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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LINK WRAY - Law of the Jungle: 64 Swan Demos

LINK WRAY - Law of the Jungle: 64 Swan Demos

In FLAC - Covers are included

1. Rumble 2. Bo Diddley 3. Ace of Spades 4. Oh What a Price 5. 5 and 10 6. Run Boy Run 7. Mustang 8. Deuces Wild 9. Frenchy 10. Begin the Beguine 11. Scatter 12. Return of Birdland 13. Law of the Jungle 14. My Alberta 15. The Sweeper

In 1963, Wray scored a hit with Jack the Ripper on the Swan label. In '64, he cut 15 more tracks for Swan at Ray Vernon's studio-but, inexplicably, they remained shelved for decades. The fiery electric-guitar innovator was still in his 20s here this is prime stuff, now finally out! thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution


frumious bandersnatch said...

Always glad to hear some Link Wray !
thank a lot !

Chuchi said...

Thank you very much RatBoy for this Wray demos!! Superb!!!

Rockandre said...

Every day should be a Wray day! Thank you very much, sir!

Sean said...

I'd give credit to Link Wray for being the first proto-punk rocker. Besides inventing the power chord (sorry Pete Townshend & Dave Davies), being the first to use deliberate guitar NOISE on a recording (such as scratching the strings for effect etc), he had a song BANNED for its alleged potential to incite violence & anRchy. A song WITHOUT LYRICS no less, almost 20 years before the Sex Pistols. Badass MF.