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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scots Pirates - Scots Pirates

Scots Pirates - Scots Pirates
In flac - Scans are included
1. Misery  
2. I Want More  
3. Other End Of The City  
4. Dante  
5. Sugarcane  
6. Running Away  
7. Out Of Our Minds  
8. First Step  
9. Dreams Never Lie  
10. The Road Home  
11. And Then There Was Love  
12. The Blues  
13. I'm The Man  
14. Empty Heart  
15. 16 With A Bullet  
16. Detroit  
This debut opus from former Rationals frontman and Michigan rock semi-legend Scott Morgan gathers some fine originals and carefully selected cover material for a musical blend that's pure Motor City in derivation. With Morgan on rhythm guitar and sharing lead vocals with Kathy Deschaine, the disc kicks off with a cover of Detroit doo woppers the Dynamics' local hit "Misery," featuring Deschaine on vocals. The flipside of that single, the comically macho "I'm the Man," is aboard as well, featuring a screaming vocal from Morgan and a pounding beat to back it up. Social consciousness raising comes in the form of two finely wrought compositions, "Other End of the City" and "Dante." The violent drumming of ex-Stooges skin beater Scott Asheton is featured on "I Want More," a Morgan original. Brian Delaney (of Kiss Me Screaming) fortifies all the tracks with solid lead guitar work, especially on "Dreams Never Lie" and a cover of the Stones' "Empty Heart." Former bass player for the Up, Gary Rasmussen keeps a pumping groove going throughout the album and positively shines on "And Then There Was Love." Both sides of Morgan's self-released single, "16 With a Bullet" and his homage to hometown roots rockers, "Detroit," are included as bonus tracks.
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Yum Yums - singles'n'stuff

The Yum Yums - singles'n'stuff
In WAV - Covers are included
1 Girls Like That 2 All The Way 3 Need Your Love Tonight 4 Be My Baby 5 Punk Rock Coming Through 6 Walking Out On Love 7 Let Me Into Your Life 8 Crazy Over You 9 Chewy Chewy 10 Valerie 11 Bird Dance Beat 12 Be With Me 13 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 14 I' ve Found Love 15 Wig Wam Bam 16 Back To Rosie 17 I Can t Pretend 18 Ways To Do You In 19 Goodbye To You 20 Never Let You Go 21 Baby I m So Lonely 22 We Just Gotta Dance 23 Digging On You 24 Let s Go 25 Tonight 26 Kule Damer

Quite simply The Yum Yums, from NORWAY, are one of the best pop-punk bands around and this is the perfect place to start for anyone who has yet to be addicted to their sugary sweet charms. This band is a living JUKE-BOX. They cover The Paul Collins' Beat, The Rubinoos, The Barracudas, The Romantics, The Sweet, The Distractions and even The Ohio Express’s Chewy Chewy. And their own songs are real classics as well.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Mummies - Death By Unga Bunga!!

The Mummies - Death By Unga Bunga!!
In FLAC - covers are included
1. Introduction To The Mummies  
2. In And Out  
3. A Girl Like You  
4. I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight  
5. I'm Bigger Than You  
6. (I Should Better Be Lookin' For) Danger Man  
7. Die!  
8. That Girl  
9. Test Drive  
10. Stronger Than Dirt  
11. Food, Sickles & Girls  
12. Your Love  
13. Down Home Girl  
14. (Doin') The Kirk  
15. Babba Diddy Baby  
16. That's Mighty Childish  
17. Just One More Dance  
18. The House On The Hill  
19. (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes  
20. One By One  
21. Zip A Dee Do Dah  
Brilliantly crazy garage rock by four guys in head-to-toe mummy gear. In 2003 they released this collection of hard to find and out of print tracks, all of which sound like they were recorded from inside a cave somewhere. That sounds like a complaint, but The Mummies were masters in the art of lo-fi. 
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Mummies - Never Been Caught

