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Monday, January 7, 2013

Slovenly Recordings

Slovenly Recordings

Hey Kiddies, check out the latest goodies released by this amazing label

1)SUBSONICS "In the Black Spot"
The Subsonics have been called the "Best band in Atlanta" by fellow Georgians BLACK LIPS and for good reason: previous works by this beatnik, noir-punk careen machine have left indelible marks, or black spots if you will, on the psyche of big-bam-boom-shang-a-lang rockers the world over during their nearly two-decade tenure. This new album brings more of singer Clay Reed's petulant, masculine-feminine vocals and surreal lyricism, shaken up with his signature garroted guitar, Buffi Aguero’s inventive, incessantly churning drumming, and Rob Delbueno's rolling basement bass.

2)THE RIPPERS "Better The Devil You Know" 
From Sardinia, the freakbeat delinquents, The Rippers, bastard sons of the early Rolling Stones and Pretty Things, are back with a full length wallop called “Better The Devil You Know” ! Recalling the nastiest records of The Makers, the Rippers blaze through eleven tracks of hyper-speed 1960s style rhythm & beat shakers delivered with the deadliest of punk snarl, fully raunched-out harmonica wail, drum beats tighter than their own pegged trousers, and their signature stinging string-bending wickedry.

3)PAINT FUMES "Uck Life" 
The Gories, Cheater Slicks and Oblivians all rolled in one. Definitely not for the faint of heart! From Charlotte, NC.

4)THEE OOPS "Happy Charlie" 
From Sardinia again, schizoid punks THEE OOPS are back with a hardcore holocaust called the “Happy Charlie EP.” Spread over two 7” platters (or one shiny CD, natch), Thee Oops bring 10 searing tracks of maggot infested punk rock ruckus like no one since hardcore’s salad days.

You can buy all this great stuff here:

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