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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thee Wylde Oscars - Right, Yeah

Thee Wylde Oscars - Right, Yeah 
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Introduction 
2. Right, Yeah 
3. Big Bad Wolf 
4. White Light, White Heat 
5. I Got A Feeling 
6. New Direction 
7. What About Me 
8. Why Do We Have To Meet In The Dark 
9. Nobody Can Tell Us 
10. Live Wired 
11. L.O.L. 
12. It’s Inside 
13. All For Naught

Jay Wiseman has been celebrating 1960s garage rock for decades now. The veteran frontman enjoyed cult fame in the San Diego bands The Trebles in the ’80s and The Hoods in the ’90s. Since relocating to Australia 10 years ago, he has played in a band called The King Hits and surely dabbled elsewhere. Now he’s popped up as the lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and often singer of the Melbourne quartet Thee Wylde Oscars. Dodgy name aside, it’s a rowdy continuation of the specific vintage of music Wiseman holds so dear. Rounded out by three young guns, all of whom have adopted the last name Wylde for the album credits, the band has a jumpy, hungry sound on this debut album.  There’s a trio of far-flung covers here, starting with the lighthearted threats of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’. The band later downplays the unhinged menace of ‘Nobody Can Tell Us’ by ’70s German punk outfit Pack, while retaining its anthemic defiance. The wild card, though, is a version of The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light, White Heat’. Minus the druggy drone and chug of the original, it feels even older than it is, like something Chuck Berry or Little Richard might have cooked up!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Little Bob Story - Living in the fast lane

Little Bob Story - Living in the fast lane (+6 inédits)
In wav- Scans are included

01 Little big boss
02 All or nothing
03 I'm gonna dress in black
04 Round the corner
05 Riot in Toulouse
06 When the night comes
07 Baby
08 You make me crazy
09 Mister Tap
10 Nothin'else (can give it to me)
11 Hot N'Sweaty. Live in Belfast 1977
12 Music of our life
13 Suzy. French version
14 Night could be easy.
15 You don't need to know
16 She's a heartbreaker  

In 1976/1977 this was the best rock'n'roll band in France. No need to argue, check for yourself. My Little bob's favorite album. Also known as "Off the rails" on CHISWICK RECORDS which might be posted here for Christmas if you kids behave!

Dirty Streets - "White Horse"

Alive Natural sound Records is releasing today "White Horse" the fourth studio album of Memphis-based power-trio Dirty Streets.

Formed in 2008, Justin Toland (guitar/vocals), Thomas Storz (bass), and Andrew Denham (drums) found themselves brought together by a shared love of classic acts like MC5, James Brown, Humble Pie, and James Gang. 

After years of playing shows, the band released two independent albums followed by their record label debut, Blades of grass on Alive natural sound records in 2013.

Following the release of this well-received  album, the band now delivers 11 new red-raw tracks of heavy boogie and psych-rock recorded at Ardent studio, with engineer Matt Qualls.

This album is definitely more fluid and natural,” Toland explained. “We made a big deal out of just feeling out the songs rather than getting them technically perfect. Percussion was definitely a compass as far as groove on this one. If we couldn’t play the tambourine, or shaker with feeling then it wasn’t cutting it. It was actually Budos Band that was a huge influence as far as groove goes for the writing of this record.”

Dirty Streets’ White Horse is available on Limited Vinyl, CD and digital formats. The stunning psychedelic cover art was created by Joshua Marc Levy of Asheville Art Family.

