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Sunday, May 31, 2015

More 20/20

More 20/20
No scans

01. Giving it all
02. Under the Freeway
03. Drive
04. Screaming

These early 20/20 tracks come from various compilations. Hence no scans!

Friday, May 29, 2015

20-20 - Look Out!

20-20 - Look Out!
In wav - Scans are included

1. The Sky Is Falling
2. Yellow Pills
3. Cheri
4. Out Of This Time
5. Tell Me Why (Can't Understand You)
6. Tonight We Fly
7. Remember The Lightning
8. She's An Obsession
9. Leaving Your World Behind
10. Backyard Guys
11. Jet Lag
12. Action Now
13. Nuclear Boy
14. Out Of My Head
15. Strange Side Of Love
16. Alien
17. A Girl Like You
18. Life In The U.S.A.
19. The Night I Heard A Scream
20. Beat City
21. Mobile Unit 245
22. American Dream

Steve Allen and Ron Flynt followed the power pop path blazed by fellow Tulsa natives Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley when they moved in 1977 to Los Angeles, where they formed (with Mike Gallo) what has universally become one of the most highly-regarded power pop/new wave outfits of the era, 20/20. Early singles for Bomp! Records were amazing. Most of the tracks on the debut (songs 1-12 here) are keepers, catchy choruses, swirling vocals, all the trademarks of great pop. The Look Out! tracks are considerably less traditional power pop but have enough hooks to appeal to more adventurous new wave fans.

Mono In Stereo - Long For Yesterday

Billy Maynard, Kevin Kalen, and Mike Melenas (former members of 90’s pop punk stalwarts Mulligan Stu)packed up their 6 and 4 strings, stacked up the amps, grabbed a six- pack, and with new skin basher Jordan Acosta in tow, hit the garage, cranked up the volume, and churned out some serious heartland rock ‘n’ roll anthems for the punk rock youth in all of us.

On  24 July 2015, RUM BAR RECORDS will  release Mono In Stereo's debut " Long For Yesterday". 12 shots of adrenaline with fist- pumping choruses, lyrics that’ll stick like gum to yer shoe, and belted- out vocals that’ll stand the test of time and appeal to fans of The Gaslight Anthem, Jesse Malin, Old 97’s, Husker Du, Superchunk. Including the soon to be anthemic, gut- wrenching heartland hits “Long For Yesterday”; “Monty Nolder”; "Start Again"; "Feels Alright"; and "Woke Up in Haight" (cause it feels alright!!)

Mono In Stereo's debut 10 song LP comes w/additional 2 song bonus track download from CD version. All orders come with beer koozie!! Red Vinyl limited edition in mono-in-stereophonic sound! edition of 200 shipping. You can pre-order it here now: 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Greatest Hits - Saved My Life

The Greatest Hits - Saved My Life
In wav - Scans are included

1 Broadway Bounce
2 Ghost Town
3 Electric Blanket Boogie
4 If Rock Hadn’t Saved Me
5 Get Out (Baby Come Over)
6 For Our Hearts
7 Hangups
8 Shakes And Licks
9 Coming Down
10 Gateway Luv
11 Baby Come Baby Go
12 Hangover City

On their 2009 sophomore  release, this Seattle punk-infused quintet delivered a sugar rush infused record that had a lot in common with the REAL KIDS,  SWEET, EDDIE COCHRAN, the BEACH BOYS, the HEARTBREAKERS or the BOYS. Such a shame they broke up.

Friday, May 22, 2015

THE POINTED STICKS - Waiting for the Real Thing

THE POINTED STICKS - Waiting for the Real Thing 

In wav - Covers are included 

1. What Do You Want Me to Do? 
2. Somebody's Mom 
3. Real Thing 
4. Out of Luck 
5. Lies 
6. I'm Numb 
7. It's O.K. 
8. All I Could Take 
9. How Could You? 
10. Apologies 
11. Marching Song 
12. True Love 
13. New Ways 
14. All That Matters 
15. Love or Money 
16. Witch 
17. Real Thing 
18. You Must Be Crazy 
19. Care Less 
20. Worse 
21. Middle Age Teenagers/No More Love 
22. Found Another Boy 
23. Middle Class 
24. Automatic You 

a compilation of singles, outtakes, and other rarities

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2 great records released by Low Impact

A couple of months ago, the Swedish label Low Impact has released two amazing records : The Bo-Dogs "Bad Bad Dog!" and The Maharajas "Yesterday always knew" 

1) The Bo-Dogs is a swedish band featuring Nisse Hellberg – Vox, Guitar; Kent Norberg – Guitar, Vox; Chips Kiesbye – Bass, Vox and Patrik Herrström – Drums.

