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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Mansfields - Loud.Fast.Punk.Trash.Rock.N.Roll (2003)

The Mansfields - Loud.Fast.Punk.Trash.Rock.N.Roll (2003)

In wav - covers are included

1. All Dressed Up (2:31)2. Gimme Something To Do (2:17)3. Till Death Do We Part (3:35)4. Broke On Christmas Again (1:51)5. The Devil's Gonna Get Me (2:58)6. Night Of The Living Creeps (4:20)7. Getting Over You (2:46)8. Bad Attitude (2:50)9. This City Kills (2:17)10. Terror Of The Town (2:58)11. Somebodys Gonna Get Jumped (2:03)12. Tear It Up (2:01)13. Hell On Wheels (2:28)14. Dancing With Myself (4:10)
Fucking Bad Ass Punk N Roll!!!!!

Last Friday, ANGELO over at PPC stated that most of his links were dead and it also occurred to him that FUCKIN' RAPIDSHARE was also capping all the free users to 30kb/s in order to make more money with some new premium accounts. He then came to the conclusion that the future of PPC didn't look as bright as it used to be.

Well, Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fuckers, i'm afraid yours truly will have to come to the same conclusion as far as RATBOY69 BLOG is concerned. I still have a few links that were already uploaded on Rapidshare some time ago and i will post then .......but once this will be done i don't know what's gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

mediafire funciona muy bien. Estoy dispuesto a proporcionarte un cuenta por mi lado haste que capen tambien. todo sea por que continues con esto que es lo mejor de tada la red!!

Anonymous said...

Je ne connaissais pas ce groupe mais le titre de l'album me plaît bien.
Du coup, je vais tenter un download ... même à 30 Ko/s :D
Concernant les filehosters : c'est pas la 1ère fois que RAPIDSHARE nous fait le coup mais ça risque de durer un peu plus longtemps cette fois-ci vu que la concurrence est un peu à terre pour l'instant; mais je trouve que ça reste quand même un hébergeur assez fiable dans le temps.
Sinon, il y a MEDIAFIRE qui est pas mal, certes pas forcément toujours très rapide le soir mais qui permet des downloads en parallèle même pour les free users. Il y a aussi DEPOSITFILES & HOTFILE que j'aime bien, voire TERAFILES, PARTAGE FACILE et quelques autres encore.
Je pense que le merdier actuel ne devrait pas durer trop longtemps vu qu'Internet a horreur de ce genre de vide. Wait and see ...

ratboy69 said...

Merci pour ces conseils, Chris! Je vais peut-être tenté le coup avec MEDIAFIRE.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Would be a pity if you decided to give it up.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Jim (Belgium)

Anonymous said...

crap... I guess I'll have to actually PAY for my music then.

limburg said...

Al Anonymous con cuenta en Mediafire,

Soy Limburg, colaborador de este blog. El Ratboy me ha pedido que le tradujese tu ofrecimiento. Si nos pasas la cuenta la utilizariamos los 2 para seguir posteando discos de los que "nos ponen".

Un abrazo

GaragePunk66 said...

Sounds like things continue to suck. You can't blame the file sharing sites, they have to cover their asses in the event of law enforcement intervention. I hope great blogs such as yours will continue to thrive. Your blog alone has contributed to the frivolous spending of hundreds of dollars by myself. All because I heard something great on your blog and simply had to support the band and obtain my own copy. Thanks for the voodoo that you do, you rock!

Daniel said...

Hope you can go ahead... Cheers from Spain!! Un saludo macanudo.

Anonymous said...

MediaFire still rocks!

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare has always been the biggest bunch of bastards around... it's terrible to see how much business they're getting since the demise of Megaupload. But there are plenty of other hosts still doing a great job without trying to gouge anyone... Mediafire, Hotfile and Depositfiles are all working the same as they always have. Hope you will continue with whatever is available. Thanks.


Goofy said...

Haven't visited your fine blog for a while. It's just as good as it was then.
Don't give up, and use RS if you only can. It's the only one that really works. MF is good too and HotFile as well. The rest are crap.

zippy said...

Thanks for the Mansfields--a killer post! Hope you can continue with posting--this blog is among the top 5 blogs on the net!

zippy said...

Thanks for the Manfields-a killer post ! Hope you can continue with your excellent blog.