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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

THE ROLE MODELS - "The Go-To guy"

Glunk Records has just released "The Go-To guy", the amazing debut full length from London based Rock and Rollers THE ROLE MODELS. (Rich Rags: vocals, guitar, strutting - Nick Hughes: guitar, vocals, other stuff - Daniel Husayn: bass, staring - Simon Maxwell: drums, stumbling)

When Rich Rags relocated from New York city to London, he found himself working at the (now dead and gone) 12 BAR in Denmark Street, Soho (where the front cover photo of the album was taken). He got acquainted with a lot of musicians and after various changes he finally managed to put together the band who recorded this amazing debut full length.

This is how Rich tells it in his own words: "As a writer and musician, i've been influenced by powerpop band s like The PLIMSOULS, punk like JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS, whatever you wanna call THE REPLACEMENTS and my old teenage make-out sound tracker TOM PETTY. That all shows up a bit in various doses. But there's something I wanted to capture as well; there is a feeling ya have as a teenager when you're cruising around in your buddy's car late summer. Summer's almost over. You'll both move on. You'll have to. You know it this time. But you'll remember the song playing on the radio and your pal. The mistakes and the plans.The GOOD times too.I felt it then. I felt it in New York. I felt it when Soho died. And I wrote some songs about it."

What you have here are 11 original songs, soon to be classics, of super catchy, fun, addictive, powerful rock'n'roll with great vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. 

The production by Andy Brook is absolutely great, the guitar work is blasting, the vocals are perfect and the songwriting is brilliant. The record features guest appearances from Rich Jones and Sami Yaffa.

Purchase it here

some AWESOME live gigs ROLE MODELS have coming up including...

SEPT 19 London - The Castle North Acton Acoustic show with Fastlane Roogalator for F**CK CANCER AT THE CASTLE
SEPT 25 London - Jubilee Club Barfly Camden with BITERS
OCT 24 London - Some Weird Sin at The Finsbury Pub with Johnny Throttle
OCT 31 Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms HALLOWEEN opening for Ginger WILDHEART
NOV 21 London - Boston Arms with Eureka Machines

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