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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hector's Pets - Pet-O-Feelia

Hector's Pets - Pet-O-Feelia

Out of Brooklyn by way of Austin and Chicago comes a band with a very strange obsession with pets. Judge for your self: The band is called "Hector's Pets", the guys also happen to have great "pet" nicknames:  wet pet - vox, guitar heavy pet - guitar, vox pocket pet - bass, vox exotic pet - percussion, vox teacher's pet - drums domestic pet - lifer, the album is named "Pet-O-Feelia" and there is even a track called "Year of the Pets".

Despite this very funny obsession, Hector's Pets are one of the best bands around today and they play their own amazing ultra catchy brand of lo-fi garage punk/Glam/Pub Rock. The album is a must buy as all the songs will get stuck in your head from the very first time you hear them and the lyrics are hilarious. 

Hector's Pets debut album Pet -O- Feelia on Oops Baby Record



Anonymous said...

Thank you Ratboy

I love Hector's Pets !!!


ratboy69 said...

I'd rather should thank YOU!