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Friday, January 31, 2014

Untamed Youth - More Gone Gassers

Untamed Youth - More Gone Gassers
In Wav - Scans are included

A1.Little Miss Go Go      
A2.The Hearse      
A3.Hey Elly May       
A4.Angel Face      
A5.Speed Queen        
A7.I Live For Cars & Girls   

B1.Supercharged Steamroller       
B2.The Gasser       
B4.What'll You Have        
B5.Big 'T'       
B6.All Right      
B7.Beach Party   


Bass, Vocals – Steve Mace
Drums, Vocals – F. Clarke Marty
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Derek Dickerson
Organ, Vocals – Steve Rager
Producer – Adny Shernoff, Billy Miller

Download link :

The Blessings "Tomahawk Inn'

The Blessings "Tomahawk Inn' 

01 She Thinks She Loves Me
02 Never Too Late
03 Who's Holding The Wheel
04 So Hard To Be Your Friend
05 Yesterday's Tears
06 Twisted Little Heart
07 Tomahawk Inn
08 Time On My Hands
09 Meet Me After Midnight
10 Hypnotic Joyride
11 Shufflin' Fool
12 Leavin'
13 The Truth
14 Can't Shake The Devil

Kids, if you like The Rolling Stones, The Faces or The Black Crowes, then THE BLESSING are  a real treat for your ears. Soulful vocals and great guitar work."She Thinks She Loves Me", "Never too Late" and "Who's Holding The Wheel "are pure dynamite, but all the album is fantastic. 

"Tomahawk Inn' is the sophomore effort of Jeremy White and c° AND IT KICKS MAJOR ASS.

LA DRUGZ - Outside Place

LA DRUGZ - Outside Place 

LA Drugz are an LA story.  The band formed in Los Angeles as the brainchild of Justin Maurer, the front man of Portland Oregon's Clorox Girls for nearly a decade.   He continued to write songs as the final lineup of Clorox Girls disbanded. His particular blend of 60s pop and LA punk eventually became LA Drugz songs.
Maurer was born in LA and came of age in the Pacific Northwest, cutting his teeth on local punk rock in Seattle and Portland.  His father, a dental supply salesman and former musician, gave his son his 1970s Remo drum kit to bang on in the garage when it was rainy out.  His uncle John, who regaled him with tales of hitchhiking to see The Who in the 70s, showed him a few chords on the guitar and he was well on his way. Maurer's mother is completely deaf and allowed him to throw punk rock shows in their basement.  He began touring at the age of 15, and with Clorox Girls he released 3 albums and 10 singles.  Clorox Girls toured the world, fostering a dedicated fanbase in South America and Europe.  When the band broke up he lived and worked in Madrid and London where he toured and released records with bands like Red Dons, Mano De Mono, Role Models and Suspect Parts. At 27 years old he found himself down and out in Los Angeles looking for another musical project.
Maurer met lead guitarist and angel-voiced backing vocalist Cezar Mora when living down in Long Beach.  They shared enthusiasm for the Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Arthur Lee & Love, early LA punk and old country music.  Mora played lead guitar in the final lineup of Clorox Girls and along with Maurer, intended to form a Beach Boys cover band in Spanish.  Both are fluent in Spanish, Maurer from his days living in Madrid and touring South America, Mora from his Mexican-born father and extended family.
Mora had some connections in the Latino low-rider world and believed they could make a living performing at classic car shows.  When learning and singing an entire set of Beach Boys covers in Spanish proved too difficult, Maurer and Mora decided to form a new band.    Cezar Mora grew up in North Long Beach and attended Jordan High School - a rough and tumble school rife with gang activity. The school's mascot is a Black Panther.  He lived down the street from rapper Snoop Dogg and as a kid he was often asked directions to Snoop's house by carloads full of black teenagers trying to locate a party.   Local gangs recruited Cezar, but he declined their advances, deciding to pursue music instead.  He formed The Switchups and later The Bad Machine before joining forces with Maurer in LA Drugz.
James Carman was born and raised in the South Bay neighborhood of Carson - a working class neighborhood bordering Compton, Torrance, Long Beach and San Pedro.  Carman's father, a cabdriver, met his mother while serving in the Navy, stationed in The Philippines. Carman's older brother was active in a local gang and in a revenge-based incident, a rival gang performed a drive-by shooting directed at the Carman family home.   Carman had to change high schools when his older brother's gang rivals put a hit out on him. Carman's offense was being a younger brother of a prominent gang member.  After serving prison time, his brother gave up gang banging, and this in part encouraged Carman to follow music.   He formed the band Images, strongly influenced by UK punk and power pop.  Images gained the attention of The Buzzcocks' US management and they found themselves opening for the Buzzcocks on a west coast tour at 14 years old.   Clorox Girls played with Images in San Pedro and Maurer was impressed with Carman's drumming and singing.   They got along and agreed to collaborate together.
Johnny "JD" Reyes was born to a Filipino family in Orange County.  He was a childhood friend of Carman's and played bass in the original lineup of Images.  He grew up a fan of British music like Oasis, Smiths, Johnny Marr and The Buzzcocks.  When he auditioned for the band on bass, he showed up with a bright yellow "Orgasm Addict" t-shirt and after a few songs, the guys agreed to add him on bass.
Now what to call it?  In the dreaded "band name conversation," Maurer mentioned that the best music was like a drug and Carman suggested "The Drugs" as a band name.  Maurer liked the name of 80s band "LA Guns" so suggested "LA Drugs." When it was discovered a band called LA Drugs existed from Boston, they decided to change the spelling to LA Drugz as an homage to 70s East LA punk band The Plugz.
After a slew of Westcoast dates, Portland, Oregon's Hovercraft Records released their debut 12" EP in 2013 and they have US and European tours slated in 2014.  The title track "Outside Place" was featured in Hollywood film "The Lifeguard."

