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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Shambles - Live At The Casbah

The Shambles - Live At The Casbah
In flac - Scans are included
The Shambles Live at the Casbah features 11 tracks from the band recorded live at the famous San Diego music venue in 2004. The album contains material from four shows and is a limited edition from Archive Records.

track list:
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Inmates - Five

The Inmates - Five (vinyl rip)
In WAV - Covers are included

Let's move
I'm think I'm getting over you
Just like Romeo & Juliet
Lonely hearts
Back on the streets
Baby say yeah
Take a heart
Sister Jekyll and Hyde
Love's for losers
Sweet lovin'
Back on the streets

For some obscure reasons, this has always been one of my favorite INMATES records. Not a weak track in sight, great covers, Vic Maile's brilliant production job and Barry Masters' voice that gives you the feeling this is the long lost best record Eddie and The Hot Rods never recorded. The ideal album for cruising down the highway. Try it and you'll be hooked!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paul Collins' Beat - The Kids Are The Same

Paul Collins' Beat - The Kids Are The Same - CD Vinyl Replica
In WAV - scans are included
1. That s What Life Is All About 
2. Dreaming 
3. On The Highway 
4. Will You Listen 
5. Crying Won't Help 
6. The Kids Are The Same 
7. Trapped 
8. It s Just A Matter ; Of Time 
9. Met Her Yesterday 
10. I Will Say No
Tremendous follow-up to Power-pop's classic masterpiece "The Beat" filled once again with solid Pop gems including title track, On The Highway, Will You Listen etc.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hey Beach Girls! Female Surf N Drag 1961-1966

Hey Beach Girls! Female Surf N Drag 1961-1966

In Flac - Covers are included

1. CYCLE SET - Donna Loren 2. DON'T DRAG NO MORE - Susan Lynne 3. HEY BEACH BOY - Andrea Carroll 4. SHOOT THE CURL - The Honeys 5. PRAY FOR SURF - The Honeys 6. HE'S MY BLONDE-HEADED, STOMPIE WOMPIE, REAL GONE SURFER GUY - Little Pattie & The Statesmen 7. SURFER'S PLAYMATE - The Fleetwoods 8. DRAG RACE JOHNNY - Little Pattie & The Statesmen 9. WE'RE GOIN' SURFIN' - The Wailers With The Marshans 10. ROD HOT ROD - The King Pins 11. BEACH BLANKET BINGO - Donna Loren 12. RED CORVETTE - Ellie Gee & The Jets 13. LONELY LITTLE BEACH GIRL - Carol Connors 14. ATTENTION! ACCIDENT (SUR AUTOROUTE DE L'OUEST) - Les Gam's 15. (DANCE WITH THE) SURFIN' BAND - Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars 16. YOUR BABY'S GONE SURFIN' - Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes 17. DRAGGIN' WAGON - The Surfer Girls 18. (YOU CAN'T TAKE) MY BOYFRIEND'S WOODY - The Angels 19. SURFIN' - The Orlons 20. I MISS MY SURFER BOY TOO - The Westwoods 21. WILL YOU LOVE ME (LIKE YOU DID LAST SUMMER) - The Westwoods 22. SURFER BOY - The Supremes 23. SAMMY THE SIDEWALK SURFER - The Surfettes 24. HE'S MY SURFIN' GUY - The Beach Girls 25. RIDING THE WAVES - Dee Dee Sharp 

The influence of California's Beach Boys permeates "Hey, Beach Girls!" as it did the world of music in 1963. Brian Wilson and his cohorts had not long zoomed to the Top 3 with `Surfin' USA' when an opportunist East Coast record company exec with his eye on the latest pop fads concocted a plan to grab a piece of the action. Bestowing the Surfer Girls moniker on a new young female trio, he ushered them into the studio to cut `Draggin' Wagon' to the very same tune. * Over in Paris, France's top girl group Les Gam's flipped over the same Beach Boys platter to give `Shut Down' their inimitable yé-yé treatment and in Australia teenager Little Pattie stormed the charts with `He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Guy'.* It's doubtful that much surfing went on in Detroit, but the Supremes dipped their toes in the water with `Surfer Boy', one of two numbers they got to sing in the movie Beach Ball. In Philadelphia, epicentre of dance craze culture, the Orlons and Dee Dee Sharp took a break from the watusi and the mashed potato to cut tracks for the rare "Everybody's Goin' Surfin'" LP: `Surfin'' and `Riding The Waves' make their CD debut here.* Other highlights include hideously obscure and collectable decks from the Westwoods, the Fleetwoods, the Beach Girls, Ellie Gee (short for Greenwich, natch) & the Jets, the Surfettes and Andrea Carroll, all of whose contributions are also new to CD. Not forgetting, of course, Ginger, Diane and Brian Wilson's wife Marilyn, otherwise known as the Honeys, without whom no surfing girls compilation would be complete

