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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wooden Shjips - Dos

Wooden Shjips - Dos
In wav - Scans are included

1    Motorbike     4:51  
2    For So Long     4:44  
3    Down By The Sea     10:54  
4    Aquarian Time     6:28  
5    Fallin'     11:28  

Their sophomore effort, recorded and mixed in San Francisco in 2008. Amazingly trippy and lots of Krautrock influences.


Pello said...

Thank you friend. I love this.

Anonymous said...

Great EP which I have already and several others. Hope you can soon post Wooden Shjips elusive "WEST" LP. Thanks, Rat! - SR in PA

Joseph said...

Thank you very much!!!

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

just my kind of dope :)

Thank for this album