And so they are born.  They're an L.A. band with an L.A. story, an L.A. band of mixed race and ages. They are a unique breed of a high-octane L.A. punk/60s pop super group who bring the past and present into a beautiful battering ram.

Buy it here : LA Drugz Bandcamp:

FRANKENSTEIN 3000 - The Scoops Are On Their Way

FRANKENSTEIN 3000 The Scoops Are On Their Way
(2013 Main Man Records)
The third in a series of releases that collects 
FRANKENSTEIN 3000 versions of other people's songs.

Over an hour of music; 18 songs on 1 CD (19 tracks on the digital version), all of them a big influence on Frankenstein 3000's sound. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Nirvana, David Bowie to The Grateful Dead, Queen to The Stooges. Some of these songs have appeared on tribute albums over the years, but there are a bunch that are previously unreleased, and almost everything has been remixed and remastered.

Growin’ Up
- Originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen
- Originally recorded by David Bowie
Wasting Away
- Originally recorded by Brian Jonestown Massacre
Good Times Roll
- Originally recorded by The Cars
Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
- Originally recorded by Dead Boys
- Originally recorded by Devo
I’m Horny, I’m Stoned
- Originally recorded by The Doors
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
- Originally recorded by The Grateful Dead
The Red Telephone
- Originally recorded by Love
On A Plain
- Originally recorded by Nirvana
Tenement Funster
- Originally recorded by Queen
California Paradise
- Originally recorded by The Runaways
Pushin’ Too Hard
(CD only) - Originally recorded by The Seeds
Travelling In the Dark
(digital only) - Originally recorded by Mountain
- Originally recorded by Alice Cooper
I Wanna Be Your Dog
- Originally recorded by The Stooges
Fox On The Run
- Originally recorded by The Sweet
Pictures Of Lily
- Originally recorded by The Who
Heard It On The X
- Originally recorded by ZZ Top
Turn On The News
(digital only) - Originally recorded by Hüsker Dü

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wooden Shjips - Back to Land (australian ltd edition with bonus track)

Wooden Shjips - Back to Land (australian ltd edition with bonus track)
In wav - Scans are included
1. Back to Land 
2. Ruins 
3. Ghouls 
4. These Shadows 
5. In the Roses 
6. Other Stars 
7. Servants 
8. Everybody Knows
9. These Shadows (acoustic version)

Wooden Shjips’ rise to prominence from the psychedelic underground to the rock and roll overground has been a steady sojourn. With each consecutive release, the band has found new ways of transforming heady psychedelic rock into minimalist masterpieces, bridging the gap between the woozy freeness of Les Rallizes Denudes and Crazy Horse and the tightly wound simplicity of Suicide and the Velvet Underground. Back To Land, the quartet’s follow-up to West, is the first Wooden Shjips record to be conceived outside of San Francisco.  Back To Land was laid to tape at Jackpot Recording Studios in Portland by Kendra Lynn and mixed by Larry Crane. It was recorded over an 11-day session, resulting in some of the most detailed and spacious recordings of their career.

