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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Wanderers - Only Lovers Left Alive

The Wanderers - Only Lovers Left Alive
In Flac - covers are included
1] Fanfare For 1984
2] No Dreams
3] Dr. Beter
4] Little Bit Frightening
5] Take Them And Break Them
6] It's All The Same
7] The Times They Are A Changin
8] Ready To Snap
9] Can't Take You Anymore
10] Sold Your Soul For Fame
11] Circles Of Time
12] There'll Be No Tomorrow
13] Beyond The Law
This is not only Stiv, it's Sham 69 backing him up! In between his solo album and Lords Of The New Church Stiv & the Sham boys put together this heavily produced (strings) and paranoid album based on a little kid and conspiracy theories. Underneath it all it's still vintage Stiv Bators, same voice, attitude and the usual appearance of 60's garage influences. If you're expecting Dead Boys don't. If you want a cool post-punk rock'n'roll album you'll buy this.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Normals - 1978 Recordings

The Normals - 1978 Recordings
In Flac - Scans are included
Collection of material from NOLA's finest KBD-era punk outfit The Normals. For the unfamiliar, The Normals claim to fame is the seminal "Almost Ready" 7' (the only record they managed to release during their time), the title cut of which is one of the most perfect slices of punk with a pop edge ever committed to wax and immortalized on KBD Vol. 10. For those already familiar with The Normals' legacy, the question is "What does this disc offer that wasn't included on the "Your Punk Heritage" CD from a few years ago?" Well, the answer to that Jimmy, is plenty. While "Your Punk Heritage" contained some '79 studio sessions and demos and some live material padding from '84, this here disc is made up entirely of 1978 recordings. Meaning, the original two songs from the 7", plus an entire seventeen track demo session from 1978 that seems to predate the recording from the 7". A couple of these appeared on YPH in one variation or another, but by my count only five of these tracks have been heard before. That leaves a dozen honest-to-goodness "new" cuts. How do they sound? Super fine, brother, let me tell ya. Roughed up but still perfectly presentable, a punker and snottier version of the band that appeared on the single. The unheard material has more of a lewd vibe as well ("Suzy Suckoff" "Eat Me Raw"), with "Schoolgirl Domination" and "Feelies" being my pick of the new litter. Did they write anything else as amazing as "Almost Ready"? Of course not. But these guys were far from the one-trick pony that many KBD-era bands turned out to be. This baby is well worth an investment, and honestly a superior compilation to "Your Punk Heritage". Contains brief liner notes from David Normal and lyrics to most of the songs (in Japanese and English) plus a few photos in the booklet. Well done. (terminal boredom)

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Pagans - Shit street

The Pagans - Shit street
In Flac - Scans are included

1. What's This Shit Called Love (Studio '77-'79)
2. Street Where Nobody Lives (Studio '77-'79)
3. Haven't Got The Time (Studio '77-'79)
4. I Juvenile (Studio '77-'79)
5. Eyes Of Satan (Studio '77-'79)
6. I Don't Understand (Studio '77-'79)
7. Not Now No Way (Studio '77-'79)
8. Don't Leave Me Alone (Studio '77-'79)
9. Boy Can I Dance Good (Studio '77-'79)
10. Six And Change (Studio '77-'79)
11. Dead End America (Studio '77-'79)
12. She's A Cadaver (Studio '77-'79)
13. Little Black Egg (Studio '77-'79)
14. Yeah Yeah (Studio '77-'79)
15. Heart Of Stone (Studio '77-'79)
16. Real World (Studio '77-'79)
17. Fortune Teller (Studio '77-'79)
18. Give Up (Studio '77-'79)
19. I Can't Explain (Studio '77-'79)
20. Say No (Live 1979)
21. Fortune Teller (Live 1979)
22. I Don't Understand (Live 1979)
23. Yeah Yeah (Live 1979)
24. Street Where Nobody Lives (Live 1979)
25. Heart Of Stone (Live 1979)
26. Eyes Of Satan (Live 1979)
27. Real World (Live 1979)
28. I Juvenile (Live 1979)
29. Secret Agent Man (Live 1979)
30. She's A Cadaver (Live 1979)
31. Not Now No Way (Live 1979)
32. It's All Over Now (Live 1979)
33. Search & Destroy (Live 1979)

70-minute Shit Street CD is crammed with all but one of the vinyl cuts plus loads of raw 1978-1979 live roarers, including 2 most ass-slappin' covers of It's All Over Now and Search & Destroy featuring guest guitar & vocal grunt from DEAD BOYS Cheetah Chrome & Jimmy Zero!! Also features extensive liner notes chockfulla 'tude and info by lead howler MIKE HUDSON hisself! 33 cuts of classic U.S. punk from 1977-1979.
Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wrong Turn - Nothing Grows From Scars
In FLAC - Scans are included

