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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The A-Bones - Music Minus Five

The A-Bones - Music Minus Five
In Flac - Covers are included

1. Bird Dogin'
2. The Claw
3. Donut Run
4. You Oughta Know
5. Little Bo Pete
6. Hully Gully
7. Get Home Girl
8. Come On Come On
9. Flea Bitten Annie
10. I Must Be Dreamin'
11. Who The Heck
12. Bonomo Twine Time
13. Oasis - Part Three
14. In The USA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The A-Bones - The life of Riley (Japanese issue)

The A-Bones - The life of Riley (Japanese issue)

In Flac - Covers are included

As proprietors of the reliably terrific Norton label (home of Hasil Adkins and countless Link Wray reissues) and the estimable if infrequent Kicks fanzine, Brooklyn's Billy Miller and (onetime Cramps skin-beater) Miriam Linna have built their deep-rooted affinity for trashy, primitive rock'n'roll and R&B into a mini-empire. As frontman and drummer, respectively, of New York's Zantees and A-Bones, the couple put their love of stone-age sounds into practice, delivering unpretentiously greasy lo-fi fun that's consistently engaging in its try-anything spirit

1. That Jim 2. Sham Rock 3. My Dawgy Heap 4. The Bee 5. Monkey's Uncle 6. Satellite Dish 7. Time Machine 8. Rough Cut 9. She's Gotta Be Boss 10. Jugue 11. El Kabong 12. Button Nose 13. I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up) 14. Go Betty Go 15. Go Go Go For Louie's Place 16. Darlene 17. Devil Dance 18. A-Bomb Bop 19. Mumbo Jumbo 20. Spinning My Wheels 21. Lug Nuts 22. I'm snowed 23. I've fallen (a capella)'91.rar.html

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Steve Mcdonald Group - This Is Not A Rebellion...This Is A Mass Awakening!

The Steve Mcdonald Group - This Is Not A Rebellion...This Is A Mass Awakening!
In Flac - Covers are included
1 Awake
2 Get Jimmy
3 Strange Arrangement
4 Something To Love
5 Motorboat

In the early 2000s, Redd Kross was on hiatus, and in between stints with Ze Malibu Kids and playing bass with the White Stripes, Steven McDonald decided to get a solo project off the ground. The Steven McDonald Group's This Is Not a Rebellion is the result, and not too surprisingly, it sounds like Redd Kross with similarly loud guitars, big fuzzy hooks, layered harmony vocals, and a light-hearted approach. The best songs on the EP sound like they could have been big hits in the heyday of the alterna-rock craze of the early 90s; "Get Jimmy" is a tambourine-slapping rocker with a heart of pure bubblegum; "Strange Arrangement" is a hooky and sweet song with background vocals by McDonald's wife, Anna Waronker, and the cover of Kim Fowley's silly "Motorboat" is a blast of glammy fun, fun, fun. The main factor that differentiates this from Redd Kross is a more direct and live sound with very little of the studio gloss that plagued some of their records. That, and Steven's lead vocals, which are just as good as his brother's. This Is Not a Rebellion is the one-and-only record by the Steven McDonald Group; soon after its release, McDonald dissolved the band to concentrate on the newly revived Redd Kross. Too bad, the SMB showed a lot of promise. Redd Kross fans should be sure to pick this EP up. ~ Tim Sendra

The Steven McDonald Group: Steve McDonald (vocals, keyboards, bass); Todd O'Keefe (vocals, guitar); Justin "Dusty" Rocherole (vocals, drums); Kenneth Woods, Mike "Raj" Regilio (guitar).

Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution

Friday, June 24, 2011

Split Groovies ghoulies - Donnas
In wav - Covers included
Each band covers a song by The SWEET. What else do i need to say? Great!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Psychotic Turnbuckles 1987 - "The Psychotic Turnbuckles" (12" EP, Rattlesnake, RAT1203)

Psychotic Turnbuckles 1987 - "The Psychotic Turnbuckles" (12" EP, Rattlesnake, RAT1203)

In wav - Covers included

The crusher

Psychotic situation

The creeps


Hey Eric

The Psychotic Turnbuckles evolved from 1980s Sydney band The Conspirators, but pretended they had just arrived from Pismo Beach to save the world of Rock n Roll. They wore dark shades and dayglo wigs and spoted monickers like The Creep and El Sicidellico.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Stems - Heads Up (Reupped by request)

The Stems - Heads Up

In Flac - Covers are included

1. leave you behind 2. she sees everything 3. surround me 4. undying love 5. what's your stand 6. hellbound train 7. get to know me 8. only if you want it 9. liar 10. get so bad
2007 sophomore album from the Australian Garage rockers, recorded two decades after they mysteriously disbanded while riding high on the success of their debut album At First Sight: Violets Are Blue. Headsup was recorded in Perth in the earlier part of 2007 at the analogue and vintage recording compound Kingdom Studios and later mixed in Cincinnati by producer John Curley.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rock-A-Hulas Feat. Eddie Angel - Bad Seed Is Coming To Town!!