The Mummies - Never Been Caught
In flac - Scans are included
1.Your Ass(Is Next In Line) 2.Stronger Than Dirt 
3.Little Miss Tee-N-T 4.Come On Up 
5.Sooprise Package For Mr. Mineo 6.Rosie 7.Shot Down 
8.The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody 9.Skinny Minnie 
10.She Lied 11.The Red Cobra #9 12.The Frisko Freeze 
13.Justine 14.Mariconda's A Friend Of Mine 15.The Thing From Venus 
16.Shut Yer Mouth 17.Jezebel BONUS TRACKS: 
18.(You Must Fight To Live)On The Planet Of The Apes
19.Whitecaps 20.I'm Down 21.Your Love 22.Uncle Willie.
Way back in the day, i opened for those guys with my former band , THE VICE BARONS. I was told they couldn't play but as a matter of fact they could perfectly well - they just pretended they couldn't and what a show it was!
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dr Feelgood - Doctors Orders

Dr Feelgood - Doctors Orders (vinyl rip)
In wav - Scans are included
1. Close But no Cigar 
2. So Long 
3. You Don't Love Me 
4. My Way 
5. Neighbour, Neighbour 
6. Talk of the Devil 
7. Hit Git and Split 
8. I Can't Be Satisfied 
9. Saturday Night Fish Fry 
10. Drivin' Wheel 
11. It Ain't Right 
12. I Don't Worry About a Thing 
13. She's in the Middle 
14. Dangerous 

Released in 1984 with Lee Brilleaux as the only remaining original member. Nothing here that can really compete with the original line-up or even the John 'Gypie' Mayo period.Too much blues and not enough rhythm, if you ask me!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elliott Murphy - Just A Story From America

Elliott Murphy - Just A Story From America
In wav- Scans are included
1. Drive All Night 
2. Summer House 
3. Just A Story From America 
4. Rock Ballad 
5. Think Too Hard 
6. Anastasia 
7. Darlin' (And She Called Me) 
8. Let Go 
9. Caught Short In The Long Run 
For his fourth album, Just a Story from America, Elliott Murphy moved on to his third major label,
appropriately finding a berth with Columbia Records, home of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. A
follower of Dylan and a contemporary of Springsteen, Murphy also attempts to invest rock & roll
with poetry and then sings it in an alternately husky and whiny tenor. For Just a Story from
America, he traveled to London and recorded with a band including Genesis drummer Phil Collins
and, for a bluesy solo on "Rock Ballad," former Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor. "Drive All Night"
sets the scene early, an uptempo rocker paced by a Farfisa organ reminiscent of Del Shannon,
while the lyric reflects the same sense of youthful adventure via a fast car on a highway that
Springsteen describes so often. Murphy's artistic vision is more urban and literary than
Springsteen's, however, his short stories in song concern self-consciously arty characters bent on
an escape as much spiritual as economic.
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution!  

With ERNIE BROOKS (The Modern Lovers) on bass and TONY MACHINE (David Johansen Group) on Drums

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elliott Murphy - Nightlights

Elliott Murphy - Nightlights
In FLAC - Scans are included
 1. Diamonds By The Yard   
 2. Deco Dance  
 3. Rich Girls   
 4. Abraham Lincoln Continental  
 5. Isadora's Dancers  
 6. You Never Know What You're In For   
 7. Lady Stilletto   
 8. Lookin' For A Hero   
 9. Never As Old As You  

As I lay down with my lady
The sounds of the night keep me warm
I'm living a city life - I'm living maybe
But tonight there's no reason to be strong

Romantic poets guard the darkness
My my all at such an early age
An old man sheds a tear
He opens a little gold locket
He thought his little girl was lost in an Indian raid

Somewhere in these night lights lies the answer
And you can get diamonds by the yard
A tiffany dream - A porcelain dancer
An old man playing blues guitar

Midnight I surrender
I live beneath your ancient spell
You've been my lover since I can't remember
You save my life with the stories you tell

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Andy Shernoff - Let's Get The Band Back Together .

