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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Nomads - Solna

The Nomads - Solna (Loaded Deluxe Edition)
In WAV - scans are included
1. Miles Away
2. Hangman's Walk
3. The Bad Times Will Do Me Good
4. You Won't Break My Heart
5. Don't Kill The Messenger
6. 20000 Miles

1. Can't Go Back
2. American Slang
3. Make Up My Mind
4. Up Down Or Sideways
5. The Way You Let Me Down
6. Get Out Of My Mind

Solna – Loaded Deluxe Edition is a modified version of the original 2012 Swedish only release: Three newly recorded tracks have been added.
Thirty years on, the Nomads have produced their strongest album yet. The current lineup has spent the last 20 years honing their sound, live and in the studio.  Solna – Loaded Deluxe is the distilled essence of what the Nomads are known for. The formula is simple: a strong front man – Nick Vahlberg, guitar hero – Hans Ostlund, powerhouse drummer – Joakim Werning, and multi threat bassist/song writer – Bjorne Froberg.
The eleven original songs (+ Jack Oblivian’s "American Slang" cover) showcase the Nomads hard rockin’ side as well as their melodic skill. Solna kicks off swinging both fists with "Miles Away" and the fuzz drenched "Hangman’s Walk". Never afraid to tip their hats to their influences, the specter of Blue Oyster Cult is cast over the moody "The Bad Times Will Do Me Good".


Joey R.A. Mone said...

Really cool record from the old guard!!
Great post - thanks!

Fred Mosrite said...

Thanx for the extras!

Miguel Angel said...

Fantastic. Thankx a lot.