Rock-A-Hulas Feat. Eddie Angel - Bad Seed Is Coming To Town!!
In FLAC - Covers included
1 Gonna Lose Control
2 Better Walkin'
3 El Cruncho (Vocals – Eddie Angel)
4 El Cuerno Manudo
5 Hey, Hey, Hey
6 Horrore In Baltimore
7 Oh, Yeah!!
8 Rock-A-Hula Girl
9 Rock-A-Hula Stomp
10 La Sombra Lo Sabe (Vocals – Eddie Angel)
11 Run, Rock-A-Hula, Run
12 She's My Girl
13 She's So Easy
14 Soraya Lou
15 Waikiki
16 You're Gonna Miss Me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CHRONIC FOR THE TROOPS - split ghoulies chixdiggit

CHRONIC FOR THE TROOPS - split ghoulies chixdiggit (vinyl rip)
In wav - Covers included
01 I Don't Like Mondays
02 Someone's Looking At You
03 My Girl's Retro
04 Don't Believe What You Read
05 A Tonic For The Troops
06 She Gets All the Girls

Boomtown Rats Covers and One Each on this Split EP.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Devil Dogs "...StereOdrive!"

Devil Dogs "...StereOdrive!"
In Flac - covers are included
1 Get Up (For Rock 'N' Roll)
2 Broken Heart
3 I Don't Know What I Want
4 Laugh At Me
5 Coolsville
6 Higher The Heel
7 Shakey Sue
8 Jump On You

5 originals + 3 covers by Steve Baise's Devil Dogs. Japanese hard-to-find import by this late and always missed R'n'R combo.


Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Andre williams "Holland Shuffle"

Andre williams "Holland Shuffle"

In FLAC - covers are included

1. Agile, Mobile & Hostile 2. You Got It & I Want It 3. I Can tell 4. Shake A Tail Feather 5. I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas 6. Car With The Star 7. I Don't Know Why 8. Pussy Stank 9. Get This Love Off My Mind 10. Jail Bait 11. Hallelujah

Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams is a R&B legend, and you may not even know it. He wrote "Shake A Tail Feather," and sang such uber-raunch cult classics as "Bacon Fat" (covered by the Cramps), "Greasy Chicken," and the epitome of songs about little girls, "Jail Bait." He worked at seminal labels such as Motown, Chess, and Fortune. He wrote songs for, or produced folks Ike Turner, Parliament/Funkadelic, Edwin Starr and Stevie Wonder.
After a few hard years in... er... retirement, he stormed back in the late 90's with a record of smutty garage punk called Silky recorded with members of the Demolition Doll Rods and the Dirt-Bombs. Since then he has recorded with the Sadies, Jon Spencer, Two-Star Tabernacle (which included a very young Jack White) and many others. His resurgence of popularity (and notoriety) continues as he tours the world. Andre tells it like it is, and if you get all bashful and shit with the blue language, you might want to steer clear. Don't let the shtick fool you, though, the man has put together some of the most bad-ass soul shakers in the history of music. He strips away all the bells and whistles and shoots musical arrows right to your goodie spot. Music at its most feral. Also, Andre shows generally feature at least one costume change. That can't be said about a lot of folks these days. "Williams has twice the swagger and three times the guts of almost anyone a third of his age." —Tucson Weekly

Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution

Monday, June 13, 2011

SURFIN' LUNGS - SHOCK TREATMENT - Tell 'em i'm surfin' Reupped by request

SURFIN' LUNGS - SHOCK TREATMENT - Tell 'em i'm surfin'
In wav - Covers included
01. Tell'em i'm Surfin'
02. New York's a lonely town
03. His latest flame
04. I wanna be your boyfriend
When the Surfin Lungs toured Spain in ' 97 they found some spare time (one evening) to go into the studio with their pals Shock Treatment and put some vocals on 4 tracks the Shocks had recorded the day before.The chosen songs were covers of the Fantastic Baggys, Tradewinds, Elvis and Rubinoos. The results could not be better and here you have each Lung singing lead on one track, the rest of the band singing harmony and the Shocks supplying powerchord guitar and a solid rhythm.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The greenhornes - Four stars

The greenhornes - Four stars
In WAV - Covers are included
1. Saying Goodbye
2. Underestimator
3. Better Off Without It
4. Cave Drawings
5. Song 13
6. My Sparrow
7. Need Your Love
8. Left The World Behind
9. Go Tell Henry
10. Jacob’s Ladder
11. Get Me Out Of Here
12. Hard To Find
The trio of Craig Fox, Patrick Keeler (The Raconteurs) and ‘Little’ Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs), heretofore known as The Greenhornes, have been churning out high quality rock'n'roll for well over a decade. Formed in the late '90s in Cincinatti, Ohio, The Greenhornes have toured the world over and released 3 full length albums, an EP and a boat load of singles across a multitude of record labels. '
After a five year hiatus, The Greenhornes have Jack White’s Third Man Records release their brand new full length album, the aptly titled Four Stars. From the dark pop of lead single “Saying Goodbye,” the glam bubble of “Song 13” to the moody psych of “Cave Drawings,” Four Stars is the band's strongest collection of songs to date. Produced by The Greenhornes and John Curley.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pop on Top - The Cream of Australian Power-pop Crop (1996)

