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Monday, December 17, 2012


Los Angeles’ The Willowz formed in 2002. Their latest album, "Everyone" released in 2009, is a strong statement of musical evolution. While staying true to their no-strings-attached soul infused garage rock sound, the band has incorporated stronger crafted pop hooks than ever before. "I Know" rides the waves between garage rock vigor and an undeniably addictive, anthemic chorus. "Way It Seems" highlights lead vocalist Richie James Follin’s incredible range as his falsetto accompanies the always tempo changing song, making it stand out as an original track that can’t be qualified as either fast paced nor a ballad, but rather manages to be both. Personnal favorite tracks are : "Repetition" and "Twenty five".
buy it here :

1. Break Your Back
2. Destruction
3. Repetition
4. I Know
5. Jimmy James
6. Way It Seems
7. Twenty Five
8. You Do
9. No Heros
10. Everyone 

or go to bandcamp to discover their other interesting releases:

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