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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Young Fresh Fellows - The Men Who Loved Music

The Young Fresh Fellows - The Men Who Loved Music
@ 320 kbps - Scans are included
1. Just Sit 
2. TV Dream 
3. Get Outta My Cave 
4. Why I Oughta 
5. Unimaginable Zero Summer 
6. When The Girls Get Here 
7. Amy Grant 
8. Hank, Karen And Elvis 
9. My Friend Ringo 
10. Two Brothers 
11. I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You'd Like..) 
12. I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down 
13. Ant Farm 
14. Where The Hell Did They Go? 
15. Happy Death Theme 
16. Beer Money 
17. Aurora Bridge 
18. Broken Basket 
19. Three Sides To This Story 
20. Young Fresh Fellows Update Theme 
21. Back Room Of The Bar 
22. Untitled

Super Go-Go rock with the college radio favorites 'Hank, Karen & Elvis', 'Get Outta My Cave' & 'Amy Grant'. Includes the out of print Refreshments EP. 1987 release.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Heats - Have An Idea

The Heats - Have An Idea
In Flac - scans are included
1. Have An Idea  
2. When You're Mine  
3. Sorry Girls  
4. Nights With You  
5. Some Other Guy  
6. Remember Me  
7. Ordinary Girls  
8. I Don't / She Don't Mind  
9. Call Yourself A Man  
10. Don't Like Your Face  
11. Night Shift  
12. Divorcee  
13. Questions Questions 
14. Let's All Smoke
15. Rivals 
16. Count on Me 
17. In Your Town

The Heats may be the best power pop band that most power pop fans have never heard. They peaked between the 1970s wave of AM radio pop and its 1980s underground echo, playing Seattle clubs and gaining regional college radio attention. Their lone LP, 1980's Have an Idea, was produced by Heart's Howard Leese and released on their managers' Albatross label to local fanfare but no national attention. It sold 15,000 copies and failed to garner the band a major label deal. The thirteen original songs, including a remake of the catchy single "I Don't Like Your Face," are filled with the influences of the Beatles, Big Star, Tom Petty, and Dwight Twilley, and the singing of guitarists Steve Pearson and Don Short borrows some fine harmonies from the Everly Brothers.

This Japanese reissue of the original album was produced from sources that are inferior to the original vinyl pressing (and thus to the original master tapes). The high end is missing, shaving off the keening edges of the voices, guitars, drums, and cymbals, and sounding as if this was played through a radio. Much of this material was reissued in better fidelity on 1998's Smoke, but this is the first CD to include the original album track "Questions Questions" and the correct album takes/edits of "Ordinary Girls," "I Don't Like Your Face" and "She Don't Mind." The four bonus songs, "Let's All Smoke," "Rivals," "Count on Me," and "In Your Town," are great additions to the original album tracks.

Hats off to Air Mail for having the taste to reissue this album, for digging up superb bonus material (particularly the Flamin' Groovies'-styled "Count on Me"), and for including the original front and back covers; it's a shame they couldn't come up with a better audio source. That said, it's a mark of just how good this album is that even in lesser fidelity, the music's chiming charms still shine. [©2010 hyperbolium dot com]
Special thanx to Acresofbears for this brilliant contribution!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Young Fresh Fellows - It's Low Beat Time
@ 320 kbps - Scans are included
1  Low Beat Overture    
2  Right Here    
3  Snow White    
4  Mr. Anthony's Last    
5  Whatever You Are    
6  Two Headed Fight    
7  A Minor Bird    
8  Faultless    
9  The Crafty Clerk    
10  Low Beat    
11  Love Is A Beautiful Thing    
12  She Sees Color    
13  Monkey Say    
14  99 Girls    
15  She Won't Budge    
16  Green Green  
Another aural treat from Seattle's most under-rated band. While not as all-out excellent as their debut album, "Low Beat Time" is still a good record if a bit of a grab-bag. The Fellows have aged gracefully, but they can still rock (evidenced on "Mr. Anthony's Last," "She Won't Budge," and others), and their unique wit is still evident ("She Won't Budge," "Snow White," "Green Green, and more). There are a few oddballs ("The Crafty Clerk" is a weird instrumental featuring trombone and flute), and the sound varies from song to song ("She Won't Budge" and "99 Girls" are ragged rockers, "Faultless" is a melancholy ballad, not to mention the aforementioned "Crafty Clerk"), but overall it's a good disc.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magic Christian & Gordon Lewis - Let's Shake "7 (mono mix)

Magic Christian & Gordon Lewis - Let's Shake "7 (mono mix)
1) Let's Shake
2) Teenage Head

This is the amazing Magic Christian "7 remixed in glorious MONO by yours truly.

Special thanx to a very good friend of this blog for providing the original rip in the first place.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Shivvers - Til the Word Gets Out

The Shivvers 
In FLAC - Scans are included
THE SHIVVERS (1980 - 1982) 1. Teen Line 2. No Substitute 3. Please Stand By 4. Remember Tonight 5. My Association 6. When I Was Younger 7. No Reaction 8. Don't Tell Me 9. Hold On 10. Life Without You 11. Why Tell Lies 12. Rather Be Lonely 13. Is That Enough 14. When I Was Younger 15. Please stand by 16. Baby's Blue Eyes 17. You're So Sure 18. Remember Tonight
THE ORBITS (1978-1980) 19. Phenomenal world 20. Make the rules 21. HAVIN FUN 22. smart suit, shirt and tie 23. Til the word gets out 24. The waiting game
"The Shivvers played classic power pop for all it was worth and should have been huge. What is so impressive is the high quality of each and every one of their songs, and Jill Kossoris gets each one across with sassiness and verve. Top-drawer." -John M. Borack- Amplifier Magazine 2006 Shivvers - Til the Word Gets Out.rar

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Sport Fishin'
In Flac - scans are included
1. Unwatchable  
2. Spend A Night, Not A Fortune  
3. Three Piece Suit  
4. Fortune Tellin' Chicken  
5. (Relax) You Will Think You Are A Chicken  
6. Plastics For 500, Bob  
7. That Wuz Ear Me Callin' A Horse  
8. This Singing Cowboy  
9. Farbs  
10. Spy School Graduation Theme  
11. Cheese In The Fridge  
12. Unwatchable  
13. Untitled  
14. Haig Earl  
15. Algoma Reflection  
16. We're Not A Fucking Surf Band  
17. Peas Porridge Rock  
18. Honey You're Wasting Ammo  
19. They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore  
20. Off Our Back Conrad Black  
21. We'll Be Right Back!  
22. What I Like About Grease  
23. Memories Of Gay Paree  
24. Babywetsitself
Credit the recording skills of Steve Albini for the lean, dirty funk sound which distinguishes Sport Fishin' from prior Shadowy Men records. While the tempos remain spry and the dominant guitar sound is still built on vibrato, the all-instrumental songs owe more to Link Wray than to Dick Dale this time out; indeed, they even declare "We're Not a Fucking Surf Band" on one of the tracks. Fishin_.rar
MANY thanx to LIMBURG for this great contribution.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BLACK JOE LEWIS and The Honeybears - Tell 'Em What Your name is

BLACK JOE LEWIS and The Honeybears - Tell 'Em What Your name is
In flac - Scans are included
1. Gunpowder 2. Sugarfoot 3. I'm Broke 4. Big Booty Woman 5. Boogie 6. Master Sold My Baby 7. Get Yo Shit 8. Humpin' 9. Bobby Booshay 10. Please Pt.

Two Formed in Austin, TX, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears is an eight-piece, garage-soul ensemble featuring groove-laden guitars, penetrating brass and a fiery frontman who exudes power and attitude. Experiencing the raw energy of Black Joe's performances, accompanied by The Honeybears' masterful backing is the equivalent of a kick to the stomach. Their gut-shot style, felt in such songs as "Gunpowder", "Master Sold My Baby" and "I'm Broke", draws directly from their classic soul, R&B and blues influences. Inspiration from artists such as Otis Redding and The Bar-Kays, James Brown and Lightning Hopkins are clearly present in their songs and live shows, but Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears inject a full-tilt, unabashedly brash element to this old-school style.
Tell `Em What Your Name Is! was produced by Jim Eno of Spoon, and recorded, mostly live in the studio, in Austin, TX.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The PEZBAND - Cover to cover + 4 (JAPANESE IMPORT)

The PEZBAND - Cover to cover + 4 (JAPANESE IMPORT)
In Flac - scans are included
1. Stella Blue
2. Meika
3. Back In The Middle
4. Full Power
5. Didn't We
6. African Night
7. Make Me Happy
8. Cover To Cover
9. Hero Hero
10. Unexpected
11. Don't Look Back
12. Stop! Wait A Minute [live]
13. Lovesmith [live]
14. Not Fade Away [live]
15. Hippy Hippy Shake [live]
The PEZBAND wrote killer songs, had a tight playing and great vocals but never received real recognition. Should the blame be put on their Passport/Jem record label? It seems they got zero promotion and with theflood of groups in that 77-79 era got lost in the shuffle. This Japanese Cd reissue of their third lp, is a bit weaker than Laughing in The Dark (their best) and  Pezband (their first). I would recommend it though as a classic example of Power Pop. Plus the live stuff tacked on at the end shows what a killer live act they were. - Cover To Cover.rar
Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution!