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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds

The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds
In flac - Scans are included
1    Swing For The Crime     3:37  
2    All Times Through Paradise     4:08  
3    Every Day's A Holiday, Every Night's A Party     2:48  
4    Brisbane (Security City)     4:19  
5    Church Of Indifference     5:04  
6    Crazy Googenheimer Blues     2:28  
7    Everything's Fine     2:36  
8    The Prisoner     4:58  
9    Security     2:19  
10    This Time     3:14  
11    Take This Heart Of Mine     2:26  
12    The Chameleons     5:03  
13    Save Me     3:20  
14    Lipstick On Your Collar     3:08  
15    One Way Street     4:12  
16    Demolition Girl     2:37  
17    River Deep Mountain High
Prehistoric sounds was recorded in London 1979.This was the final album to feature Ed Kuepper, who left the band shortly after its release. But this sounds nothing like the band on their first or second album. Instead the group has mostly gone acoustic, with bits of electric guitars filling out the sound with a few guitar leads. Horns also dominate this sound and the group has predominantly gone soul. This album is where the Saints wanted to completely break from the punk tag, which they had accidentally fallen into in the first place and weren't exactly happy with.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death

The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death (2011 Reissue)
In flac - Scans are included
1. Birth, School, Work, Death 4:08
2. If I Only Had Time 2:29
3. Tell Me Why 2:51
4. It's So Hard 3:39
5. When Am I Coming Down 4:59
6. Cause I Said So 2:46
7. The Strangest Boy 3:57
8. S.T.B. 2:32
9. Just Like You 3:10
10. Obsession 3:48
11. Love is Dead 2:44

12. Miss That Girl (B'Side) 2:52
13. I Can Only Give You Everything (B'Side) 3:04
Live at Cabaret Metron Chicago, IL: March 26, 1988
14. When Am I Coming Down 4:19
15. Cold Turkey 4:30
16. Those Days Are Over 3:32
17. I'm Unsatisfied 3:18

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1988 album from the British rockers. The Godfathers presented hard, crunching, socially-conscious Pop with a fierce R&B/Mod sensibility. Their three albums offered a powerful antidote to the puffed-up importance of the music scene. Birth, School, Work, Death was released in February 1988. A tie-in gig at London's Town And Country Club in Kentish Town on Valentine's Night 1988 marked The Godfathers step into the big time. The album made #80 on the UK albums chart, where it remained for two weeks. However, in the states, the title track was pushed heavily by college radio, and it became a Top 40 hit. "Birth, School, Work, Death has got to be a bit of a high point, 'cause that took off instantly all over the world and it's turned into a little franchise of its own really," Peter Coyne was to say later. This reissue contains five bonus tracks.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance The Anthology

The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance The Anthology
In flac - Scans are included

Disc: 1 
1. Go Steady 
2. Cortinas 
3. Listen Listen Listen 
4. Poison Ivy 
5. Runaround 
6. Da-a-a-ance 
7. (Can't You) Feel the Beat 
8. Cortina MK LL 
9. London Calling 
10. Leap Before You Look 
11. Beat Boys in the Jet Age 
12. Page Three (Another Day Another Girl) 
13. Living for Today 
14. Watch Out I'm Back 
15. Don't Push Me 
16. Face to Face 
17. Steppin' Out (Of Line)
Disc: 2 
1. Good Times 
2. Written in Neon 
3. Total Strangers 
4. Concrete and Steel 
5. Dancing in the Dark 
6. Decent Town 
7. Ambience 
8. Men in Blue 
9. I Want to Tell You 
10. Someone Talking 
11. Lamba Samba 
12. Anything You Want 
13. Somebody to Love 
14. Nobody Watching Me 
15. Da-a-a-ance [Live in Europe] 
16. Young Girls [Live in Europe] 
17. Can't Get Enough [1993 Demo]
The Lambrettas rode in upon the 1979/1982 revival of 1960s Mod, as inspired by the release of the movie "Quadrophenia" which itself was based on the album by The Who. With virtually no succcess in the US, The Lambrettas did manage to carve their own 20 minutes or so of fame in the UK. Ironically, their best selling hit, a cover of the old Coasters song "Poison Ivy" was a ska track, and was not at all representative of the band's sound. As this collection shows, they were essentially, for want of a better term, a power pop band, and sometimes showed a hint of their R 'n' B roots.
cd1 :
cd2 :
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution! 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Dr FEELGOOD - Taking No Prisoners (with Gypie 1977-81)

Taking No Prisoners (with Gypie 1977-81) [4CD+DVD] [Box set, Original recording remastered]

This title will be released on June 17, 2013.

The Crooks - Just Released Plus
In flac - Scans are included
1. All the Time in the World
2. Waiting For You
3. Let's Get Together
4. Sound of Today
5. Hold Me
6. One Thousand Faces
7. Beat Goes On, The
8. You Don't Have to Tell Me
9. I'm in Love
10. Me and My Friends
11. I Don't Love You
12. Understanding
13. Modern Boys
14. Bangin My Head
15. Black Night (Excerpt) (Secret Track)
16. All the Time in the World (Live)
17. Bangin My Head (Live)
18. What's Goin On
19. Let's Get Together
20. I'm in Love
21. My Town
22. In Trouble
23. Understanding
24. It Can Only Get Better
25. Waiting For You
26. Hold Me
27. One Thousand Faces
28. Beat Goes On
29. I Need You
30. You Don't Have to Tell Me

Just Released: The Anthology by the Crooks consists of their 1980 album Just Released augmented by their single "Modern Boys" b/w "Bangin' My Head". The second disc is where the real value is, a never-released live recording from the Marquee Club in London. Most of the repertory is shared with that studio album, only it's about twice as good here, and that goes for the playing and the singing -- the whole disc is one of the most bracing live albums of its era and by itself would be worth what Castle is asking for this double-disc set. Listening to it, one wishes that the Soft Boys could've left behind a live document this good. The only peculiarity is that their set includes "Bangin' My Head," the B-side of their single, but not the A-side; still, there's not a false or wrong note here on a truly great and unique legacy.
Special Thanx to J"The Mod"Paul for this excellent contribution!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Boss - Underdog

The Boss - Underdog
In Flac - covers are included
1. Joseph Green   
2. Streets Where I Live   
3. One Good Reason   
4. Wake Up Children  
5. Simple Lives  
6. Invisible Kids  
7. Kids Forever     
8. It's Alright    
9. Be My Baby  
10. Song for You   
11. These Days  
12. Summer Song  
13. World Stops Turning  
14. Natural Blond  
15. Love Struck Fool    
16. Shine    
17. Autumn Gold  
18. Two Wrongs  
Mod '79 revival complete recordings!
Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scandinavian Meltdown - 21 Nuggets of Nordic Noise

Scandinavian Meltdown - 21 Nuggets of Nordic Noise

In FLAC - Scans are included

21 Nuggets Of Nordic Noise featuring Marvel, The Hellacopters, Bloodlights, The Nomads, The Voladoros, The Sacred Sailors, Rio Grande, Dollhouse, Baby Woodrose, Sweatmaster, The Defectors, The Incubators, Mary's Kids, Thunder Express, The Robots, The Flaming Sideburns, The Sewergrooves, The Deadbeats, "Demons", The Setting Son & Barbe-Q-Barbies. This came as a bonus with the CARBON 14 magazine and is a very good introduction for those unfamiliar (it this still possible today?) with everything scandinavian.
My personnal favorite tracks are the ones by "Demons" and by The setting son.

This post is dedicated to Jef. I hope he will sort out the problems with the burnt down radio station.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

L'Assassins - Lovin' On The Run

L'Assassins - Lovin' On The Run
In flac - scans are included
 1. Blue VooDoo  
 2. Stop Lovin' Me  
 3. Be My Dog  
 4. Creep  
 5. Watch Out   
 6. Gun Chewing Dame  
 7. Lovin' On The Run  
Tea Ann Simpson - Vocals
 Monet Wong - Guitar/Vocals
 Ariel Dornbush - Bass/Vocals
 Angela Clark - Drums/Vocals
Special Thanx to Limburg for this contribution