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

In FLAC - Covers are included
1. (I'M) Stranded 2. One Way Street 3. Wild About You 4. Messin' With The Kid 5. Erotic Neurotic 6. No Time  7. Kissin' Cousins 8. Story Of Love 9. Demolition Girl 10. Nights In Venice 11. Untitled (Outtake From (I'M) Stranded)) 12. This Perfect Day (Single Version) 13. L-I-E-S (Bonus Track) 14. Do The Robot (Bonus Track) 15. Lipstick On Your Collar (Bonus Track) 16. One Way Street (Bonus Track) 17. Demolition Girl (Bonus Track) 18. River Deep Mountain High (Bonus Track)

Digitally remastered and expanded reissue of the Australian Punk band's 1977 debut album now featuring additional bonus tracks featuring outtakes, B-sides and tracks from their One Two Three Four EP.. Never purposely fashionable, The Saints were Garage rockers caught up in the Punk scene, but their raw dirty sound fit perfectly into the Punk aesthetic..

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Moving Sidewalks NON-LP SINGLES and unreleased tracks

The Moving Sidewalks NON-LP SINGLES and unreleased tracks
In wav - Scans are included
1. 99th Floor  
2. What Are You Going To Do?  
3. What Are You Going To Do?  
4. Headin Out - unreleased  
5. Need Me  
6. Every Night A New Surprise - unreleased  
7. Every Night A New Surprise  
8. I Want To Hold Your Hand - unreleased  
9. I Want To Hold Your Hand - unreleased  
10. I Want To Hold Your Hand  
11. Flashback - unreleased  
12. Stay Away The Coachmen - unreleased  
13. Stay Away The Coachmen - unreleased  
14. 99th Floor The Coachmen - unreleased  
15. Stay Away The Coachmen - unreleased  
16. 99th Floor The Coachmen - unreleased  

Non-LP singles, demos and alternate takes that provide the bridge from "99th Floor" to Flash. The three singles include "99th Floor" (also heard twice more in earlier form by the Moving Sidewalks' predecessor, The Coachmen) and its B-side "What Are You Going To Do." The band continued to flirt with garage even as it turned more heavily to the blues with the guitar-and-organ instrumental "Headin' Out," and their single for Wand (the bluesy "Need Me") features the punkier "Every Night a New Surprise" on the flip. Their last single, a cover of the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand," is either magnificent or Spinal Tapian, depending on your perspective.
The earlier tracks from the Coachmen (featuring future Moving Sidewalks Gibbons, drummer Dan Mitchell and organist Kelly Parker) include two earlier takes of "99th Floor" and three (including one instrumental backing) of the otherwise unrecorded "Stay Away." The strummed guitar of the early "99th Floor" take gives it a hint of folk-revival, though the harmonica solo still has the sting of the garage. "Stay Away" is a tidy rocker with a surf influence, particularly in Gibbons' tasty guitar breaks.

This is the second cd of THE COMPLETE COLLECTION box, since cd one (i.e. album FLASH), has been posted a million times on other blogs, it will not be posted here!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F. The Lost '77 Mixes

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F. The Lost '77 Mixes  
In FLAC - scans are included
 1. Born To Lose  
 2. Baby Talk  
 3. All By Myself  
 4. I Wanna Be Loved    
 5. It's Not Enough   
 6. Chinese Rocks  
 7. Get Off The Phone  
 8. Pirate Love   
 9. One Track Mind  
 10. I Love You  
 11. Goin' Steady  
 12. Let Go  
 13. Can't Keep My Eyes On You  
 14. Do You Love Me 

1. Born too loose  
2. Chinese rocks  
3. Let go  
4. Goin' steady (instrumental)  
5. Baby talk (instrumental)  
6. Pirate love (instrumental)  
7. Born to lose (instrumental)  
8. Chinese rock (instrumental)  
9. Do you love me  
10. Can't keep my eyes on you  
11. Get off the phone  
12. All by myself  
13. It's not enough  
14. One track mind  
15. Too much junkie business  
16. London boys  