Back To Land is a breakthrough record for the Wooden Shjips: nuanced, varied and utterly addictive.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Soul Movers - On The Inside

The Soul Movers - On The Inside
In wav - Scans are included

1. Stickin' Around 
2. Baby I Love You 
3. Slip-in Mules 
4. Not With Her 
5. Dead 6. Gotta Run 
7. Hold Me 
8. Few Good Reasons 
9. Low and Slow 
10. Change 
11. Piece O' Me 
12. Krazy Kats

The Soul Movers is a band born of opportunity. Deniz Tek and keyboardist Pip Hoyle from famed Australian group Radio Birdman had time to revisit the music that had been their passion from the very start. Singer Lizzie Mack came up with songs, which tapped into some classic soul themes: lost love, untrustworthy love and new beginnings. This provides a clue to the appeal of the Soul Movers music. With strong soul roots the band has managed to imbue their music with a fresh, unselfconscious approach, delivering music which speaks directly to personal experience and with a rockin' rhythm that you can dance to and take the listener on a ride through relationships; from the first kiss.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Various ‎– Las Vegas Grind Volume Six

Various ‎– Las Vegas Grind Volume Six 
In wav - Scans are included
1 Ray Gee & His Orchestra –  The Slouch   
2 Bowlegs –  One More Time, Part Two   
3 Poor Boys, The –  Washboard Take 1   
4 Johnny Little John & Guitar –  Johnny's Jive   
5 Tommy Smith Jr. Trio –  Cold Slaw   
6 Billy Davis & The Legends –  Spunky Onions   
7 Sam & The Saxtones –  Kaput   
8 El-Capris –  Safari   
9 Prince Arthur & His Knights Of The Roundtable –  Limborino   
10 Omar Kay –  Turkish Coffee   
11 Lord Sundance –  Pretty Lord Sundance Part 1   
12 Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows –  How About It Part 1   
13 Garnell Cooper & The Kinfolks –  Long Distance   
14 Freddy Scott & 4 Steps, The –  Same Ole Beat   
15 Willie Weems & The Outlaws –  Snuff Time   
16 Chaz & 2 –  Soupbone   
17 Jon Thomas  –  Lip Service   
18 George Kelly & Orchestra –  Ain't That Good   
19 Ramrocks, The –  On The Rocks   
20 Lonnie Brooks –  The Train   
21 Kinfolks, The –  Mustang   
22 Jaguars –  Jaguar   
23 Towers, The –  The Sneak   
24 Ronnie Isle –  Wicked   
25 Creeps, The  –  The Whip   
26 Lord Sundance –  The Return Of The Pretty One....

The BAD LOVERS - Wild Times

Our good friends The BAD LOVERS from Austin, Texas have recently released their sophomore album, WILD TIMES.

If you're looking for great songwriting, hooks a plenty, brilliant guitar playing and raunchy rock'n'roll vocals don't look any further, these guys got it all!

Favorite tracks : "I got it bad" and "Freaks"

For 12$ you can buy the record here :

Friday, January 17, 2014

Robert Gordon - Robert Gordon With Link Wray + Fresh Fish Special

Robert Gordon - Robert Gordon With Link Wray + Fresh Fish Special
In Wav - Scans are included

1. Red Hot 2. I Sure Miss You 3. Summertime Blues 4. Boppin' The Blues 5. Sweet Surrender 6. Flyin' Saucer Rock 'n' Roll 7. Fool 8. It's In The Bottle 9. Woman (You're My Woman) 10. Is This The Way 11. Way I Walk 12. Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache 13. If This Is Wrong 14. Five Days Five Days 15. Fire 16. I Want To Be Free 17. Twenty Flight Rock 18. Sea Cruise 19. Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) 20. Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away) 21. Endless Sleep

If you like excellent tunes, great rock n roll vocals and a genius on guitar look no further than this. Every Home should have one. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Young Iris and her Dad join forces to bring you a double slice of Psychedelic delicacy.

Like two sides of a coin, “Getting to my brain” is an organ driven upbeat sixties sweetness while “Four days and Four Nights” is a 5.52” long mantra in the tone of E. 

Get a lossless copy here : 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Strypes - Blue Collar Jane (Japan)

The Strypes - Blue Collar Jane (Japan)
In WAV - scans are included
1    Blue Collar Jane     2:46  
2    What People Don't See     2:59  
3    I Wish You Would     2:31  
4    You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover     2:16  
5    29 Ways     1:58  
6    Leavin' Here     2:47  
7    Got Love If You Want It     3:40  
These 4 cats shake it like 1965. They recall early Yardbirds and The birds.  They keep it real, olde-skool-R&B-Revved-up-Blues-style.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Larry Bright _ Shake That Thing!

