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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance The Anthology

The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance The Anthology
In flac - Scans are included

Disc: 1 
1. Go Steady 
2. Cortinas 
3. Listen Listen Listen 
4. Poison Ivy 
5. Runaround 
6. Da-a-a-ance 
7. (Can't You) Feel the Beat 
8. Cortina MK LL 
9. London Calling 
10. Leap Before You Look 
11. Beat Boys in the Jet Age 
12. Page Three (Another Day Another Girl) 
13. Living for Today 
14. Watch Out I'm Back 
15. Don't Push Me 
16. Face to Face 
17. Steppin' Out (Of Line)
Disc: 2 
1. Good Times 
2. Written in Neon 
3. Total Strangers 
4. Concrete and Steel 
5. Dancing in the Dark 
6. Decent Town 
7. Ambience 
8. Men in Blue 
9. I Want to Tell You 
10. Someone Talking 
11. Lamba Samba 
12. Anything You Want 
13. Somebody to Love 
14. Nobody Watching Me 
15. Da-a-a-ance [Live in Europe] 
16. Young Girls [Live in Europe] 
17. Can't Get Enough [1993 Demo]
The Lambrettas rode in upon the 1979/1982 revival of 1960s Mod, as inspired by the release of the movie "Quadrophenia" which itself was based on the album by The Who. With virtually no succcess in the US, The Lambrettas did manage to carve their own 20 minutes or so of fame in the UK. Ironically, their best selling hit, a cover of the old Coasters song "Poison Ivy" was a ska track, and was not at all representative of the band's sound. As this collection shows, they were essentially, for want of a better term, a power pop band, and sometimes showed a hint of their R 'n' B roots.
cd1 :
cd2 :
Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution! 



Kramer said...

The songs have wrong name. CD 1 is tagged as CD 2 and CD 2 has CD 1 names

Anonymous said...

CD 1 is tagged as CD 2 and CD 2 is tagged as CD 1

Anonymous said...


Woody said...

Veo que los duendes internautas han jugado una mala pasada al ripeo!! No pasa nada para poder disfrutar de una de las mejores bandas de revival mod de los 80s, junto con The Chords y Purple Hearts. Very very good. Thank you very much.

SuperBillie1 said...

Thanks a lot for the Lambrettas ! And a big ''Thankx'' for this great place of real fine music . Keep up the great work and all the best to you .