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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Omens - Send Black Flowers

The Omens - Send Black Flowers
In WAV - Covers are included
I'm Gonna Pray For You
Look Away
You Can't Come Back
She's Just Fine
I Need Your Love
Don't Know Me At All
Make It Last
It's All Down On You
Gonna Be Alright
Won't Be Ashamed

As garage as garage can be! LOTS of wild guitars and savage Farfisa! Do i REALLY need to say more? If you hang around here you know exactly what to expect!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Les Dragueurs
In WAV - Covers are included
01. Bob
02. Le blues du dragueur
03. Le menestrel twist
04. Treize gonzesses
A couple of years ago, I received this E.P as a birthday gift from Sophie (aka Sofia VOLFONI). Sophie played very briefly saxophone in the MIGHTY GORDINIS. She passed away this week and i want to dedicate her this post.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thee Attacks - That's Mister Attack To You

Thee Attacks - That's Mister Attack To You

In Flac - covers are included

1. Love in Disguise 2. Can You Do It 3. Won't Break Me 4. Le Freak 5. Shelter 6. Rip My Heart Out 7. Love in the City 8. On the Move 9. Red Light 10. It's Alright 11. Twirling Around 12. Are You?

Like their Swedish elders the Hives, these young Danish mods take their Sixties garage-R&B assault seriously: They recorded this brazenly titled album in mono with producer Liam Watson. Thee Attacks are also solid songwriters who personalize their debts to the Who, The Creation and the Kinks with thoroughly modern enthusiasm: the jungle-drum and slashing-treble mettle of "Love in Disguise," the cocky groove running under the moody blues in "Love in the City." You'll have to imagine the windmill-arm gymnastics and midair scissor kicks — until Thee Attacks come to burn down your town in person.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bob Seger System - Noah (1969) [2008] [FLAC].

The Bob Seger System - Noah (1969) [2008]
In Flac - covers are included

tracks listing:

For reasons never entirely explained, Bob Seger suffered a bit of a breakdown shortly after Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, so he decided to bring Tom Neme, a guitarist/pianist, into the Bob Seger System to help lighten the load and share the burden. Thing is, Neme wound up taking over the band. It's hard to tell whether Seger endorsed his mutiny or if he was just so disinterested that he didn't put up a fight, but all the same, the second Seger album, Noah, is one strange affair. The band makes no secret of the change, stating on the back cover that "Seger will always be Bob Seger, (but) any change must come from the System and Tom Neme." So, the liner notes seem like a way to gloss over a real lack of leadership or a coup, depending on your point of view. This release holds together better than it would seem, but it's still an awkward album that's never sure where it wants to go. Ironically, Neme tries to replicate Seger's hard-driving rock songs several times throughout the album while Seger sounds more comfortable with the folky shuffle of the title track. Of course, he can still tear it up with "Innervenus Eyes," and he delves deeper into darkness than he ever has with the weirdly intense, claustrophobic closer, "Death Row." No matter how good these individual cuts may be -- and they're certainly worth the time of any devoted fan -- they still are isolated moments on the only album where he sounds tentative, confused, and disinterested. In other words, the only album where Seger doesn't seem like he'll always be Seger. Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sons Of Cyrus - Monkey Business (REUPPED BY REQUEST)

Sons Of Cyrus - Monkey Business (REUPPED BY REQUEST)
@320 - Covers are included
1. Tired Of This Time; 2. Nobody But Me;3. Monkey Business;4. Down Town; 5. Sons Of Cyrus; 6. The Fast Can't Lose;7. Going Down; 8. Didn't Know; 9. The Warriors; 10. Sonic Riot; 11. I Need You Baby; 12. Street Fighting Man; 13. A Lonesome Boy; 14. Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly; 15. Zardoz; 16. Nothing Matters Anymore; 17. What To Do; 18. Begging Me For More; 19. Switzerland; 20. Fate.

This singles and rarities collection contains EVERYTHING this Swedish garagepunk band has recorded excluding their 2 full lengths. This epic 20 songs disc includes their essential 6 singles(Tired of this time, Switzerland, What to do, Nobody but me, A Lonesome boy and The Warriors), a song from the 1st demo, some of their incredibly hard to find comp. trax (BAM Magazine, PUNK released in 2000) and their two tribute trax (Nomads and an excellent Stones cover)!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lust-o-rama - The Dark Side E.P
In wav - Covers included
01.If you'll be mine
02. Be so fine
03. I don' love her
04. Werewolf

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lust-o-rama - Smells like Teen Psychosis E.P.

The Lust-o-rama - Smells like Teen Psychosis E.P.

In wav - Covers included

01. When I'm gone

02. Midnight train

03. Oop poo pah Doo

04. Margio

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lust-o-rama - The in crowd E.P.

The Lust-o-rama - The in crowd E.P. (screaming apple - 1990)
In wav - Covers included
01. I want you
02. Hey hey hey
03. Baby baby baby
04. I don't love her

"Lust-O-Rama was definitely not a pop band. We were a down'n dirty garage-punk band, which was exactly what I wanted as the Cosmic Dropouts had started to turn more and more into a hard rock act. Credit to the boys in the beginning, they were absolutely up for it and it didn't take us long to get some gigs and a single released in Germany. Soon we were off touring in Europe. Now, that's what it's all about. Playing music for people in another country who are actually showing up because they bought the records and liked the music. It was fantastic...
Virgin Records wanted to sign us at one stage, but I guess they saw no future in a garage band like us in the midst of grungemania, which today would have made every record company in the country come running with fat contracts. We did much better in central Europe and had a good and steady following there. For some odd reason we attracted quite a lot of mods at our gigs, which didn't make any sense, as we were more of a punk rock band live. It must have been our razor sharp stage outfits that did it. Since nothing happened, the boys seemed to be satisfied with what they had already achieved and they ended up as lethargic couch potatoes. They didn't want to do anything. No touring unless it was in a luxury van, no recordings, no nothing. Shame is though, we had started working on what would be the second album and we had some fantastic things going, but I didn't have time for all the bollocks so I fired the whole band." - Arne Thelin

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Suzy & Los Quattro

Suzy & Los Quattro
In wav - Covers included
01. He Could Be The One
02. Delighted To See You