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers,L.A.M.F. - Special Edition! The Heartbreakers' 1977 classic album 'L.A.M.F. the lost '77 mixes' re-released as a special deluxe 2xCD edition with a bonus CD containing demos, rehearsals and outtakes. ,Johnny Thunders & Jerry Nolan formed the Heartbreakers in 1975 out of the ashes of the New York Dolls. Firstly together with Richard Hell, and then with Billy Rath & Walter Lure. Malcolm McLaren invited them join the Sex Pistols, Clash & Damned for the Anarchy tour in 1976. They signed to Track Records and recorded 'L.A.M.F.' The album was acclaimed as a classic, but was famously flawed with a 'muddy mix'. A properly audible version remained unheard until 1994 when Jungle sifted through the original master-tapes and reconstructed it., The bonus disc 2 features alternative mixes, and two demo sessions from early and late 1977. It also includes previously unheard instrumental backing tracks. Johnny died in 1991,followed by Jerry's death in 1992. Unquestionably one of THE great punk albums. These lost mixes illuminate the savage beauty of the likes of 'Born To Lose' and 'Pirate Love' like never before.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Chords - So far Away

The Chords - So far Away 
In wav - Scans are included
1. Maybe Tomorrow  
2. Happy Families  
3. Breaks My Heart  
4. Tumbling Down  
5. Hold On I'm Coming  
6. I'm Not Sure  
7. Something's Missing  
8. It's No Use  
9. What Are We Gonna Do Now  
10. She Said, She Said  
11. Dream Dolls  
12. So Far Away  
13. Now It's Gone  
14. Don't Look Back  
15. Now It's Gone (Extended Version)  
16. Things We Said  
17. I Don't Wanna Know  
18. Hey Girl  
19. This Is What They Want  
20. The British Way Of Life  
21. The Way It's Got To Be  
22. In My Street  
23. I'll Keep On Holding On  
First released at the height of the UK Mod Revival in 1980 and a National Chart No.30 hit - Includes the bands chart singles "Maybe Tomorrow" and "Something's Missing" plus, amongst the 11 bonus tracks, the Now It s Gone , British Way Of Life and Now It s Gone hit 45 s - The 23 tracks round up all of the recordings by the original line up of The Chords
Special Thanx to JPaul for this excellent contribution!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


In flac - Scans are included
Disc: 1
1. Let's Be Friends Again  
2. You Must Have Crossed My Mind  
3. It's Needless  
4. Other Boys Do  
5. The Door  
6. Wasn't That Love In Your Eyes  
7. I Did The Wrong Thing  
8. Hook  
9. The Flame  
10. Think About Me  
11. Better Than Anyone Else  
12. The Bear  
13. Passport To Heaven  
14. I Can Go Now  
15. If I Am Dreaming  
16. Trap  
17. Liverpool Girls  
18. You Put Me Up To This  
19. I Cannot Spot You  
Disc: 2  
1. High On Your Love  
2. She Can't Tell A Lie  
3. It's Needless (Demo)  
4. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl  
5. Outkast  
6. Not A Trace Of A Heartache  
7. Catch Me On The Rebound  
8. Revolver Days  
9. There Goes My Heart  
10. Odd Equilibrium  
11. Supersong  
12. Talk To Me Girl  
13. Hidden Track: When Do Dreams Sleep?  
Recorded in 1979, the record just seeps with the most perfect merging of The Raspberries and classic Badfinger groove.
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution!

TheBlack Explosion - Its Allright Now

Good friend of this block and mastermind of the regretted DOLLHOUSE, Chris WINTER  is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of one track from his new project The Black Explosion
A time trip into the sixties – back to the roots of hard rock and a homage to the heroes of that time.Heavy riffs, fuzz guitars and a smashing rhythm section – together with the unique voice of Chris Winter. The Black Explosion wandering skillfully between different styles. The band quotes heroes like The Who, The Yardbirds, Blue Cheer or Cream without being a simple copy.

