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Sunday, March 2, 2014


In flac - Scans are included
 1. Sickness  
 2. Other Life  
 3. World Of Pleasure  
 4. Locked In My Head   
 5. Alright  
 6. When I'm Gone  
 7. Get Straight   
 8. Don't Try   
 9. Alone  
 10. Falling Out  
 11. What You Want  
 12. The Last  
 13. Trusted You  
Radioactivity is a continuation of The Novice, Jeff Burke's band while living in Japan. Jeff has since moved back to Texas, and out of respect to the Japanese lineup of the band, has changed the name to Radioactivity. Some of these songs are re-purposed Novice tracks, while others are brand new. Jeff is one of the most distinctive songwriters in the punk rock underground, and these songs will sound instantly familiar to any fans of The Marked Men or Potential Johns. Band members include Jeff Burke, Mark Ryan, and Gregory Rutherford, whose credits read like an all-star lineup of Texas punk and garage rock royalty, including members of The Marked Men, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, The Reds, VIDEO, and The Novice.
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution!  


Honquijote said...

Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing... =)

Anonymous said...

great, thanks for this new band for me