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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ben Vaughn - The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn - The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn
In wav - Scans are included
   Growin' A Beard       
   Blues # 47       
   Ham & Beer Syndrome       
   Rockin' At McDonald's       
   Fun In My Car       
   She's About A Mover       
   Hawaiian Shirts       
   Lookin' For A 7-11       
   Fun With Lloyd       
   Rockin' At McDonald's Again       
   Supermarkets Are To Blame  

From 1978 to 1980, before the dawn of the digital age, Ben Vaughn recorded these songs in Blackwood, New Jersey, in the second floor apartment of friend and fellow musician Steve Iannetti.
The home studio set-up consisted of a four track reel-to-reel, a full drum kit (which dominated the small living room), and an assortment of instruments and effects gear that varied from week to week due to Steve's penchant for trading equipment (which helps to account for the extraordinary variety of these recordings). During this period, Ben was working at various jobs (landscaper, delivery driver, paste-up artist) and trying to save his failing marriage. He was also pursuing his rock and roll dream. The night I met him he was auditioning for a gig in a small bar in Philadelphia, performing a set of Rolling Stones covers for an audience of four people, including the bartender and me. I was also there to audition - haven't heard back yet. Ben was anxious to take his music career to the next level. That's where these recordings come in - the idea was to accumulate an album's worth of material and get a record deal.

Special Thanx to Limburg for this contribution


lmelis said...

Thank you! I was searching for Ben Vaughn's posts in flac tooo long. Any of his 80's or early 90's releases will be very much appreciated.

Pederse said...

Thanks a lot for this album. I really like Ben Vaughn.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!

completeley missed this...

Anonymous said...

Been dying to hear this for so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!