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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Radio City - Class Of '77

Radio City - Class Of '77
In wav - covers are included
1. Don't Mistake Love 
2. Little Runaway 
3. It's Ok 
4. She's A Heartbreaker 
5. Play It Like A Man 
6. Bleecker Street 
7. Tomorrow 
8. Downtown 
9. Fallen Angels 
10. Little Runaway 
11. So Easy 
12. Get You In the Picture 
13. Younger Than Yesterday

The previously unreleased full album from this amazing New York band! Hunkered in the studio in the late '70s, these guys made a beautiful testament to the power of pop! Before the skinny ties, these guys followed the path laid out by BIG STAR, THE RASPBERRIES, BLUE ASH and BADFINGER, mixed with their own raw sound, to dizzying results! A mandatory purchase for powerpop fans everywhere.


Cañamón said...

thank you, I love powerpop.

Cañamón said...

Thank you, I love powerpop music.

Cañamón said...

thank you, I love powerpop.

dissensous said...

Thanks RB. Really appreciate this re-up.

Pello said...

Thankx for this post. Great pop & power pop music in this album.