Purchase it here :

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Here Ain't The Sonics

Here Ain't The Sonics
In WAV - Scans are included

Cinderella - Nomads
The Hustler - Girl Trouble
The Witch - Mono Men
Love No Other Man - The Original Sins
Psycho - Screaming Trees
He's Waiting - Game for Vultures
Strychnine - Surf Trio
You've Got Your Head on Backwards - Thee Headcoats
Shot Down - The Cynics
High Time - Young Fresh Fellows
Dirty Old Man - Pippi Eats Cherries
Going Home - Fallouts
Maintaining My Cool - Marshmallow Overcoat
Boss Hoss - Kings of Rock
Have Love Will Travel - Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper

It’s also common knowledge that great tribute records are hard as hell to pull off. Nonetheless, Bellingham’s Estrus Records and Conrad Uno’s Seattle-based, Popllama Records put in a valiant effort with the 1989 Here Ain’t the Sonics LP. The Northwest garage rock scene was pretty small at the time, so the labels searched across the US and World (well, at least, England and Sweden) and picked out some of the heavyweights. Unfortunately, the record is only so-so. While we are sure that nobody involved expected to accomplish the impossible and one-up the Sonics, we do wish that some of the bands tore it up a bit more.


Boston based Rum Bar Records recently released 2 new great cds.

1) Kurt BAKER - Play It Cool

Kurt BAKER seems to be a real workaholic in the last couple of years. Besides his solo carrier he is playing, amongst others, with Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer in The New Trocaderos and has also a band in Spain, the aptly titled Bullet Proof Lovers.

"Play It Cool" is his third solo album and second release on Rum Bar Records and it arrives on the heels of last year's Brand New B-Sides compilation. 

Personally, as much as i liked his early recordings, "Got It Covered" and "Rockin' For A Living",  I was not too keen of his "Brand New Beat" record which I found to be overproduced and lacking great songs. 

"Play It Cool" on the other hand is a total different story. The man is back on the top of his game and he is delivering 12 perfect shots of power poppin' rock n' roll with hooks a plenty. If you need name dropping think The Yachts, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, The Jags (remember their 1979 hit "Back Of My Hand"?)  

The whole record has a more "live" feeling to it and perfectly captures the fun and energy of the Kurt Baker band on stage. I saw them in cafe Bacchus a couple of years ago, and believe me, they kicked major ass! Absolutely GREAT!!! A MUST BUY! 


2) Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - Promises To Deliver (Rum Bar Edition)

Over the last four years, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band have released one single, two split seven-inches, and the acclaimed 2013 full-length "Promises To Deliver". 

Rum Bar Records recently released an expanded CD reissue of Promises To Deliver - which supplements the album's nine songs with four seven-inch tracks, an unreleased number called "Pieces On The Ground", and a demo of "Julie (Hang Out A Little Longer)". 

With inspiration ranging from The Replacements or early Green Day to  great songwriters like Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty here is a new slice of great and heartfelt american rock'n'roll.
You know when you listen to this record that the man and his pals are not faking it and that he truly believes every single word he spits out.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Tribute to Midnight Rambler (Sons of the Dolls)

It's exactly one year today since Patrick (Midnight Rambler) passed away. 

Patrick, myself and a couple of other guys, JPaul, Limburg, Remi and Billy W. shared a dropbox and we were always thrilled whenever Patrick put some new stuff in the box coz we knew we were in for a treat.

This is one of the things he put in the box. So take a minute to remember him while listening to this record.

The Boys - Punk Rock Menopause
In FLAC - Scans are included
1 1976
2 I Need You
3 I'm A Believer
4 She's The Reason
5 Global Warming
6 Keep Quiet
7 How Hot You Are
8 Punk Rock Girl
9 Organ Grinder
10 How Can I Miss You
11 What's The Matter With Morris
12 Pistol Whipping Momma
13 Baby Bye Bye

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thee Fourgiven - Salvation Guaranteed

Thee Fourgiven - Salvation Guaranteed
In wav - Scans are included

1 Needle In The Red  
2 Baptism Of Fire  
3 One False Move  
4 Me On The Prowl  
5 California Republic  
6 You Got Eyes  
7 Howl  
8 Queen Bee  
9 Shiver That Shiver  
10 When The Devil Drives  
11 Out Rage Us
12 I'm Tellin' Ya
13 She Shines
14 Be My Lover
15 Love Is Fading

