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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THE LOLAS - Silver dollar sunday (Japanese import with bonus tracks)

THE LOLAS - Silver dollar sunday (Japanese import with bonus tracks)

In wav - covers in a separate file

1 Silver Dollar Sunday 2 Who Am I talking to 3 See Yer Picture too 4 I cant stand it 5 In My Car 6 Radio Dios 7 The Only People 8 Dog and Pony Show 9 Wild Blood 10 Silver Lakes 11 Long Time 12 The Summer sun 13 You and Me 14 I cant go Wrong 15 Back In School 16 Human Error 17 Why-ei 18 Love is something wild

Alabama-based power pop/bubblegum combo the Lolas formed in 1998 around vocalist/guitarist Tim Boykin (Shame Idols), drummer Mark Reynolds, and bassist Walon Smith. They debuted with the Ballerina Breakout LP a year later, and followed it with Silver Dollar Sunday in 2001. Between albums the Lolas did some touring, and recorded a blisteringly faithful version of "Color Me Impressed" for the 2001 Replacements tribute on Facedown entitled Left of the Dial~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide
The Lolas - Silver Dollar Sunday


Woody said...

Many thankx Ratboy for another fantastic post.

Kishin said...

This is one of my favorite albums, so it's great to get the bonus tracks. Thanks a lot!