"Bad Bad Dog!" is their debut full length and it is obviously an amazing way to start. Raw and wild guitars, energetic vocals and a rock solid rhythm section that all bring to mind Dave Edmunds and Rockpile's pure good time rock and roll!

The album opener, 'Hey Mr Oil Drop Man' is worth alone the price of admission but the record is filled to the rafters with incredible tracks like "she's got to go", the tremolo guitar driven "Why Don't You Explain" or the dreamy power pop gem "Junk Angel".

The band also seems to have a good sense of humour since they named 2 instrumentals tracks "Dog Meets Skunk" and later on the album "Skunk Meets Dog

So what you have here are fourteen tracks of brilliantly well played good time rock and roll that are ideal to be played loud in your car while cruising down the highway at full speed. Try it and you will be hooked. An absolutely must buy.

Purchase it here

2) The Maharajas should need no introduction to the viewers of this blog since they include veterans/legends of the Swedish neo-garage rock scene. Ulf Guttormsson - Bass and Vocals; Jesper Karlsson - Drums;  Jens Lindberg - Vocals and Guitar; Mathias Lilja - Vocals and Guitar,  ex-members of Crimson Shadows, The Strollers, The Maggots, The Stomach Mouths and more…

"Yesterday Always Knew" is already their 5th full length release and it is without any doubt their best effort so far! Excellent stuff filled with catchy original songs!  The progress and musical development of this band from record to record is remarquable.

The Maharajas are certainly one of the most underrated bands from Scandinavia.

As they state it themselves, "The Maharajas find influences from all good rock made between 1950 and today. Their albums is a mix of garage rock, pubrock, pop, moody punk. It's a timeless rock’n’roll manifest without a best-before stamp" An absolutely must buy.

Purchase it here :

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tranzmitors - The Tranzmitors

The Tranzmitors - The Tranzmitors
In Flac - Scans are included

1. Plastic Genocide
2. Teen Man
3. Do I Really Wanna Know
4. Something's Really Going on
5. Beating Up Your Heart
6. Is Your Head Hollow
7. Why Don't Boys Cry
8. Last Night
9. Alma Blackwell
10. Everyone Wants to Lose
11. Glamour Girls (Original 7" Version)
12. Dancing in the Front Row (Original 7" Version)
13. Bigger Houses (Original 7" Version)
14. Look What You're Doin to Me (Original 7" Version)

2007 release of a limited edition album by the Canadian quintet that includes a bonus EP featuring the band's previous 7" releases!

Special thanx to  JPaul for this contribution! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Sober Sisters & the Dirty Four - Rock'n'roll Party

The Sober Sisters & the Dirty Four - Rock'n'roll Party
In wav - Scan are included

1 Rama Lama Ding Dong
2 Under The Boardwalk
3 Stop In The Name Of Love
4 Needles And Pins
5 Locomotion
6 Daddy Cool
7 Mr. Postman
8 Tainted Love
9 Do You Love Me
10 Denis Denis
11 Shoop Shoop Song
12 Gimme Gimme Gimme
13 Radar Love
14 Shout
15 Rockaway Beach
16 Blitzkrieg Bop

Recorded and produced April 2002 at Studio Manufaktur Wuppertal by TimBuktu and the Band.

The Belltowers - Day Breakaway

The BellTowers are a Garage Folk Psych band from Orlando, Florida, featuring Paul Mutchler (guitar, vocals), Eddie Foeller (guitar, harp), Marshall Huggins (bass, vocals) and Tom Miller 

"Day Breakaway" their long awaited debut full length is finally here and, boy, was it worth the wait! 

Twelve amazing new slabs of jangle, 60's garage pop bringing back to mind the Paisley Underground bands such as The Rain Parade, The Long Ryders and The Three O'Clock but also the bands that originated it all in the sixties: The Byrds, Love, The Hollies and Buffalo Springfield.

The production by the band itself is absolutely pristine, the arrangements are impressive, the vocal harmonies are suave and the songwriting is brilliant: Sunkissed psychedelia and irresistible hooks, with the band’s electrifying blast of folk-rock garage spangle... If you thrilled to the Byrds, it’s time to meet your new favourite band! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gino and the Goons - "Shake it!"

