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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Breakups - Illness At Ease

The Breakups - Illness At Ease

In Flac - covers are included

1. Everybody's Girl 2. Morningside Lane 3. Good To Lie 4. Baby Sez 5. Cry In The Night 6. Feel Alright 7. Knockin' At Your Door 8. Can't Find My Way 9. Alice Brown's Blue 10. Tossin' Turning 11. Black By Six 12. Little Sallie Nightfall 13. Discourse With Jaxon 14. In And Out

With the wanton urge to shake apathetic rock from their collective conscious the breakUps are primed to serve-up their own cut of primitive music they call “Rhythm & Punk” and deliver it raw, frenzied and unfiltered to the people. Take a thick slice of Maximum R&B, grind in a dash of greasy Stax era soul and mash it up with a slab of mid ‘60s American Garage and you have the Rhythm & Punk sound that is the breakUps. If you dig the LYRES, The CYNICS and the FUZZTONES, this is a real must have!!!!


snakeboy said...

I love all three of the bands mentioned. Thanks so much.

GaragePunk66 said...

Lyres, Cynics and the Fuzztones... fuck yeah count me in. Thanks in advance for the post, looking forward to checking this out.

GaragePunk66 said...

After giving this a few spins, I have deduced that it is in fact a great album, thanks again for posting this.