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Monday, March 28, 2016

Giuda - Speaks Evil

Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian five-piece band from Rome consisting of Lorenzo Moretti (guitar/vocals), Ntendarere Damas (lead vocals), Michele Malagnini (guitar), Danilo Valerii (bass) and Daniele Tarea (drums).

Their debut album Racey Roller in 2010 and their sophomore effort Let’s Do It Again in 2013 had set the tone for a new breed of bands ( Faz Waltz, Cozy, ....) influenced by 70’s rock toppers like Slade, The Sweet and T-Rex and semi-obscure junkshop glam acts like Hector and Jook.

Giuda is back with its third album, Speaks Evil, released on Swedish label Burning Heart. On this latest record, you will find some glam footstompers like “Roll The Balls”, “Mama Got The Blues” and “Working Class Man” that made the landmark of the GIUDA sound over the years.  But the guys are also trying to step out of their confort zone and are displaying some more pop-oriented tracks such as the fine “It ain't easy”, the very catchy “Bad days are back”, "Joolz" or “My Lu”. 

Speaks Evil is one hell of a fine record that proves -if proof is needed- that the band managed to improve the song-writing process with more complex structures and catchier melodies, without losing any of its spontaneity and energy.

This record is highly recommended. Purchase it here from the band:

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