Baby Talk
Too Much
Look Inside
One On One
Last Train To Belgrave
Nervous Breakdown
Can't You See
You Don't Know
Slow Down
So Fine
Skinny Minnie

What can you say about a couple of guys who combined have been playing raw angst ridden rock and roll for more than 50 years...they must have taken a Wrong Turn.Ian Wettenhall and Todd McNeair present a formidable sound. Wrong Turn pump and grind out the primitive punk rock and roll they have remained true to for decades. Drawing inspiration from obscure 1950s rock and roll, 60s garage, R&B and the best of 70s punk rock these guys have put together a potent cocktail to go!
Not your usual run of the mill blues based duo, Wrong Turn are infused with pure punk. Ian cut his teeth in the 1980s in legendary 60s tinged psych band, The Philisteins. He has also played in The Freeloaders, Seminal Rats, Hands of Time, Lords of Gravity and The Stoneage Hearts.Todd's unique drum style provided the backbone to Seminal Rats, Hoss and The Powder Monkeys. Whether on record or playing live, he is a powerhouse who has helped create some of the most intense and memorable rock and roll this country has seen.For those in the know Wrong Turn's combined history should give you a good indication of the sounds these guys conjure up. For those who aren't, its time you found out!
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Plimsouls - Gangrene Tambourines

The Plimsouls - Gangrene Tambourines K7
In Flac - Scans are included
01 00:48 Interview  
02 03:16 Time Won't Let Me  
03 00:46 Interview  
04 03:49 New Orleans  
05 00:13 Interview  
06 02:36 King Creole  
07 00:30 Interview  
08 04:21 Night Train  
09 00:19 Interview  
10 02:46 Route 66  
11 00:16 Interview  
12 00:12 Interview  
13 00:07 Interview  
14 02:01 Fall on You  
15 00:33 Interview  
16 02:40 One More Headache  
17 00:54 Interview  
18 02:55 Sad Eyes  
19 00:50 Interview  
20 04:25 Jumpin in the Night  
21 01:15 Interview  
22 03:08 Come on Now  
23 01:31 Interview  
24 02:20 Memory  
25 00:57 Interview  
26 00:28 Interview  
27 00:17 Interview

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-Strange Is Truer Than Fiction-Back

NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-Strange Is Truer Than Fiction-Back

In wav - Scans are included
1 Thinking of You
2 She's Got Wheels
3 Community Project in the Sun
4 Kiskis
5 Eye Circle
6 Gonna Halve a Ball
7 The Eyes Have It
8 Justine
9 Down, Draggin' Down
10 Love You So Bad (It Feels Good)
11 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
12 Black Wall

Thanx to GoodGuy666 for this great contribution!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Coyotemen - From Parts Unknown

The Coyotemen - From Parts Unknown
In flac - SCANS are included
1  Primitive Urge!    
2  Lard Ass    
3  Hungry    
4  Small World    
5  Mexican Divorce    
6  Loopey Lopez    
7  Call Of The Coyote Men    
8  Wide Load    
9  Not Of This Earth    
10  I Swing    
11  Action Slacks    
12  Sure Can Move    
13  Escape From Perugia    
14  Damn Right!    
15  Who Rattled Your Cage?    
16  Monkey Glands    
17  Anyport In A Storm    
18  Nothin' To Me    
19  Little Latin Lupe Lu    
20  [Hidden Track]  
Una mezcla entre los Cramps, mascaras de lucha libre y sabor a tequila mexicano.
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Reducers - Redux
@320 - Scans are included
Out Of Step 
No Ambition 
Blowing The Whistle On Your Friends 
Scared Of Cops 
Black Plastic Shoes 
Life In The Neighborhood 
Invisible Rain 
Better Homes And Gardens 
Small Talk 
All About You 
Company Man 
So Civilized 
Let's Go 
Bums I Used To Know 
Fashion Of The Times 
Your Mother 
Closing Time 
That'll Be Just Fine 
Stand Over There 
Fistfight At The Beach 
Little Punky Hood 
Spaghetti Western #6 
Sound Of Breaking Down 
Boys Will Be Boys 
Didn't We Have A Time 
I Call That Living 
Nothing For Christmas
Compiles 20 tracks from their 3 vinyl LPs along with 5 non-LP tracks and 4 previously unreleased tracks.

If you like what you heard, buy it here:

Download link:
Special thanx to JPaul for this brilliant contribution!