THEE FOURGIVEN in Rich Coffee's own words: "the band was formed out of the ashes of the Unclaimed. I wanted to do more of my songs, which were still very 60's influenced, but had a more hi-energy, 60's MC5 tinge to it rather than a Count V influence! The band started with Ray Flores (bass/vocals) & Matt Roberts (drums,garbage can,screams), both also from the Unclaimed. This line-up played around for about a year, recorded a couple compilations tracks and did an album called IT AIN'T PRETTY DOWN HERE on Dionysus Records. Matt left the country for "a couple of weeks" and didn't return for several years, so we brought in Ray's skater buddy, Bela Horvath. With Bela, we toured Europe twice, once with the awesome Miracle Workers and once with the latest (and last!) version of the Unclaimed (last because singer Shelley quit the band a week into the tour!). We also put out more comp cuts, a 45 and 2 more LPs before adding Mojo Jones on second guitar for several months before breaking up in early 1989".

Special thanks to Limburg for this rocking contribution

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Seeds / Sky Sunlight Saxon – Bad Part Of Town / The Live Album Bedtime

The Seeds / Sky Sunlight Saxon – Bad Part Of Town / The Live Album Bedtime
In Flac -Some scans

1 –The Seeds Bad Part Of Town
2 –Richie Marsh & The Hoodwinks Baby, Baby, Baby
3 –Richie Marsh & The Hoodwinks Half Angel
4 –Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers Go Ahead And Cry
5 –Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers They Say
6 –Sky Saxon & The Electra-Fires Do The Swim
7 –Sky Saxon & The Electra-Fires Trouble With My Baby
8 –Ritchie Marsh Darling, I Swear That It's True
9 –The Seeds Did He Die
10 –The Seeds Love In A Summer Basket
11 –The Seeds Wish Me Up
12 –The Seeds Shuckin' And Jiving
13 –The Seeds You Took Me By Surprise
14 –Sky Saxon Mr. Farmer
15 –Sky Saxon No Escape
16 –Sky Saxon I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
17 –Sky Saxon Red Shoes High Sky Dancer
18 –Sky Saxon Pushing Too Hard Too Far

The 1983 compilation LP Bad Part Of Town on Eva Records collected some of Sky Saxon's early pre-Seeds singles as well as all six Seeds songs from the three 1970-1972 singles. This was the first Sky Saxon compilation to include any of these tracks, which were missing from 1977's Fallin' Off The Edge rarities compilation that only included songs recorded for GNP/Crescendo. The CD version of Bad Part Of Town features a few extra tracks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Vibrators-V2

The Vibrators-V2
In wav - Scans are included

Pure Mania  
Automatic Lover  
Flying Duck Theory  
Public Enemy No. 1  
Nazi Baby 
Wake Up  
24 Hour People  
Fall In Love  
Feel Alright  
War Zone  
Troops Of Tomorrow

Friday, November 6, 2015


A tribute to the Flamin' Groovies (2000)

In wav - Scans are included (in disc2)

disc 1 : Safety Pins All Stars : Teenage Head / The Nuggets : Jumpin' in the night / Sour Jazz : Dr Boogie / The Trash Brats : Have you seen my baby ? / Silver Tongued Devils : Going out of theme/Roadhouse / Los Protones : Don't put me on / Zeal : Whisky woman / Doorslammer : Shake some action / The Egomaniacs : Gonna rock tonight / Los Imposibles : Take me back / Soo Chain Brothers : Let me rock / Adam West : Dog meat / Atom Rhumba : Evil hearted Ada / Strutter : Yeah my baby / Bummer : Love have mercy /Big Bad Johns : Second cousin / The Finkers : You tore me down

disc 2 : Street Walkin' Cheetahs : Slow death / Fastbacks : I can't hide / Jerry Spider Gang : Yesterday's numbers / The Roamin' Numerals : High flyin' baby / Hell Brains : I' m drowning / The Hunchbacks : I'll cry alone / The Easy Livin' : Blues for Phillys / The Mad Daddys : Comin' after me / The Trash Mavericks : The first one is free / The Panadolls : In the U.S.A. / The Jack Saints : American soul spiders / Tipos De Interés : First plane home / The Quadrajets : Headin' for the Texas border / The Mc Coyson : Sweet roll all me down / The Rockitts : Between the lines / Young Fresh Fellows : Golden clouds / The Pain Killers : Brushfire

disc 1 :

disc 2 :

