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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mystery Action - Here's To Another Year

Mystery Action - Here's To Another Year
In Flac - Covers are included
1. Here's to Another Year
2. Ms. Constance
3. Trade Publication
4. One Desirable Male
5. Sadly Girls Sadly
6. He'll Be Around
7. Conspiracy
8. Shake
9. Fan
10. Ten Years Time
11. I Believe...
12. Some Kids Will Riot/Get Action
In 2000, Seattle's Evan Foster leader of the BOSS MARTIANS found time to start a 2nd band. Hard-driving 60s-style ROCK & ROLL with tons of Hammond Organ work and even some horn sections tossed in for good measure still makes this an exciting package. And your eyes will be knocked out by the HOT electric PINK they used in the packaging. Anyone who digs Philly's MONDO TOPLESS absolutely NEEDS a copy of this! A fab cover of the Sam Cooke song "Shake" rounds out a collection of powerful originals.'s%20To%20Another%20Year.rar.html


Anonymous said...

beuh comment ça marche ce site de download ?
chris the most forgotten french boy

ratboy69 said...


l'explication figure déjà à de moultes reprises dans les posts antérieurs.
1) entrer le code à 6 chiffres.
2) cliquer sur le bouton vert
3) le lien apparait plus haut, se terminant pas rar.htlm. Cliquer à droite, sauvegarder sous. Vraiment pas compliqué.

Anonymous said...

i'm really the most forgotten boy
sorry de t'avoir enervé
prends une mousse et décontractes-toi man
j'aime ton blog
chris docker au hav' (tout s'explique hein)

ratboy69 said...

No souci. LBS a mis pour toujours LE HAVRE sur la carte du rock'n'roll, donc respect éternel à tous les havrais!

TikiGraham said...

cheers, i got the hang of downloading from there now - will try not to ask too many more stoopid questions

Anonymous said...

yep man
pas collé par "shake" mais le reste est une exc powerpop, que l'ajout de
l'orgue rend originale.
Nos roadrunners frayant avec paul collin's beat ?
(les roads post garage et pas encore frenchies, genre "a snake in the grass)
chris le martien