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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - All Mucked Up

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - All Mucked Up (MONO MIX)

In Flac - covers are included

1 A Little Twist 2 You And I Belong Together 3 She's An Angel 4 If You Knew 5 It Takes Time 6 If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 7 Caught In A Lie 8 Treat Her Right 9 Doreen 10 Cocoa Beach 11 Mata Hari 12 Love Is Knocking At Your Door
Muck and the Mires are an easy fit as a flashback to '60s garage pop on All Mucked Up. These 12 songs are buried in hooks making for quick and easy singalongs, and the band jumps right in from the get go. Throughout this release they are often masters of their musical domain, but what a weird idea it was to record this album in "true stereo". Yours truly remixed this in glorious MONO, i.e the way it should have been right from the start!


Woody said...

Many thankx for this. Never heard of these guys. I've liked!! Cheers,

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

who mixed in mono ???
you ???

my fav sound play in mono
it's just so rock n roll & powerfull


ratboy69 said...

Yes i did! The original mix is in "true stereo" (vocals on the left , instruments on the right)but this is so weird! I decided something HAD TO BE DONE and i did it! And it's so much better in MONO.

Pep Sonic said...

Many thankx Ratboy for this. Again another great surprise.

Anonymous said...

i've copy too in stereo

sound play bad
vocals in 1
strange taste
how ?? with original tracks ??

thx for info


limburg said...

Fucking Great!!!!!!!

Shawn said...

It HAD TO BE DONE! LOL. Thanks for the glorious mono mix Ratboy, sounds really excellent, great work.