Friday, May 10, 2013

Scott Morgan- Medium Rare 1970-2000

Scott Morgan- Medium Rare 1970-2000
In Flac - Scans are included
1    Full Of Fire   
2    Satisfier        
3    Rhythm Communication        
4    Hold On Baby        
5    The Monkey Time        
6    Open The Door To Your Heart        
7    Radio Hollywood   
8    Free Rock   
9    Pop Poppies   
10    Zip A Dee Doo Dah        
11    Cool Breeze        
12    She's Wild        
13    Satisfiyin' Love  
Opening the CD is the down and funky Al Green penned "Full of Fire" and some could easily mistake this for that stockstandard modern blues/funk by the likes of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, etc., but this track is saved with the rock-n-soul vocals from Morgan and the impressive lead guitar work, which crashes headlong into an abrupt end. Another impressive track is "Rhythm Communication", which according to the meticulously prepared liner notes was recorded back in the early 80s and features an intro riff reminiscent of The Stooges 'We will Fall', followed by a "We gotta get outta this place" inspired bass guitar line and then combined with a funky backbeat, stylish female backing vocals and then breaks into some blues/funk boogie all with a very mainstream 80s-styled production sound. Tracks four to six and track 10 are performed by The Rationals featuring Scott Morgan on vocals and lead guitar and provide some of the highlights of the CD. "Hold on Baby" recalls the likes of Sam & Dave and Otis Redding, with fine lead vocals from Morgan, backing vocals from Steve Correll and Terry Trabandt, clever brass section arrangements and proves white guys can play soul/funk like the aforementioned legends of the genre. "The Monkey Time" also features some top notch musicianship and another fine lead vocal on this amazing Curtis Mayfield-penned tune. Two marked departures follow with "Free Rock" (which features some heavy duty rhythm section work and scorching, seering lead guitar work) and "Pop Poppies". "Medium Rare, 1970-2000" provides an unique insight into the recorded music and songwriting of Scott Morgan and continually surprises with diversions into soul, funk, R 'n' B, heavy rock, country rock and folk.
Special thanks to TikiGraham for this fine contribution.

Sunday, May 5, 2013



The almighty RATBOYS have just released digitally their sophomore effort, simply intitled 77 AGAIN. What you get here is -obviously- more 77 snottiness, more thick, crunchy guitar riffs, more energetic bass lines, and more vibrant drumming pounding relentlessly into your brainpan with atavistic power. This will be an instant classic!
01. 77' again
02. School bus driver
03. Stupid brats
04. Back on the top
05. Little Surfer Girl
06. Leave me no choice
07. Put the blame on her
08. Stop talkin' to yourself
09. Sonic Radio
10. Diana
11. End of the show
12. Saturday Jets


Friday, May 3, 2013

Titan- It's All Pop!

Titan- It's All Pop!

