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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mink Jaguar ...again

Mink Jaguar ...again
In Flac - covers are included
1 Love to Love You
2 No Love Remains
3 You Got the Answers
4 Some Other Girl
5 Leave Us All Behind
6 Millionaires Are Getting Younger
7 What's Your Brand?
8 I Wanna Know
9 Maybe Sometime (All the Time)
10 Monkey Man
11 Mother Phoenix
12 Sheena Nazeem
What you have here is the most infectious, uninhibited, unself-conscious, yet utterly timeless, most goddamn pumpin' rock 'n' roll you'll hear this year. With Mink Jaguar you know there's something for everybody. Be it classic power-pop, a touch of 13th Floor Elevators influenced psych, or just straight up garage punk. Yep. These guys play it like they just fell out of the tree!! Which brings me to their latest album: twelve nuggets of unbridled burning err, what I've just described above. Did I mention the impeccable song writing that effortlessly ties in 50's, 60's and 70's cornerstone sounds? Yes friends, these boys remind me of power-pop greats such as The Nerves, the (U.S.) Beat, The Plimsouls, even the almighty Ramones but with an incredible sense of garage punk THUD! It's as if Jonathan Richman bought himself a rhythm section of shaved apes and recorded for Bomp Records!!!

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Brother Brick "Stranded In the Nineties" 2XCD

Brother Brick "Stranded In the Nineties" 2XCD
In Flac - covers are included
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, BROTHER BRICK played DETROIT and PUNK-tinged rock ’n’roll thru the early to late 90’s. They released one obscure studio album called “A Portable Altamont”on an even obscurer French label as well as numerous 7”singles on great labels such as Estrus, Dog Meat and Bang! Collected here on two CD’s you’ll find all the bands studio recordings (even their impossible to find debut cd/ep “Getting’Beyond A Shit”) as well as live stuff, demos and covers. All tracks carefully remastered from original studio tapes with a few tracks rescued from cassette tape oblivion. BROTHER BRICK are a must for fans of HIGH ENERGY Aussie rock’n’roll a la RADIO BIRDMAN, THE EASTERN DARK and THE SAINTS!


MANY thanx to LIMBURG for this brilliant contribution.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A-Bones "Daddy Wants A cold Beer"

FLAC - Covers are included

Disc: 1 1. Don't Need No Job 2. Questions I Can't Answer 3. The World's Greatest Sinner 4. Shanty Tramp 5. Bamboo Rock and Roll 6. Spooks-A-Poppin' Theme 7. Maintaining My Cool 8. She Said Yeah 9. Wah-Hey 10. Guess I'm Falling in Love 11. Baby Doll 12. Daddy Wants a Cold Beer 13. Louie Go Home 14. Hep Cat 15. I'm Snowed 16. Bad Boy 17. Take Up the Slack Daddy-O 18. Hekawi 19. Why Don't They Let Us Fall in Love 20. Monkey Man 21. A White T-Shirt and a Pink Carnation 22. Third Pint From the Sun

Disc: 2 1. We're Gonna Get Married 2. Squat With Me Baby 3. Do de Squat 4. Judy 5. Why Why Why 6. You're Gone 7. One Mile 8. Mama Rock 9. New Spark 10. Stop It Baby 11. You Know What You Can Do 12. Jump Into the River 13. Smoke Rings 14. Made in the Shade 15. Rock the Boat 16. Drive In 17. You Can't Beat It 18. All Night Long 19. Genocide 20. It's a Hard Life 21. The Only Asshole (Alone at the Dance) 22. Teenage Head 23. Oh Canada

MANY thanx to LIMBURG for this brilliant contribution.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Chris Winter news.

Some Chris Winter news.

If you're a regular viewer of this blog you'll probably know that Chris WINTER is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer best known for his work with the Swedish rock and soul band "Dollhouse".
Chris has 2 exciting news :
1° Dollhouse second album "The Royal Rendez-vous" originally released on Bad reputation has been remastered and is going to be re-issued on a worldwide digital release the 1st of October!
2° Right after Dollhouse broke up, Chris started a power-trio named The Black Explosion. In his own words, Black Explosion plays and creates music in a psychedelic electric blues-rock style. According to what i read, the recordings are still in process but running very smoothly. I'm eager to listen to this new stuff!
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