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Friday, January 11, 2013

Eddie & the Hot Rods - Life on the Line

Eddie & the Hot Rods - Life on the Line
In FLAC - scans are included
1. Do Anyting You Wanna Do  
2. Quit This Town  
3. Telephone Girl  
4. Whats Really Going On  
5. Ignore Them (Still Life)  
6. Life On The LIne  
7. (And)Don't Believe Your Eyes  
8. We Sing...The Cross  
9. Beginning Of The End  
10. I Might Be Lying  
11. Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)  
12. Schoolgirl Love  
13. Till The Night Is Gone (Lets Rock) (With Robin Tyner)  
14. Flipside Rock (With Robin Tyner)  
15. Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)  
16. Whats Really Going On (live)  
17. Why Can't It Be (Live)  
18. Distortion May Be Expected  
Life On The Line saw the band stepping away from their traditionalist R&B roots and infusing their short, sharp stabs of sparkling twelve-bar riffage with a little MC5 adrenaline. Despite stylistically swimming against the punk rock tide, they even managed to produce one of 1977's ultimate Zeitgeist-defining anthems with the inspiring self-affirmation of "Do Anything You Wanna Do". The addition of second guitarist and ex Kursaal Flyer Graeme Douglas not only served to fatten the band's sound, but also fleshed out their covers-heavy repertoire with a injection of song-writing muscle and flair. A Classic album!
Their collaboration single with Robin Tyner is added as a bonus


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. I bought teenage depression years ago: great album. look forward to listening to this one.

Rocky Raccoon said...
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Rocky Raccoon said...

What an album...
Thanks for this one!!!
Question: You own all those cds?

Frank said...

Hi Ratboy69, can you re-up this album? Would be much appreciated.