In Flac - Scans are included

Disc One

1 Secrets*, The* – It's Your Heart Tonight

2 Boys, The (21) – Please Change Your Mind

3 Gary Charlson – Real Life Saver

4 Arlis!* – No Way Baby

5 Millionaire At Midnight – Coit Tower

6 Boys, The (21) – We're Too Young

7 Scott McCarl – I Hope

8 Gems (5) – Save Your Money

9 Gary Charlson – Not The Way It Seems

10 Boys, The (21) – On A Night Like This

11 J.P. McClain & The Intruders – Just Another Pop Song

12 Gary Charlson – Brown Eyes

13 Secrets*, The* – Daddy's Girl

14 Bobby Sky – The Water

15 Boys, The (21) – Tell Me It's You

16 Arlis!* – I Can't Take It

17 Gems (5) – Cry

18 Secrets*, The* – Get Your Radio

19 Boys, The (21) – Bad Little Girl

20 Gary Charlson – Close Enough

21 Arlis!* – Good Friends

Disc Two

1 Gary Charlson – Shark

2 Boys, The (21) – We're Dancing Again

3 J.P. McClain & The Intruders – Baby Don't Laugh

4 Arlis!* – I Wanna Be

5 Secrets*, The* – Radio Heart

6 Boys, The (21) – (Baby) It's You

7 Millionaire At Midnight – Drink A Toast

8 Bobby Sky – Rock N' Roll Song

9 Secrets*, The* – Uniform

10 Boys, The (21) – Hold Me

11 Gary Charlson – Burning In You

12 Gems (5) – Some

13 Boys, The (21) – Yesterday's Circles

14 Secrets*, The* – Night School Girls

15 Gems (5) – Didn't Like It Anyway

16 Arlis!* – I'll Get You Back

17 Scott McCarl – I Think About You

18 Bobby Sky – Radio City

19 Boys, The (21) – You're Too Bad

20 J.P. McClain & The Intruders – The Last Song (Dry Your Eyes)

21 Gary Charlson – Goodbye Goodtimes

22 It's All Pop Goodtimes Chipmunks, The – It's All Pop

Lots of serious music fans have gotten the bright idea of starting a record company so they can
spread the word about their favorite bands, but unlike most of them, Mark Prellberg and Tom
Sorrells actually put their money where their mouths were, and in 1978 they launched Titan
Records in their hometown of Kansas City, MO. From a business standpoint, Titan Records proved
to be a noble folly; Prellberg and Sorrells knew next to nothing about promotion, distribution, or
marketing, and being based in a town that's never been regarded as a major media center did
nothing to help their learning curve. And though power pop is a music that attracts a passionate
and endlessly loyal fan base, it doesn't often move a whole lot of units, and since straightforward,
energetic pop/rock was Titan's stock in trade, Prellberg and Sorrells' lack of know-how became
even more of an issue. But let no one say that the guys behind Titan didn't know a great song when
they heard it; the label's output sounded like chart-topping hits from an alternate universe where
the Raspberries were bigger than the Beatles, Emitt Rhodes ruled the airwaves, and the Scruffs
and Dwight Twilley were the hottest new acts on the scene. Titan released just six singles and a
compilation LP before Prellberg and Sorrells threw in the towel in 1981, but the label's output has
earned mythic status among fans of first generation power pop, and Numero Group has paid loving
homage to the label's brief but fascinating history with Titan: It's All Pop!, a two-disc collection that
features everything the label ever released in its original incarnation along with over 20 bonus
tracks from Titan projects that either went unreleased or surfaced on other labels.


Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Reigning sound - Too much guitar

The Reigning sound - Too much guitar
In flac - Scans are included
We Repel Each Other (Cartwright) - 3:00 
Your Love Is a Fine Thing (Cartwright) - 2:43 
If You Can't Give Me Everything (Cartwright) - 2:41 
You Got Me Hummin' (Hayes, Porter) - 2:26 
When You Touch Me (Cartwright) - 2:57 
Funny Thing (Cartwright) - 3:07 
Get It! (Ballard) - 2:03 
I'll Cry (Cartwright) - 2:20 
Drowning (Cartwright) - 3:43 
Uptight Tonight (Dickinson) - 2:25 
Excedrine Headache #265 (Cartwright) - 3:24 
Let Yourself Go (Carpet Baggers) - 2:39 
So Easy (Cartwright) - 2:07 
Medication (Cartwright) - 1:23 
Reigning Sound’s third album “Too Much Guitar,”  was released in May 2004 with recording help from fellow Memphians Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout from the Lost Sounds; with a noticeably louder and noisier sound than previous recordings. Songs laced with psych-pop, garage, soul, country and (of course)
too-much guitar compete with Cartwright’s vocals at times in the loud fuzzy mix. An opening slot on a huge American tour with the Swedish garage band The Hives helped to promote the album shortly after its release. A misprint in the album credits gives the impression that founding member Alex Greene appeared on
only one song. In fact, he played on half the album: "You Got Me Hummin'", "When You Touch Me," "Get It," "Drowning," "Uptight Tonight," "Let Yourself Go," and "Medication."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate FIVE YEARS of this BLOG. And what a better way to celebrate than with ...

The Woggles - The Big Beat
In wav - Scans are included

   1. Take It To The People    
   2. Don't Think I Can Wait That Long  
   3. Baby, I'll Trust You When You're Dead  
   4. Big Beat Strong     
   5. Say Goodbye To a Dream   
   6. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me  
   7. Move     
   8. Jezebel    
   9. Do The Git Get Down     
 10. What Kind of Girl  
 11. Lights, Camera, Action  
 12. Stand