DOLLHOUSE Whole show at Rockpalats

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Excitements - The Excitements

The Excitements - The Excitements 
In FLAC - Scans are included
1. Take the Bitter With the Sweet 3:05  
2. I Don't Love You No More    
3. I Do the Jerk  
 4. Never Gonna Let You Go  
 5. Wait a Minute  
 6. Let's Kiss and Make Up  
 7. Fat Back  
 8. Won't You Let Me Know  
 9. From Now On   
 10. I Want to Be Loved  
 11. If It Wasn't for Pride  
 12. Love Is Here to Stay 
In the beginning of 2010, and in such an uncommon place for their soulful passion as Barcelona (Spain), The Excitements have come crashing out the gate delivering a Rhythm and Blues breed of music with a Soul and Rock edge, completely unseen in stages nowadays.
Influenced by the finest black music of the preceeding century, its rhythm section delivers tight backbone, and is complemented by a horn section in the late 50’s and early 60’s tradition, all of it fronted by the powerful howl of Koko Jean Davis.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013


SEVEN LONG YEARS - Looking in the face of Evil e.p

The ever so brilliant SEVEN LONG YEARS deliver a new digital e.p. of their Amazing Psychedelic Garage Maelstrom. A great production job, Eerie vocal melodies, reverb drenched solos and a mysterious obsession for everything that's evil. 

This new digital e.p. contains one bonus track. Move over to bandcamp to buy a lossless copy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flaming Sideburns - It's Time to Testify...Brothers and Sisters Again...Live At Gearfest 2000

Flaming Sideburns - It's Time to Testify...Brothers and Sisters Again...Live At Gearfest 2000 
In flac - scans are included
1  Crashing Down    
2  Spanish Blood  
3  Do The Bamalama    
4  Sweet Christeen    
5  She Was Good    
6  L. A. Bruta    
7  Loose My Soul    
8  Testify    
9  Rock'N'Roll Boogaloo    
10  Out Of Our Tree  
11  Bama Lama Loo  
Same players shoot again, this time recorded live at Tavastia Club 22/06/2000, except track 5 (taken from Fandango 7") and track 11 (taken from En Español vol.2 7")!
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution


BUDOKAN are a rock 'n' roll band from Victoria, B.C., Canada. They play hook-filled songs with loud guitars that they want people to love and remember. They draw inspiration from all the greats but feel particularly indebted to the likes of Cheap Trick (yes, the band name is a tribute to the Trick classic ' At Budokan'), the Ramones, Redd Kross, the Stones, the Buzzcocks, Silver Sun, Queen....

The cd includes such amazing tracks as "You Don’t Stop Lovin’ the Band", "The Right On Girl" or "Hey Wheels"

Andrew Molloy (BUM, Power Failures) plays guitar and sings , Craig Vishek (Pigment Vehicle, Show Business Giants) plays guitar and sings , Kent Bendall (Pingu, Cablevision) plays bass , Graham Watson (also BUM, Smugglers) plays drums .

You can buy BUDOKAN and many other power pop/glam gems at 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Flaming Sideburns - It's Time to Testify...Brothers and Sisters!

Flaming Sideburns - It's Time to Testify...Brothers and Sisters!
In flac - scans are included
1  La Bruta     
2  Crashing Down      
3  Close To Disaster     
4  Rock'N'Roll Boogaloo   
5  Testify     
6  Out Of Our Tree        
7  Jaguar Girls     
8  Ungrounded Confusion      
9  You Weren't Using Your Head   
10  Women      
11  Sailin' Thru Cloud Nine      
12  Sugar Ain't That Sweet     
13  Action Woman 
Garage rock mayhem from Finland. This is the Flaming Sideburns' first and best album. Uneven, to be sure, but the best stuff is really something. Covers of The Wailers' "Out of Our Tree" and Litter's "Action Woman" set the tone.  The two covers are great, but there are some real nice originals as well: "Crashing Down", "Ungrounded Confusion" and, of course, "Testify" ('You gotta testify/you gotta go to church/you gotta drink that wine/you gotta testify'). Praise the lord! It's Time to Testify...Brothers and Sisters!
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution