 Great Jones
8 Just One Light
9 Good Feelin'
10 It Was Him
11 You Stole Love
12 She Could Start A Riot

Long awaited latest album by the buzz-loving, NJ garage rock icons. The trio’s first slab in about a decade and after the very disappointing "The return of rock" features the band’s typical high-energy rock ’n’ snot! 12 brilliant tracks who find the band in great shape and kickin' major ass. The former DEVIL DOGS Mighty Joe VINCENT is sitting behind the drum kit and this guy can hold a steady backbeat.
This is insanely pumped straight-ahead no-frills rock that swoops down on you , pimps slaps you around the living room for 35 minutes , and leaves you a shattered heap on the floor. Good ol' fashioned rock and roll , turn up the amps , kick it up and annoy the neighbours. For those of us who remember great rock n' roll , it's good these boys are finally back in town!
Get this by all means.!dRlwlKKQ!BJw2Wzb83aDz_7h0THHnbS7HcwdjMu1yW6q2ixEDecM

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lyres - Ahs 1005

Lyres - Ahs 1005
In wav - Scans are included

The Original EP
1. Buried Alive
2. In Motion
3. High On Yourself
4. What A Girl Can't Do

The Help You Ann 7"
5. Help You Ann
6. I Really Want You Right Now

The Lost Mini LP
7. Ain't Going Nowhere
8. 100 CC's (Pure Trust)
9. She Pays The Rent
10. High On Yourself
11. What A Girl Can't Do
12. Buried Alive
13. In Motion

The LYRES were most probably thee best "garage" band of the 80's just because they were not a garage band. More like a rock'n'roll band with a vox continental and plenty of soul.
SERIOUSLY OUT OF PRINT. I bought this for 5 euros in a bargain bin a couple of years ago and now this goes for INSANE money on Amazon :

Download it here:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

8 TRACK STEREO - Don't you wanna boogie with me

8 TRACK STEREO - Don't you wanna boogie with me

01. Peppermint Girl
02. Weak as a kitten
03. All over but the cryin'
04. Don't you wanna boogie with me

All tracks recorded at Hollow Sparrow HQ 
Mixed by the one and only Sonic Spaceboy at Liquid Sky Studios 
Get in touch : 
Vincenzo D. : Bass on  "All over but the cryin'"
Words and music by Eric Knoxx

Your favorite glam/punk band, Eight Track Stereo, just released a new digital E.P. aptly named "Don't you wanna boogie with me". It features 4 amazing foot stomping rockers that will keep you humming all day long. Greatly recommanded if you like GIUDA, The Derellas, Cyanide Pills, WARM SODA  and so on....

Get a lossless copy on bandcamp :

Sunday, January 4, 2015

a double dose of BUTTSHAKERS

1° The Buttshakers - Gimme A Little Sign

A) Gimme A Little Sign
B) Shake A Tail Feather

The Buttshakers - Talk Too Much 

A) Talk Too Much
B) Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Muck And The Mires - Dial M for Muck

Muck And The Mires - Dial M for Muck 
In wav - Scans are included

1. Three Steps Closer
2. Don't Write Her Off
3. Cheating Yourself
4. Someday I'll Get My Way
5. You Can't Run Away From Love
6. Double White Line
7. Candy Apple Red
8. Whenever She's Around
9. Kara Lee
10. Love Is Gonna Let You Down
11. Bad Omen
12. Pocket Change

Produced by JIM DIAMOND at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.
"Double White Line" Produced by KIM FOWLEY in Hollywood. AMAZING!

The link has been removed! Go buy this, you won't be disappointed!