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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The MEOWS - All you can eat

The MEOWS - All you can eat

In wav - covers are included

Nuevo disco de los de Barcelona, la han vuelto a liar, el esperadísimo nuevo dico de los MEOWS no defraudará a nadie. ROCK AND ROLL amigo!!! Or to quote un-herd music: "Paint-blistering, pure rock 'n' roll from Spain. Crazed geetar riffs, pounding pianos, call-and-response backing vocals. These guys touch the godhead itself. Get this fast before it gets deleted!

Many thanx to Limburg for this gift.


Anonymous said...

Ei Ratboy, pero tú eres español? :O :D

Musicmasterfuzz said...

Excellent post Ratboy, great rock n roll!

Roy Pearl said...

#4 on my best albums of the year list!

josechu modforever said...

Thanks Limburg and Ratboy!!! Gracias.