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Various Artists - Michigan Nuggets

Various Artists - Michigan Nuggets
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Woolies - "Who Do You Love?" (2:00) 
2. Bob Seger & the Last Heard - "East Side Story" (2:24) 
3. Rationals - "Respect" (2:38) 
4. MC5 - "Lookin' at You" (2:44) 
5. Unrelated Segments - "Where You Gonna Go?" (2:46) 
6. Shy Guys - "We Gotta Go" (2:45) 
7. Underdogs - "Love's Gone Bad" (2:25) 
8. Terry Knight - "What's on Your Mind" (1:47) 
9. Human Beings - "Because I Love Her" (2:50) 
10. MC5 - "Borderline" (3:13) 
11. Tidal Waves - "Farmer John" (2:11) 
12. Bob Seger & the Last Heard - "Persecution Smith" (3:02) 
13. ? & the Mysterians - "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" (1:58) 
14. Southbound Freeway - "Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues" (2:31) 
15. Rationals - "Song" (2:05) 
16. Wanted - "In the Midnight Hour" (1:53) 
17. Rationals - "Leavin' Here" (3:09) 
18. Bob Seger System - "Lookin' Back" (2:41) 
19. MC5 - "I Can Only Give You Everything" (2:57) 
20. Amboy Dukes - "You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire" (2:44) 
21. Underdogs - "The Man in the Glass" (2:10) 
22. MC5 - "One of the Guys" (2:17) 
23. Bob Seger & the Last Heard - "Chain Smokin'" (2:47) 
24. Dr. Jack Van Impe - "An Important Message" (0:55) 
25. Bob Seger & the Last Heard - "Heavy Music, Pt. 2" (2:48) 
26. Rationals - "I Need You" (3:41) 
27. MC5 - "I Just Don't Know" (2:38) 
28. Tim Tam & the Turn Ons - "Wait a Minute" (2:16) 
29. Ormandy - "Good Day" (2:53) 
30. Beach Bums - "Ballad of the Yellow Beret" (2:27) 
31. Bob Seger & the Last Heard - "Sock It to Me, Santa" (2:12)

Probably THEE best compilation of Michigan rock from the '60s and one of the very best garage-oriented compilations of the era, and a pretty diverse one too. There's hot White soul from the Rationals, a rare single by the Amboy Dukes, raw folk-rock from the Human Beinzs and the Underdogs, burning garage punk from the Unrelated Segments, and even a castrato Four Seasons imitation by Tim Tam & the Turn-Ons. The heart of the collection, however, are the five early, pre-Elektra sides by the MC5, which are garage rock at its most metallic and furious, and the mid-'60s hard rock sides by Bob Seger, a good decade before he broke nationally.!sFNzjDzY!VslgaQhFjMrGUIQzL7nRLuxV7y45rOqDjsRaGZQXBvM

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Lolas - Ballerina Breakout [Expanded 2006]

The Lolas - Ballerina Breakout [Expanded 2006] 
In WAV - scans are included

1 The Best Part  
2 Ballerina Breakout  
3 Feelin' So Good  
4 I Became Somebody Else  
5 Yer Gonna Need My Lovin' Some Day  
6 Don't You Wanna  
7 Otaku  
8 Sophia  
9 This Is The Day  
10 Lamp Of Love  
11 Goodbye Rose  
12 Busy Day  
13 Skating Rink  
14 Fox On The Run  
15 'Til The End Of The Day  
16 Little Drummer Boy  
17 Wig wam Bam
18 Watch the movie