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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Bloody Hollies - 2011 - Yours Until The Bitter End

The Bloody Hollies - 2011 - Yours Until The Bitter End

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1. So Grey, So Green 2. Dead Letter 3. Dirty Sex 4. Good Night, Sleep Tight 5. I Dream Of Bees 6. Dress To Kill 7. Leave That Woman Alone 8. Sticks And Stones 9. You're So Cold 10. John Wayne Brown
Nearly a decade after their 2002 debut, this Buffalo-born quartet continues to combine the feral energy of punk rock, the non-stop drive of southern boogie and the rough-edges of the garage. Their music is fast and loud and tight, and though the rhythm guitars, pulsating bass and full-kit drumming will assault your body (thanks, in large part to Jim Diamond's ferocious mix), it's Wesley Doyle's manic vocals that will pin your ears back. Fans of the Gun Club, Black Crowes and the two-man blues-axis surrounding the Black Keys will all find something here to enjoy.


keepstrong said...

Only f*ckin' rock'n'roll!!

Pello said...

Suenan tremendos. Muchas gracias. Merci.

edlorado said...

thanks again!