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Friday, November 30, 2012

Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair

Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair
In flac - Scans are included
1. Baby Doll
2. He Knocks Me Out
3. That's A Pretty Good Love
4. I Don't Know
5. Don't Break My Heart
6. Daddy You Lied To Me
7. I Want Some More
8. Blue Black Hair
9. I'd Rather Go Blind
10. El Tren De La Costa
11. Skinny Jimmy
12. Action Packed
13. That's All You Gotta To Do
This incredible eclectic mix of '50s style r&b, rockabilly, girls group sound, jump blues, swing, Latin beat, etc. is a unique amalgam of styles and sounds that you won't hear from any other American band. Put Bill Haley, Big Joe Turner, Big Maybelle, Ronnie Dawson, and The Crystals into a blender, mix 'em up good, and you will have the Del Moroccos. This is just plain fun music that will have you dancing in your living room.
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kelly's Heels - Neither Use Nor Ornament

Kelly's Heels - Neither Use Nor Ornament
In flac - Scans are included
 1. The Same Mistake  
 2. Ring Ring Ring  
 3. Twitch  
 4. My Empty Glass  
 5. Walk Alone 
 6. Think Again 
 7. Best Worst Thing    
 8. Just What I Need    
 9. For Always    
 10. Breaking Down Again    
 11. Dreaming   
 12. Bombshell Baby  
 13. What Now?!

Special Thanx to JPaul for this great contribution!  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kelly's Heels - Three Chord Brag

Kelly's Heels - Three Chord Brag 
In Flac - covers are included
   1. Someone Somewhere   
   2. Too Long At the Bottom  
   3. Sign My Life Away  
   4. Invisible Hold   
   5. Tell Me If Its Over     
   6. The Easy Way     
   7. Sinking Feeling  
   8. Decide    
   9. She's So Changeable  
 10. Should Have Seen Her 
Throw the melodies and harmonies of the 60s up in the air, smash them into submission with the full-on attack and energy of punk, add a distinctive vocal style a la Costello or Tilbrook, and you have Kelly's Heels. Led on guitar and vocals by Bob Kelly, supported by the ferocious drumming of Jim Kimberley and the groovy bass lines of Isobel Kimberley, the band has a live show you can't afford to miss.

Special thanx to  JPaul for this great contribution! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers

Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers
In FLAC - Scans are included
1. You Really Got Me - Hammersmith Gorillas 2. Bang Bang Bullet - Streaky 3. Aggravation Place - The Jook 4. Nothing to Do With Us - Jet 5. Good Friends - Milk 'N' Cookies, 6. Sooner or Later - Flintlock 7. Crazy Kids - Trevor White 8. Jam Jam - American Jam Band 9. You Won't Come - Spunky Spider 10. Goodbye - One Hit Wonders 11. All for the Love of City Lights - Dog Rose 12. I Need You - Helter Skelter 13. Coast to Coast - Ducks Deluxe 14. Ain't Misbehavin' - Tiger Lily 15. Pogo Dancing - Chris Spedding 16. Sweet Sweet Heart - Despair 17. Fat Judy - Farm 18. High School Dropout - Crushed Butler 19. City of Fun - England's Glory 20. Sick on You - Hollywood Brats

Don't let the cheesy cover fool you - this is a wonderfully fun collection that uncovers some of the missing links between bubblegum glam and early punk between the years 1971 - 1976. This is a must-hear for anybody, but especially those who think punk rock crawled out of the gutter fully formed in 1977. It's like a history lesson you can stomp along to. Highlights include "Bang Bang Bullet" by Streaky, "Sooner or Later" by Flintlock, "Crazy Kids" by Trevor White and "All for the Love of City Lights" by Dog Rose.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Kwyet Kings - Singles n Shit!

The Kwyet Kings - Singles n Shit!
In flac - Scans are included

1. Talking On The Phone  
2. Ticket To Germany  
3. David Watts  
4. Don't Put Me Down  
5. Self Important Girl  
6. Somebody Like You  
7. You're Telling Lies  
8. Still Searching  
9. Number One  
10. Need My Lovin' Tonight  
11. Don't Doubt My Love  
12. Sitting All Alone  

The Kwyet Kings was a Norwegian garage rock & power pop band featuring past & future members of The Cosmic Dropouts, The Lust-O-Rama, Gluecifer, Turbonegro, The Yum Yums, Euroboys and others. Their records were released on a slew of European, Japanese & American labels, including three LPs on Germany’s Screaming Apple Records.!.rar
Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Cab 20 is a young rock band with vintage rock and roll sound. Often compared to The White Stripes and The Black Keys, yet having a feeling all their own. The entire band is joined by a love for Queens Of The Stone Age, but also draws on different personal influences to create a unique sound.
They have a new full length album, "Holy Denim Faded Vibrations", coming out on vinyl at the beginning of next year, as well as a new 7" before the end of this year

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The HI RISERS - Hang Around With You

The HI RISERS -  Hang Around With You

Brilliantly produced by Todd Bradley and Greg Townson, here comes the amazing latest HI RISERS cd. As always, this spectacular rock&roll trio combines the best of genuine american musical styles to
create their sparkling own cocktail of Rock&Roll, Pop, Doowop, Beat, Surf and Country. Outstanding tracks are : "Hang Around With You", "Jump Start" , the very kinks influenced  "Fire hazard"
and "I'm In Love With My Record Collection". The latest is not only a song, it's also a statement!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Tremblers - 1980 - Twice Nightly

