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Friday, August 31, 2012

Impala - Night Full of Sirens: Anthology 93-97

Impala - Night Full of Sirens: Anthology 93-97 
In FLAC - Scans are included
   1. Ltd A Go Go    
   2. Mr. Here   
   3. Taos Pueblo     
   4. Experiment In Terror / Stalkin'     
   5. Hell Of A Woman     
   6. Odalisque    
   7. Ronnie And The Renegades    
   8. Wild Night At The Bloody Bucket  
   9. Last Tango In Turrell     
 10. Anna Vienna     
 11. Incident On The 10Th Floor     
 12. The Hearse     
 13. King Louie Stomp     
 14. Nothing More Than Murder   
 15. Penetration   
 16. Venus Flytrap     
 17. In Transit     
 18. Epilogue     
 19. Squad Car     
 20. Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin     
 21. Blue Light Of Capricorn  
 22. Night Full Of Sirens     
 23. Herculanium    
 24. Rope Of Sand    
 25. Choctaw     
 26. Jet Action Brunette     
 27. Cozy Corner     
 28. The Scratch    
 29. Makin' It     
 30. Amarillo 
Impala is generally described as a group of authentic surf revivalists, but that's not quite right. From the outset, you could hear ominous traces of murder-jazz, drag-strip rave-ups, and raunchy,sax-driven stripper music. Melodies were often sacrificed for moods that made the air seem heavy and humid.  Impala left us with six significant recordings: El Rancho Reverbo, Kings of the Strip,Square Jungle, the Teenage Tupelo soundtrack, Impala Plays R&B Favorites, and the LTD A GO GO seven-inch. Not every track was perfect, but none was dull, and the overwhelming majority shimmered with noirish tension or raged like a tsunami. Night Full of Sirens cuts through the filler and right to the high-speed chase. --Memphis Flyer | Review: Night Full of Sirens BY CHRIS DAVIS

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

In flac - Scans are included
1. Inner Planet Love 2. Black And White World 3. Rain Rain Rain 4. Falling 5. Runaround 6. Amphetamine Blue 7. Cuckoo Land 8. Kiss It Goodbye 9. New Society 10. Straight City 11. Vipers In The Dark 12. He's A Rebel 13. Precious Heart 14. Partners In Crime 15. Houston Tower 16. Dagger In My Heart

The Fallen Angels was formed in 1984 with Knox (singer/songwriter from the Vibrators) on vocals and guitar, with the Hanoi Rocks rhythm section of Sam Yaffa on bass, the late Razzle on drums, and Nasty Suicide on rhythm and some lead guitar. Also guesting on the first album were Cosmic Ted and the Psychedelic Kid, (Mike Monroe and Andy McCoy respectively).Anyone into New York Dolls/Hanoi Rocks glam punk, should check this cd out. High octane glam sleeze punk rock n roll at its best..this is what punk/glam collaborations should sound like..raw,catchy,energetic.