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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sons Of Hercules

Sons Of Hercules

In flac - covers in a separate file

1. Piece of Mine 2. Crawling Back 3. Private Hell 4. IOU Nothing 5. Damaged Goods 6. Lost In Space 7. Guttersnipe 8. Black and Blue 9. Shakin' Street 10. Angel On Fire 11. Carving Knife

Debut album on CD from Texas Garage masters. Compared to MC5 (way cool cover of the FIVE's "shakin' street") & Radio Birdman!

Special Thanx to Cuci for this great contribution


Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Great band - thanks! Glad to see them getting some exposure outside of Austin + San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot !!!
great job !

From LH

limburg said...

Hey Cuci,

Thanks a lot for this album!!!!!

I love this band


Woody said...

Many thankx RatBoy & Cuci for this fantastic album. This band are great.

Anonymous said...

Can we get downloads for their "Hits For Misses" and "Right Now" releases with artwork?