The Tremblers - 1980 - Twice Nightly 
In FLAC - scans are included
A1  You Can't Do That     
A2  Steady Eddy    
A3  She Was Something Else     
A4  I'll Be Taking Her Out Tonight     
A5  Little Lover     
A6  I Screamed Anne    
B1  Wouldn't I ?     
B2  Dad Said     
B3  Maybe I'll Stay     
B4  Green Shirt     
B5  Don't Say It  

When Peter Noone, a top-selling artist who is and was Herman's Hermits released this disc in 1980 on Beach Boy Bruce Johnston's CBS distributed label and toured behind it, the five-piece band had to live in the shadow of the successful pop band that the lead singer was known for. Noone has said that Boston was one of the best stops on the tour — perhaps because the fans in that city were hip to what Peter was doing: rocking out. There is an Elvis Costello cover, "Green Shirt," but it is the tunes written or co-written by Peter Noone that are striking.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Double dose of russian surf

The Messer Chups - Heretic Channel
In flac - Scans are included
1  Tremolo From The Crypt   
2  Moriarty Woogie    
3  Midnight Preacher      
4  Vincent Price Bible    
5  Spooky Tiki     
6  Lucky Nosferatu     
7  Munster Theme      
8  Johnny Reverb  
9  House Of Exorcism     
10  Signal From Tremoluna Planet     
11  Stigmatabilly     
12  Loch Ness Surfing      
13  Diabolica   
14  Twin Peaks Twist      
15  Crash     
16  Rock It, Creature From The Break Lagoon     
17  Occult Apothecary - 24 Hours      
18  Moriarty Woogie (Organ Version)

The Messer Chups - Surf Riders From The Swamp Lagoon
In flac - Scans are included
1  The Mysterians    
2  Popcorns Revange    
3  Chupacabra Twist    
4  Crash    
5  Stampede    
6  Dolphin Hill    
7  Dead Down Comedy    
8  Daphne Blue Lagoon    
9  Stripper    
10  Hollywood Devils    
11  Lipstick Twang    
12  Swamp Farming    
13  Jason Bond 0013    
14  Twin Peaks Twist    
15  Back To The Bermuda Triangle    
16  Authentic Bloodsucking Melody    
17  Devil's Driver

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Go - Instant reaction

The Go - Instant reaction
In Flac - covers are included
1  Instant Reaction   
2  Tomorrow Night   
3  Don't Take Her Away   
4  She Gives A Color To Me   
5  Ricki   
6  You're The One   
7  You Wanna Be Like Her   
8  Come Back Rosalyn   
9  Too Cool   
10  In The Nighttime   
11  She's Never Alone   
12  It's Over   
13  Goodnight One And All   
14  Kerri Tells Me   
15  Everyone Knows About It   
16  Gerri G   
17  Steel Cages Tin Drums   
18  Let It Rip   
19  The Girl That I Let Go   
20  Injection   
21  Sheila B. Mine   
22  Running Out Of Time   
23  The Promo Commercial For The 4 Song EP   
24  A College Radio Station Spot 
This disk contains the 4 songs originally released on the much sought after 4 song EP released in 1980, along with tracks the band recorded in their basement in the early 80's. A neat retrospective compilation of of what could have been. Killer pop,jangly guitars-Garage rock at it's best.
Special thanx to  JPaul for this rare and brilliant contribution! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


While looking for stuff by Bare wires' Matthew Melton, i discovered this little GEM of glam fuzz recorded by Matthew Melton and released on Fuzz City Records.
I have no words enough to recommand this single by the Burnt Ones:
If their forthcoming full-length release is as good as this, these guys and girl are gonna be HUGE. Remember where you read it first.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Just What We Needed A Tribute To The Cars

Just What We Needed A Tribute To The Cars
In FLAC - Scans are included

1. Good Times Roll • Joe Hand with Frankenstein 3000 
2. My Best Friend’s Girl • Shawn Mars
3. Just What I Needed • Derwood Andrews
4. I’m In Touch With Your World • Deena & The Laughing Boys
5. Don’t Cha Stop • The Atomic Bitchwax
6. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight • Porro y los Bobos
7. Bye Bye Love • Frankenstein 3000
8. Moving In Stereo • The Angry Pomeranian
9. All Mixed Up • Digger Phelps
10. Let’s Go • Tuff Darts
11. Since I Held You • Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets
12. It’s All I Can Do • The Swales
13. Double Life • Jack Brag
14. Shoo Be Doo • Tish & Snooky & The Drivers Ed Dropouts
15. Candy-O • Eye Of The Dawn
16. Night Spots • Johny Dey
17. You Can’t Hold On Too Long • Frankenstein 3000
18. Lust For Kicks • The Blases
19. Got A Lot On My Head • FourYearBeard
20. Dangerous Type • Graveyard School
21. Drive • Early Times
22. Emotion In Motion • Virginia Traut
In 1978 music fans were broken into two camps: one that dug "new wave" bands like Devo, Talking Heads and The Cars and one that was into "mainstream" bands like Queen, Aerosmith and The Cars. 30 years later those lines have been blurred beyond recognition and the proof is on this CD. Bands of every style of music have come together to pay tribute to the Boston band and their first two classic albums, The Cars and Candy-O. Just What We Needed also features two bonus tracks: covers of "Drive", originally on 1984's Heartbeat City, and "Emotion In Motion", found on Cars frontman Ric Ocasek's solo album This Side Of Paradise.

A HUGE thanks to the nice people at MAIN MAN RECORDS who agreed that this was posted here. This is almost out of print (less than 20 copies left) so if you're planning to buy this, do it quick!