From Tampa, Florida comes Gino and the Goons, a real bad ass rawk'n'roll outfit whose latest record, "Shake it!" was released last year by Slovenly/Black Gladiator.

GINO AND THE GOONS are : Gino Bambino , gtr (with no reverb and no effects!!! Gino insists on THAT) and vocals - Hugh T.Williams, drums and bck-up vcls - P.Allen Mandelbass, bass and bck-up vcls.

If you like low-fi barroom bashers shouted out loud by three mean hooligans you will be in heaven here. This is the best thing that happened to r'n'r since the Devil dogs, the New York Dolls or Walter Lure's WALDOS: totally Infectious and primal as hell. A must buy!

Purchase it here

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

THE SECRET SERVICE - Power and Volume

THE SECRET SERVICE - Power and Volume
In wav - Covers are included

1. Intro [Live] 
2. It's All Happening Here! 
3. I'm Going Home [#] 
4. Can't You See Now? 
5. I've Been Hurt So Many Times 
6. What's Going On? 
7. I'm Crying 
8. It Doesn't Matter to Me [#] 
9. Once Again [#] 
10. I've Been Hurt So Many Times [#] 
11. What's Going On? [#] 
12. Lovin' Machine 
13. Bella Mae 
14. You've Been Gone for So Long 
15. She's Everywhere 
16. Don't Let Me Go 
17. There's Someone Knocking 
18. Quick One, While He's Away [Live] 
19. Biff Bang Pow [Live] 
20. I've Gotta Find My Baby [Live] 
21. I Just Don't Understand [Live] 
22. Sticks and Stones [Live] 
23. Own the World [Live] 
24. Too Much Monkey Business [Live] 
25. Soulville [Live] 
26. Buy a Little Time [Live] 
27. Outro [Live] 
28. Shakin' All Over [Live]

"One of the great NY area bands of that time was the Secret Service. Though there were other great Mod bands in the area (especially the mighty Mod Fun, who worked more on the Pop Art side of things), The Secret Service brought back the sounds of UK R&B circa 1964. They were a shit-hot live band and had extremely good taste in covers. One of those covers was a tune called ‘Lovin’ Machine’". Larry Grogan Funky16Corners

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Huntingtons - Rocket to Ramonia

Huntingtons - Rocket to Ramonia
In wav - Scans are included

1 Rockaway Beach
2 Teenage Labotomy
3 Suzy Is A Headbanger
4 Blitzkrieg Bop
5 Oh Oh I Love Her So
6 Judy Is A Punk
7 I Want You Around
8 Cretin Hop
9 Slug
10 She's The One
11 Beat On The Brat
12 You're Gonna Kill That Girl
13 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
14 The KKK Took My Baby Away
15 Rock 'N' Roll High School

This 1996 released cd was limited to 1000 copies only. This is the kinda stuff that even REHABILLY will be jealous of!

Get this now, this is RARE shit and there will be NO REUP.

Friday, May 8, 2015

JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers - Wild Moon

JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers - Wild Moon
In Flac - Front cover only

French Harp Hustle
Apple And Oranges
Wild Moon
No Rest For The Wicked
No More My Love
Angel Crown
Let It Fly
You Know I Love You
Hidey Hole
Don't Thrill Me No More
River Song
God Fearing People

The Dirt Daubers have returned....for the most part. Initially a three piece with Mark Robertson (Legendary Shack Shaker) on bass, Jessica Wilkes on vocals, and of course Col. JD Wilkes on harp and banjo, they have now added to the mix guitarist Rod Hamdallah and drummer Preston Corn. Robertson is out and bass duties are filled by JD and Jessica, who alternate depending on who's singing.
As most fans of the band know, this new lineup means a new sound. It's not the acoustic roots/bluegrass sound of the first two albums. The Daubers are now "plugged in" as it were, and while this may turn off some of the purist fans, this is a very interesting, exciting and enjoyable chapter in the Dirt Daubers saga.

Not my rip. Found it on the internet.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Electric Mind Machine out on BAD REPUTATION

Electric Mind Machine is a Psychedelic/Garage fuzz group from Los Angeles, CA. featuring founding members Sara Loera (Singer) and Kenneth Wessel (Guitar) plus Gabriel Hammond (Bass), Christopher Hurt (Vox organ), Geoffrey Johnson (Drums).

The band obviously shares an appreciation of the music from the 60s garage, psychedelic, mod and freak beat scenes but at the same time manages to come up with an energetic and very fresh sound that will totally appeal to fans of The LOVE ME NOTS with whom they share their record label.