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Early Hours - Lights Guitar Action

The Early Hours - Lights Guitar Action
In FLAC - Covers are included

1. She's A Gogo
2. Get What I Want
3. Big Star
4. Hurtful
5. Burn Baby Burn
6. Dialled Off Her Mind
7. E.K. Special
8. Sunshine Changes Everything
9. Two Girls
10. This Is No Good
11. Baby
12. Groovy Kind Of Girl
13. I'm Drained
14. Hard Feelings
15. The Girl I Haven't Met
16. She's Where It's At
17. We Ain't Connected
18. I Wonder If You'll Ever Be Mine
19. Christianne
20. Step Back In Time
21. Best You Leave
22. The Girl I Haven't Met
23. Happenin' Kid Today
24. Hard Feelings
25. Lonely With You
26. Soon Be Back
27. Adult Attraction

Hailing from Perth, Australia, THE EARLY HOURS played garage-tinged powerpop thru the mid to late 90’s. They released two studio albums as well as notching up two European tours.
Collected here you’ll find all the tracks from the band’s two albums, “Top 10 Hits”and “Evolution”plus three tracks from their Screaming Apple 7”“I’m Drained”.
All 27 tracks carefully remastered from original studio tapes.THE EARLY HOURS are a must for fans of DM3, THE STEMS, and quality Australian powerpop!

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mink DeVille - Return to Magenta

Mink DeVille - Return to Magenta CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe
In WAV - scans are included

1. Guardian Angel 
2. Soul Twist 
3. A Train Lady 
4. Rolene 
5. Desperate Days 
6. Just Your Friends 
7. Steady Drivin' Man 
8. Easy Slider 
9. I Broke That Promise 
10. Confidence To Kill
Mink DeVille's second album further explores the romantic, nostalgic territory that drove Willy DeVille's creative spirit.
Moon Martin who had written "Cadillac walk" on the band's previous album, Cabretta, wrote the song "Rolene" on this album!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Giuda - Let's Do It Again is out today!

Giuda - Let's Do It Again is out today!

Wild Tiger Woman 
Yellow Dash 
Get That Goal 
Teenage Rebel 
Rave On 
Hold Me Tight 
Roller Skates Rule OK 
Fat Boy Boogie 
Get On the Line 
Hey Hey 

Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian Glam/Glitter/Boot Boy band from Rome, born from the ashes of one of the finest European punk rock groups: Taxi. They play the most exciting kind of retro sounding pub rock and junk shop glam and they have the look of true working class heroes (Think SLADE circa "Play it Loud")… actually they are the perfect party band, but with a tough attitude.

They wear their influences on their sleeves (SWEET, MUD, SLADE, The GLITTER BAND) but blend it all together in their own mix and what comes out is a pure delight. 'LET'S DO IT AGAIN' is their second long player, released on the great DAMAGED GOODS label!

Don't be cheap and buy a hard copy of the cd or the LP here:

Definitely in my top 3 of the year 2013!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

SYSTER HYDE - Taste of your Lips Digital E.P.

SYSTER HYDE - Taste of your Lips Digital E.P.

There was a small period of time, more or less between 1977 and 1983 when everything seemed possible.

The influence of Punk music on one hand and the beginning of electronic music on the other hand had set the ground for new bands to emerge and managed to blend together those influences.

If you need name dropping, think THE CARS, DEVO, SPIZZENERGI, etc....

Wearing their influences on their sleeves, this is exactly the kind of spirit that animates SYSTER HYDE.

