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Friday, June 3, 2011

V.A. “The Great Stems Hoax” Tribute Stems (2003)

V.A. “The Great Stems Hoax” Tribute Stems (2003)
FLAC - Covers are included

The Nuggets - Never Be Friends (D Mariani / J Matthews) (3:10 m:s) (Norway)
Hands of Time - Tears Me In Two (R Lane / J Matthews) (3:21 m:s) (Australia)
P76 - At First Sight (D Mariani / R Lane) (3:22 m:s) (Australia)
The Sick Rose - Don't Let Me (D Mariani) (2:19 m:s) (Italy)
Chump Change - Make You Mine (D Mariani) (4:44 m:s) (Australia)
The Hunchbacks - Mr Misery (D Mariani) (4:08 m:s) (Australia)
The Levels - Man With The Golden Heart (D Mariani) (3:54 m:s) (Australia)
The Naked Eye - No Heart (D Mariani) (3:09 m:s) (Australia)
Joe Algeri & Ben's Diapers - She's Fine (D Mariani) (2:05 m:s) (Australia/Finland)
The Eye Creatures - She's A Monster (D Mariani) (3:58 m:s) (Australia)
The Others - On And On (D Mariani) (4:02 m:s) (Italy)
Trimatics - Can't Turn The Clock Back (D Mariani / R Lane) (3:33 m:s) (Sweden)
The Finkers - Love Will Grow (D Mariani) (4:34 m:s) (Australia)
Flander'us - Sad Girl (D Mariani) (3:32 m:s) (Australia)
Insanity Wave - Can't Forget That Girl (D Mariani) (3:01 m:s) (Spain)
The Crusaders - Under Your Mushroom (R Lane / J Matthews) (2:41 m:s) (Australia)
Even - For Always (D Mariani) (3:15 m:s) (Australia)
The Grains - Running Around (D Mariani) (3:44 m:s) (Italy)
The Stoneage Hearts - Move Me (D Mariani / J Matthews) (2:06 m:s) (Australia)

Off The Hip have assembled an array of great artists from around the world to pay tribute to the music of The Stems. The CD includes 19 tracks covering your favourite Stems tunes.

Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution


bottlelow said...

Hello Ratboy - is there any chance you would be able to up this in mp3, I know its sad but I cant deal with flac files. Thanks for a great place to visit!!

bottlelow said...

Hi Ratboy, just downloaded this file again and cant get past the first track, could you give me a clue how to line the tracks up to convert to MP3. I put .flac on the end of the file name but coverter just converts the first track and thats it. Is something missing? - cue file? I'm not sure. I'm dying to hear the whole album!! Thanx for any help!

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post a link to this album in MP3s.

mickel said...
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mickel said...


Instead of .flac put in .rar as file extension. Then jut extract as you normally do with rar.

As for converting/encoding to mp3 i prefer All2Lame. Nifty and free.

But if you use Foobar, you could encode the files with that as well.

And many thanks for a great share. :)

bottlelow said...

Your a legend Mickel thanks for your help!!

jeff in sydney said...

many thanks for this ratboy. Been a stems fan since their 1st 45 came out.

I'm a bit of a computer dummy, so for others like me, this file is a bit tricky -
1. It's big, about 450gb
2. It's in flac format, so if you're wanting it in mp3, you'll need to firstly uncompress it (which you need to do regardless) then use some other software to convert the flac files to mp3 files. Mickel suggests one, coolflac converter is another.
3. mickel's advice is excellent, but you need to know that he's telling you that the downloaded file needs to have a .rar suffix added to it. Windows users try the F2 key on this file.

good luck and good rockin'