Vocalist Sara Loera conjures the sultry charisma and power of a modern day Mariska Veres of the legendary Dutch band  Shocking Blue. While Kenneth Wessel, who is also the main composer and producer of the record, proves himself to be an amazingly raw and fuzzed out guitar player able to come up with a very personnal sound. 

All the songs are catchy as hell but the opening track, "Pretty Face" is an absolute hit and worth alone the price of admission.

Electric Mind Machine self-titled 10-songs CD is released by Bad Reputation Records and is also featuring a unique version of Status Quo’s hit “Pictures of Matchstick Men

Get it here

The very first show of Electric Mind Machine at Footsies in Los Angeles, CA. March 15th 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sylvain Sylvain/Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops

Sylvain Sylvain/Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops
In Wav - Scans are included

1. Teenage News 
2. What's That Got to Do with Rock'n'roll 
3. I'm So Sorry 
4. Emily 
5. Without You 
6. Every Boy and Every Girl 
7. 14th Street Beat 
8. Deeper and Deeper 
9. Ain't Got No Home 
10. Tonight 
11. Crowded Love 
12. Lorell 
13. I Can't Forget Tomorrow 
14. Medicine Man 
15. Dance Dance Dance 
16. Formidable 
17. Teardrops 
18. Just One Kiss 
19. It's Love 
20. No Dancin'

2007 two-fer featuring the two solo albums originally released in the late '70s and early '80s by the New York Dolls member. The self-titled debut was issued in 1979 followed two years later by Syl Sylvain and The Teardrops. Both albums are filled with hook-laden '50s influenced Rock and Pop and definitely more commercial than anything he recorded with the Dolls.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flamin' Groovies - California Born and Bred

Flamin' Groovies - California Born and Bred
In Wav - Scans are included

1 I Can't Explain
2 Shakin' All Over
3 Hangin' Around
4 Carol
5 Buddy Can You Spare A Dime
6 Evil Hearted Ada
7 Have You Seen My Baby
8 Too Late For Your Lies
9 Louie Louie
10 Tiger Man
11 Somethin' Else
12 Golden Clouds
13 Supersnazz Radio Ad
14 Doctor Boogie
15 Sweet Roll Me On Down
16 Rumble
17 Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
18 Headin' For The Texas Border
19 Happy For Your Face
20 Comin' After Me
21 Yesterday's Numbers
22 Heartbreak Hotel
23 Keep A Knockin'

This collection of live and studio rarities from the late '60s and early '70s--when powerhouse singer Roy Loney was the group's central figure--shows that at their best, the Flamin' Groovies could shred every band in their general stylistic vicinity. This album burns through good-rockin' covers of such proto-power-pop classics as "I Can't Explain," "Shakin' All Over" and, of course, "Louie Louie." One particularly way-cool find, the radio promo for the Groovies' self-released SUPERSNAZZ album, is also included. Essential for all Groovies fans.

Friday, May 1, 2015

SEVEN YEARS of this Blog

Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate  SEVEN LONG YEARS (HA HA HA!)of this BLOG. 

And what a better way to celebrate than with ...

Radio Cramps : The Purple KNIF Show
In wav - Scans are included

1 –One Way Streets, The Jack The Ripper
2 –Swamp Rats, The Louie Louie
3 –J.J. Jackson Oma Liddy
4 –Trashmen, The Bird '65
5 –Sparkles, The Oh, Girls, Girls
6 –Link Wray The Fuss
7 –Bill Carter And The Rovin' Gamblers Baby Brother
8 –Tides Midnight Limbo
9 –Earl Hagan & The Interns New Interns Watusi
10 –Mad Mike And The Maniacs The Hunch
11 –Billy Strange 007 Theme
12 –Ted Weems & His Orchestra* Heartaches
13 –Ray Anthony Dragnet
14 –Grady O'Neal* & Bellatones, The* Turkey Neck Stretch
15 –Enchanters Cafe Bohemian
16 –Jam Space & The Cadets* Take Me To Your Leader Chachacha
17 –Archie Bleyer Fernandos Hideaway
18 –Vic Mizzy Addams Family Theme
19 –Spark Plugs* Chicken
20 –Frantics* The Whip
21 –5 Blobs* The Blob
22 –Unknown Artist Miller Beer Commercial
23 –Ward Darby And The Raves Safari
24 –Cozy Cole Topsy Pt. II