Larry Bright _ Shake That Thing!
In wav - covers are included

1. Bacon Fat
2. Shake That Thing
3. Maybelline
4. New Orleans
5. I'm a Man [Alternate Take]
6. Got My Mojo Working
7. When I Did the Mashed Potatoes With You
8. Surfin' Queen
9. My Hands Are Tied
10. One Ugly Child
11. Mojo Workout
12. Bloodhound
13. Twinkie Lee
14. (I'm A) Mojo Man
15. Teenage Jailbreak
16. Ugly American
17. The Thing

This amazing disc provides the perfect career overview of the inimitable brand of trashy, greasy dance-rock of Virginia-born, Texas-bred voodoo enthusiast Larry Bright, most accurately described by his very own mammy as "my li'l white bastard". Cut primarily in the pre-Beatle era by legendary L.A. producer Bob Keane, Larry is revealed alternately as a way cooler Johnny Rivers, a West Coast Ronnie Hawkins (dig his blistering "Mojo Workout"!), and most often as a more down, definitely dirtier Gary U.S. Bonds (the previously-unreleased "New Orleans" is positively swampy!). Heck, Bright even tried to cash in momentarily on the Surf Rock craze, though his Southern-fried "Surfin' Queen" sounds like it's hanging ten or eleven at the foot of the Mississippi rather than anywhere near Brian Wilson's sandbox.

Meanwhile, Larry more than proves he was, as claimed, Howlin' Wolf trapped inside the body of Pat Boone with an "I'm A Man" which, thanks to ferocious guitaring, cuts to absolute shreds other versions from the era - yes, even The Yardbirds'. As if all this isn't yet recommendation enough, howzabout the unsettlingly bizarre "When I Did The Mashed Potatoes With You" (Drifters on acid, I kid you not) and for real fun, check out Track 16, which begins with Keane ordering Larry, "I want you to write a song right now called The Ugly American". Gary Pig Gold

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Untamed Youth - Some Kind of Fun

Untamed Youth - Some Kind of Fun
In Wav -scans are included

A1    Some Kinda Fun     1:53  
A2    You've Got To Understand     2:21  
A3    Laughin' Linda     2:01  
A4    Pabst Blue Ribbon     2:32  
A5    Beer Bust Blues     3:13  
A6    Girl And A Hot Rod     2:06  
A7    She's So Satisfying     2:56  
B1    Antique '32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe     1:45  
B2    Surfin' Hearse     1:53  
B3    One Pine Box     1:43  
B4    California Bound     2:00  
B5    I'm Going Away     2:24  
B6    Haulin' Honda     2:15  
B7    Go Go Ferrari     2:31

 The Untamed Youth first performed in Columbia at local club The Blue Note in January 1987, and quickly started playing locations throughout the United States between the years 1988–1993. The group disbanded in August 1993, but later reformed for a European tour in 1996 and to record two studio albums for both the Estrus and Norton labels in 1997 and 1998 respectively. The Youth were primarily a surf/frat rock band known for their wild stage antics such as spraying the audience with cans of beer. All this, while holding a true reverence for their influences… ”the gods whose grooves they hammer home are the stars on a hundred forgotten 45's, their sacred texts 'Surfin Hearse and 'Go Go Ferrari'. While their live shows were generally hard-edged, their albums are notably well-produced and arranged particularly their early Norton work, which was produced by Billy Miller of Norton Records and Andy Shernoff of The Dictators.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


In FLAC - Scans are included

1. Nervous - Davis, D. 2. Love-Itis - Scales, Harvey 3. The Chicken Astronaut - Mackay, James 4. Standin' on the Corner - Gates, David [1] 5. I Live the Life I Love - Jones, C. 6. Whiplash - Shells 7. Mo Gorilla - The Ideals 8. What's the Matter With Me? - Brown, T. 9. Welfare Cheese - Gordy, T. 10. The Dog - Thomas, Rufus 11. The Chicken Scratch - Hall 12. The Wallop - Drain, William 13. The Frog - Perkins 14. Skin the Cat - Merchant, Jimmy 15. Shakin' Fit - Saunders, W. 16. My Baby Likes to Boogaloo - Gardner, Don 17. Ain't That Bad - Taylor, R. 18. Damper Down - Davis, Bobby [Soul] 19. Sock It to 'Em J.B., Pt. 1 - Dunn, Clayton 20. Grandma Bird - Barksdale, S. 21. You Gotta Change - Scott 22. Wang Dang Dula - Jenkins 23. Whip It on Me - Hill, Jessie 24. Hey Sa-Lo-Ney - Lane, B. 25. Boss With the Hot Sauce - Davis, G. 26. Sticky Pig Feet - Hooks, J. 27. The Cow - Robinson 28. Heartattack - Harris, Don [2] 29. Get Down - Scales, Harvey

What we have here is a collection of Hard Core R&B from places like Chicago and Detroit, Rocking Rhythm and Blues of the type not heard since the 60's and not likely to appear on your Drive TimeGold Radio Station. The Five Du Tones "Chicken Astronaut" is funny and it rocks, "Welfare Cheese" by Emmanuel Laskey is a topical tune that still has meaning today, and all of it gets the groove on without a slowie in sight. An archeological record of what R&B and Soul sounded like before everything got all smoothed out and watered down.