The band includes 3 VICE BARONS, 1 RATBOYS and 1 BODY TO BODY, but don't worry no single surf guitar sound in sight!

Don't be cheap and move your lazy asses over to bandcamp to get a LOSSLESS copy of this great E.P.

01. A Wonderful Afternoon
02. Taste of Your Lips
03. Lookin' in The Face of Evil
04. Mongoloid
05. Twenty Layers of Red (Rocking Beat)
06. Halo of Blue

Friday, November 15, 2013

Moon Martin - Bad News Live

Moon Martin - Bad News Live
In wav - Scans are included
Recorded live in France April 26, 27, 28 1993. Kicks major ass!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mink DeVille - Cabretta

Mink DeVille - Cabretta CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe
In WAV - scans are included
1. Venus Of Avenue D 
2. Little Girl 
3. One Way Street 
4. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl 
5. Gunslinger 
6. Can't Do Without It 
7. Cadillac Walk 
8. Spanish Stroll 
9. She's So Tough 
10. Party Girls

Released in the year 1977, Cabretta was Mink DeVille's debut album and it was greeted with strong critical acclaim. Produced by Jack Nitzche, the album is as lean and sharp as it's front man. A mix of tough talking bravado, street-walking struts and sweet nostalgic ballads that hark back to the Brill Building. Gunslinger features Punk's attack while Spanish Stroll boasts a pronounced R & B/Latin groove, something decidedly out of vogue in the late 70's. The major classics here abound from the switch-blade threat of Cadillac Walk to the wistful balladry of Little Girl and Venus of Avenue D. Many songs like Mixed Up Shook Up Girl, sound like they escaped from a far more innocent time only to be thrown to the mercy of One Way Streets with no tomorrow.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Datsuns - Smoke & Mirrors

The Datsuns - Smoke & Mirrors
In flac - Scans are included

1. Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For? 
2. System Overload 
3. Waiting for Your Time to Come 
4. Stuck Here for Days 
5. Maximum Heartbreak 
6. All Aboard 
7. Such a Pretty Curse 
8. Blood Red 
9. Emperor's New Clothes? 
10. Too Little Fire
The Datsuns are a rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand.  In July 2002, after featuring several times on John Peel's programme on the UK's BBC Radio 1 and being hailed as "the future of rock" by the British music press, the band signed with the V2 record label. Their self-titled debut album made a strong impression in the UK, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Their second album, Outta Sight, Outta Mind, was produced by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones. However it did not receive the same praise as the first, critics giving it only a lukewarm response. In October 2006, the Datsuns came back with Smoke & Mirrors, heralded as a return to form in Australia and New Zealand. However it was largely ignored by music press overseas.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moon Martin - Street Fever

Moon Martin - Street Fever CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe 
In WAV - scans are included

1. Five Days Of Fever  
2. Signal For Help  
3. Pushed Around  
4. Love Gone Bad  
5. Stranded  
6. Breakout Tonight  
7. Bad News  
8. No Dice  
9. Whispers  
10. Cross Your Fingers  
11. Rollin' In My Rolls  

John "Moon" Martin earned his recording contract the old fashioned way; he duked it out in several unsuccessful bands (even releasing albums with a group called Southwind), got his songs placed with prominent artists, and finally found his moment. Unfortunately, he never got the huge break his songs were worthy of. Street Fever contains some of his best songs in one setting.Martin's interesting style, sort of a New-Wave Buddy Holly with rockabilly leanings and a keen sense of pop is at its best when he leans towards his Buddy Holly pop/rock, like "Signal For Help." Martin also self-produced (with Warren Dewey), and his backing band The Ravens were tight as always.Alas, the album sold less than its predecessor, lacking a hit single like "Rolene." All of Martin's albums are hook-laden and filled with good songs.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moon Martin - Escape From Domination

Moon Martin - Escape From Domination CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe
In WAV - scans are included
1. I've got a reason  
2. She made a fool of you  
3. Dreamer   
4. Gun shy   
5. Hot house baby  
6. The feeling's right  
7. Rolene   
8. No chance   
9. Dangerous   
10. Bootleg woman
This album from 1979 by Moon Martin is a classic of the new wave era with compact songs that pack an emotional punch. It was produced by Craig Leon who also produced albums by the Ramones and Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band.