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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lazy Cowgirls - How It Looks - How It Is-Third Time's The Charm
In WAV - Scans are included

1 How It Looks - How It Is
2 Sex Kittens Compare Scratches
3 Cheap Shit
4 One On The List
5 The Long Goodbye
6 When It All Come Down
7 D.I.E. In Indiana
8 Alienation Maybe
9 I've Had Enough Of It
10 Danille 2:23
11 Teenage Frankenstein
12 How Long
Third Time's The Charm (Remix)
13 Losin' My Mind
14 Meat Shop
15 Dye'n In Red
16 Alot To Learn
17 Reborn

Vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist D.D. Weekday, and bassist Keith Telligman left their hometown of Vincennes, Indiana in 1981 to move to California, hoping to get a rock band off the ground. In 1983, they finally settled on fellow Indiana refugee Allen Clark as a drummer, and began hitting the L.A. club circuit as The Lazy Cowgirls. The band got a deal with Restless Records but their self-titled debut LP didn't quite reflect the band's powerhouse live show, and they were soon dropped from the label. After two years of local shows and occasional touring, Bomp Records came to the rescue by releasing the band's second long-player, Tapping The Source, which came much closer in capturing the fire of their live show on plastic. The following year, the newly-founded indie label Sympathy For The Record Industry opened for business with Radio Cowgirl, a souvenir of the band's high-octane live set at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara.

Following yet another bout of long touring, the band cut the near-definitive How It Looks -- How It Is in 1990, but years of hard work with little commercial reward began to take their toll, and at the end of 1991 Telligman and Clark quit the group. The Cowgirls' rhythm section became something of a revolving door for the next few years.


DEE DEE said...

A Great Post for a great Band (on a great blog) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Pas mieux, thanks

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Thanx a lot!

Tommy C said...

Thank you for this Lazy Cowgirls. Do you happen to have Ragged Soul? Would like to hear it if you do. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Excellent --thank you!