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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SEVEN LONG YEARS - Chained to your love

SEVEN LONG YEARS - Chained to your love
1. Don't Break My Heart In Ink 2. Magic hands 3. Take over the world 4. Dance around the fire 5. MY OBSESSION 6. Chained to your love 7. I don't know what to do 8. Stop what you're doin' 9. Las Vegas Jesus 10. A very easy explanation
To quote a friend of this blog, Seven Long Years straddles the line between 60's garage and 70's bubblegum in a really cool way. If you don't wanna be the last to know what the rumour is all about, i urge you to go over to BANDCAMP and let SEVEN LONG YEARS overwhelm your psychedelic mind. BUY BUY BUY!!!!


Curty Ray said...

I'm waiting for the CD! Ha!

ratboy69 said...

Well my good friend, nobody awaits more the cd than myself, :-)))))

Doug said...

Hey ratboy69

Already got the d/l via bandcamp.Obviously a CD version would be desired.Excellent album.Fits nicely with The Ratboys and Thee Martian Boyfriends!Good stuff.


Pep Sonic said...

Many many thankx!! Great album (and great cover!!!)

ratboy69 said...

Hey Doug,

thanks for the nice words and for buyin' the download.:-)))