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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Sick Rose “No Need For Speed”

The Sick Rose “No Need For Speed”

In Flac - covers are included

The Sick Rose is a band from Italy. No Need for Speed is rich in classic power pop structures, irrepressible enthusiasm, and it’s also produced by Dom Mariani (DM3, Stems). The guitar riffs and jangle melodies are awesome on “Magic Teacher” and “Pathetic Girl.” If you’re looking
for that garage feel with harmonies “Before You Go Away” is another winner. The band is pretty consistent here, and for the most part we get mainly fast paced tunes with a few mid-tempo ones (like “Drop By And Stay”). The Beatles-style Rickenbacker arpeggio dominates “Take It All Back,” and it’s another keeper here.
Many Thanx to GoodGuy666 for this great contribution!!!


snakeboy said...

I was familiar with the band but not this release. Thanks for the post.

Pep Sonic said...

Un grupazo. Garage revival de alto nivel en los 80s. Su disco Faces es imprescindible para los flequilleros que gusten de grupos como Cynics, Chesterfield Kings, etc. Bueno, parece que en 2011 le pegan al power pop de la mano de un gurú de este género, que por cierto, también le dio al flequillo en su momento, el gran Dom Mariani. El mero hecho de que siguén ahí es buena noticia y el contenido de este disco es doble buena notica.

Thank you very much GoodGuy666 & RatBoy for this fantastic post.

limburg said...

I believe I like both sides of them (Garage and Power Pop)

Has been ever Dom Mariani in something that was not good!!!!!

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

discovered your blog recently - would love to hear sick rose no need for speed = multiupload link is giving an error. Is it available through another link? Thanks

ratboy69 said...