Pop on Top - The Cream of Australian Power-pop Crop (1996)
In Flac - Covers are included

1. She's Not Around - The Chevelles
2. Stupid Dream - Even
3. Doggy - Jack & The Beanstalk
4. 1*2* Devastated - DM3
5. Windmill - Superscope
6. 3rd Times A Charm - Hub
7. Shameless - Flanders
8. 10AM - Rosebuds
9. Sunshine Changes Everything - Early Hours
10. Insane - Rollercoaster
11. Just The Way - Epstein
12. Tuesday's Girl - Pyramidiacs
13. Just Gave In - Melcome Mat
14. Cheap Thrills - Tune Bureau
15. Run Like Hell - Summer Sums
16. Jenny - St. Jude
17. Wait A Lifetime - Challenger 7
18. Couldn't I Just Tell You - Hammerfish
19. Sweetness Meeting - Flavour Of The Month
20. Bye - Ice Cream Hand!%20The%20Cream%20Of%20Australia's%20Power%20Pop.rar.html

Monday, June 6, 2011


THE STEMS - Buds Citadel Records.

FLAC - Covers are included

"Make You Mine" (Dom Mariani)– 4:45 "She's A Monster" (Mariani)– 3:47 "Tears Me In Two" (Richard Lane/Julian Matthews)– 3:22 "Can't Resist" (Mariani)– 2:36 "Love Will Grow" (Mariani)– 3:16 "Just Ain't Enough" (Mariani)– 2:45 "Jumping To Conclusions" (Mariani)– 4:12 "Under Your Mushroom" (Lane/Matthews)– 2:36 "At First Sight" (Mariani)– 4:05 "Rosebud" (Lane/Matthews)– 3:39 "Mr Misery" (Mariani)– 3:37 "Sad Girl" (Mariani)– 3:35 "For Always" (Mariani)– 3:08 "On And On" (Mariani)– 4:13 "All You Want Me For" (Matthews)– 2:17 "No Heart" (Mariani)– 3:16 "Don't Let Me" (Lane/Mariani)– 2:21 "She's Fine" (Mariani)– 2:33
The Stems formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1983 and played music that was heavily influenced by 1960s garage rock and 1970s power pop. The band broke up in 1987 and then reformed (twenty years later) releasing a new album in 2007.

Friday, June 3, 2011

V.A. “The Great Stems Hoax” Tribute Stems (2003)

V.A. “The Great Stems Hoax” Tribute Stems (2003)
FLAC - Covers are included

The Nuggets - Never Be Friends (D Mariani / J Matthews) (3:10 m:s) (Norway)
Hands of Time - Tears Me In Two (R Lane / J Matthews) (3:21 m:s) (Australia)
P76 - At First Sight (D Mariani / R Lane) (3:22 m:s) (Australia)
The Sick Rose - Don't Let Me (D Mariani) (2:19 m:s) (Italy)
Chump Change - Make You Mine (D Mariani) (4:44 m:s) (Australia)
The Hunchbacks - Mr Misery (D Mariani) (4:08 m:s) (Australia)
The Levels - Man With The Golden Heart (D Mariani) (3:54 m:s) (Australia)
The Naked Eye - No Heart (D Mariani) (3:09 m:s) (Australia)
Joe Algeri & Ben's Diapers - She's Fine (D Mariani) (2:05 m:s) (Australia/Finland)
The Eye Creatures - She's A Monster (D Mariani) (3:58 m:s) (Australia)
The Others - On And On (D Mariani) (4:02 m:s) (Italy)
Trimatics - Can't Turn The Clock Back (D Mariani / R Lane) (3:33 m:s) (Sweden)
The Finkers - Love Will Grow (D Mariani) (4:34 m:s) (Australia)
Flander'us - Sad Girl (D Mariani) (3:32 m:s) (Australia)
Insanity Wave - Can't Forget That Girl (D Mariani) (3:01 m:s) (Spain)
The Crusaders - Under Your Mushroom (R Lane / J Matthews) (2:41 m:s) (Australia)
Even - For Always (D Mariani) (3:15 m:s) (Australia)
The Grains - Running Around (D Mariani) (3:44 m:s) (Italy)
The Stoneage Hearts - Move Me (D Mariani / J Matthews) (2:06 m:s) (Australia)

Off The Hip have assembled an array of great artists from around the world to pay tribute to the music of The Stems. The CD includes 19 tracks covering your favourite Stems tunes.

Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution