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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scott Gagner is set to release his solo debut LP "Rhapsody In Blonde"

San Francisco songwriter Scott Gagner is set to release his solo debut LP "Rhapsody In Blonde" on June 1, 2011. Alex of studiosq kindly sent me a 320K digital version of the album to share with all the viewers of this blog. Not exactly the kind of stuff you would expect on this blog, but give it a try anyway! Best tracks are in the second half of the album: "Between" and "Take two".

Originally from Minneapolis, Gagner began his musical career as a drummer soaking up local favorites Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, and The Jayhawks. He moved to San Francisco, traded his drum sticks for an acoustic guitar, and began writing. From the start, his songs were rhythmically sophisticated and melodically mature, with hooks both surprising and inevitable. An obsession with home recording quickly developed, and he soon found himself spending every night hunched over a cheap four-track cassette recorder. Several years and several hundred songs later, Gagner was ready to polish the best tracks for his debut.

The album was recorded by JJ Wiesler (Girls, Vic Chestnutt) and mixed at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Condors - Wait For It

The Condors - Wait For It
@320 - Covers are included
1. Waiting Half the Night 2. Spare Time 3. Don't Want a Girl Who's Been With Jack 4. Carnival of Fools 5. The Other Side of You 6. Set Me On Fire 7. Kiss That Girl Away 8. Something Better Coming Soon 9. She's Not the Girl for Me 10. Expectations 11. Don't Talk About Love 12. Wake Up
Now here is a band that can rock with the best of them. If the Kinks and the Flamin' Groovies met up with the DIY punk of The Godfathers, they might've sounded like The Condors. The songs benefit from producer Steve Refling and special friends who stopped by the studio to lend their musical and vocal talents (including Tony Fate - former Bellrays). "She's not the Girl for me" and "Don't Talk about Love" are perfect bar band styled classics. "Expectations" sound similar to classic Elvis Costello circa "Armed Forces" with even more muscle. The Ray Davies comparisons are all over the classic "Something Better Coming Soon" and Pat "Pooch" DiPuccio does a great job of matching the energy and sound of those classic rock and roll riffs. The sharp Beatlesque guitar buzz on "Kiss That Girl Away" is what power pop is all about and "Spare Time" has a big Raspberries vibe with a Lou Reed-ish vocal. "Set Me On Fire" even has those great horn flourishes. This is a great album. This combination of old school punk and pop that makes the album a pure joy to listen to.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Konks

The Konks
@320 - Covers are included
1. Outta My Mind
2. 29 Fingers
3. Here She Comes
4. King Kong
5. Break My Back
6. Move & Shake
7. Out of My Mind
8. Can't Get Along With You
9. What I Came Here For
10. God Says
11. Honey
12. Let the Music Do the Talking

From BOSTON, Massachusetts comes of the most scuzzily invigorating caveman-garage-rock heard in recent years. But The Konks '60s sound is strained through late '70s punk ("we're the Konks, and we don't care") and its various reincarnations from both the UK (Milkshakes, et al.) and USA (Lyres, Gun Club). While these songs were no doubt worked up in front of dance-sweaty nightclub audiences, the band ably recreates their raw power in the studio. Ten fiery originals, plus covers of Aerosmith's "Let the Music Do the Talking" and the Soupy Sales mondo-obscurity, "King Kong."

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Philisteins “A Savage Affair”

The Philisteins “A Savage Affair”
In FLAC - Covers are included

TRACKS LISTING:Off the Hip's exhumed the entire contents of the family crypt for this long-lost Australian band of the late '80s and early '90s and have put it into a double CD package that's a fitting legacy. Disc one brings together the debut "Bloody Convicts" mini-album, the "Some Kind" EP and various tribute album tracks, while the second instalment couples '91's "Lifestyles of The Wretched and Forgettable" debut album (Dog Meat) with a 1989 rehearsal tape. The first disc is the one to dwell on. The songs are rock solid and Guy Lucas' talent as a vocalist and distinctive guitar player is well evident. I reckon that for once leading edge label Dog Meat got out of the gate late and signed The Philisteins when they were past their prime, with most members already primed to go separate ways. There are some good moments but disc two is really lifted by the 11-track rehearsal tape, whose audio quality is great and contents even better. The choice of covers (Pretty Things, Electric Prunes, Raw Power-era Stooges) gives a good clue as to where The Philisteins were coming from, and the songs that made it to the album are in rawer, more focussed form. Guy Lucas led fractured and fractious line-ups, moving through The Freeloaders fore a while and passing away unexpectedly in '98. There's stuff in this collection that only hardcore fans knew or would remember existed. Guy's brother Adam (who co-compiled this with bassist Ian Wettenhall) has done a great job with the liners where the band's
flawed and often funny story is recounted with warmth and honesty.

Many thanx to LIMBURG for his hard work reupping this stuff!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Moving Sounds - Don't Sleep On This

The Moving Sounds - Don't Sleep On This

In flac - Covers are included

The Blindfold

Two Times

Emotions & Time


Beatfever Boogaloo Con Gas

Turning My Heartbeat Up

The Sky

(i've found) Perfection

Debut album by this brilliant swedish Mod/RnB band. Full of hammond groove.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The SADIES - Tales of the Ratfink

The SADIES - Tales of the Ratfink
In FLAC - Covers are included
1. The 3-B
2. The Horseshoe
3. The Borderline
4. The Hideout
5. The Starlight
6. The Times Change
7. The North Star
8. The Matador
9. The Crocodile
10. The Westminster
11. The Hi-Jinx
12. The Pyramid
13. The Ship Anchor
14. The Red Room
15. The Mohawk
16. The Continental
17. The Solar Culture
18. The Corktown
19. The Beach Land
20. The Bug Jar
21. The Bpttom Of The Hill
22. The Milky Way
23. The 400
24. The Side Track
25. The Black Sheep
26. The Double Wide
These twenty-six tracks were drawn from the like-titled documentary on custom car legend Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Unfortunately the tunes were purpose-written as transition music for the film, so rather than complete compositions excerpted for use on the soundtrack, the originals range from 0:35 ("The Milky Way") to 1:35 ("The 3-B"); the album's only full length track is the closing "The Double Wide." That said, what's here are superb, richly detailed and reverb drenched surf-styled instrumentals whose melodies could certainly sustain three or four minutes each. At these short lengths, however, the songs just get their established when it's time to move on to the next track. It's as if they're paddling towards onto a primo wave and bailing before catching the lip. ADD surf music lovers may love the quick turnarounds, but most listeners will wish the group had fleshed out a dozen of these ideas to more satisfying lengths.
Many thanx to LIMBURG for this new contribution

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mink Jaguar - Mink Jaguar

Mink Jaguar - Mink Jaguar

FLAC - Covers are included

tracklisting: see tray
It's hard to pigeonhole Mink Jaguar - and that's half their secret. They summon up all sorts of spirits from influences like Chuck Berry, the Sun label bands, the Cramps and any number of country rockers like Wanda Jackson. The other thing you need to know if they're all terrific players, with drummer Joel Ellis nailing the beat to a street corner where swing meets power (cock an ear to Hank Williams' "Window Shopping" or the strong-arm patterns on Buck Owens' "Rhythm or Booze" for proof). He's a powerhouse. His brother Ariel lays down the basslines that colour and fuel these tracks. Singer-guitarist Billy Quan provides the melodies and six-string strum and holds a tune in that classic journeyman style.
That these are simple tunes to hold and appreciate - it's no drawback on either score. Just under half the 15 are covers, but don't let that be a deterrent. Most are obscure enough for the Minks to assert ownership without the landlord noticing. And here's where the Cramps connection cuts in: the Minks are equally passionate about their '50s rockabilly and choose their covers well. From the visceral take on Mr Berry's chestnut "Let It Rock" to the killer chorus of "Hotter Than Mojave" (bet it would be a hit in Nashville, but I'm not sure Dement Iris sang it like this), these are songs played economically and with a rock sensibility that would melt their Mums and Dads' old vinyl collection (from where many were undoubtedly culled).

MANY thanx to LIMBURG for this brilliant first contribution. I hope there will be many more....

If you wanna check out MINK JAGUAR's second release:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thee Midniters - In Thee Midnite Hour

Thee Midniters - In Thee Midnite Hour
In flac - Covers included
01. Whittier Blvd. (2:29)
02. Jump, Jive And Harmonize (2:27)
03. Gloria (3:17)
04. Love Special Delivery (2:13)
05. I Found A Peanut (2:41)
06. Welcome Home Darling (2:17)
07. Land Of A Thousand Dances (extended live version) (5:55)
08. Down Whittier Blvd. (2:21)
09. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (2:42)
10. Never Knew I Had It So Bad (2:34)
11. Empty Heart (2:34)
12. Hey Little Girl (2:45)
13. Looking Out A Window (2:57)
14. Money (3:03)
15. Thee Midnight Feeling (3:09)
16. Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly (3:18)
17. Dragon-Fly (3:07)
18. Do You Love Me (3:08)
19. Down Whittier Blvd. (Godfrey vocal) (2:24)
Indisputably the greatest Latino rock band of the '60s, Thee Midniters took their inspiration from both the British Invasion sound of the Rolling Stones and the more traditional R&B that they were weaned on in their native Los Angeles. Hugely popular in East Los Angeles, the group, featuring both guitars and horns, had a local hit (and a small national one) with their storming version of "Land of a Thousand Dances" in 1965. Much of their repertoire featured driving, slightly punkish rock/R&B, yet lead singer Willie Garcia also had a heartbreaking delivery on slow and steamy ballads. In the manner of other local phenomenon's like the Rationals (from Detroit), they were equally talented at whipping up a storm with up-tempo numbers and offering smoldering romantic soul tunes. After a few albums and an interesting detour into social consciousness with the single "Chicano Power," the group split in the early '70s, though their legacy is felt in later popular L.A. Latino rock acts like Los Lobos

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The NORVINS - Yoga with Mona
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Waste Of Time
2. You Know What
3. Monk's Hangover
4. Hate To Be Your Man
5. You Can't Coming
6. Dirt Is Better 2:10
7. It's A Crying Shame
8. Scream & Shout
9. Dead Zone
10. Keep Me Postet
11. Back To You
12. Need Somebody
13. Yoga With Mona
14. Why You Lie
15. Better Of Dead
16. Inside You

The five Parisian Garage Rockers THE NORVINS remain true to their style: With its catchy organdriven melodies, wild guitars, a touch of harmonica, lead singer Edouard's forceful voice and an authentic 60's sound, the album is once again pure Garage Punk. The influence and love of 60's Garage rock and its hits, amongst others compiled on NUGGETS or BACK FROM THE GRAVE, are clearly audible. 'Monk's Hangover' with the harmonica and 'Keep me posted' with its great beat remind one a bit of THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, whereas 'Scream and Shout' and 'Yoga with Mona' have an energy which is comparable to GRAVEDIGGER V. Then again, 'Better of dead' is a slightly slower song with a psychedelic sound. Additionally, the album also includes a 'norvinesque' cover version of the classic 'It's a crying shame' by THE GENTLEMEN. Every one of the sixteen songs is a hit and will definitely make you want to dance! This band has a raw energy, like every rock'n'roll band should have it. Therefore, YOGA WITH MONA is a must have for every Garage Punker.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate THREE YEARS of this BLOG. And what a better way to celebrate than with

Les PLAYBOYS - Girl LP (Stop it baby records - STOP 001 / Bondage) juin 1988
In WAV - Covers included
02.All good things
03.Show me the way
04.Night time
05.Farmer John
06.Hey Joe07.High time
08.Universal vagrant
10.They can't hurt me
12.In the past

Coming from the French Riviera, les Playboys were often compared to the Fleshtones. For more info, check here: