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Friday, June 10, 2011

The greenhornes - Four stars

The greenhornes - Four stars
In WAV - Covers are included
1. Saying Goodbye
2. Underestimator
3. Better Off Without It
4. Cave Drawings
5. Song 13
6. My Sparrow
7. Need Your Love
8. Left The World Behind
9. Go Tell Henry
10. Jacob’s Ladder
11. Get Me Out Of Here
12. Hard To Find
The trio of Craig Fox, Patrick Keeler (The Raconteurs) and ‘Little’ Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs), heretofore known as The Greenhornes, have been churning out high quality rock'n'roll for well over a decade. Formed in the late '90s in Cincinatti, Ohio, The Greenhornes have toured the world over and released 3 full length albums, an EP and a boat load of singles across a multitude of record labels. '
After a five year hiatus, The Greenhornes have Jack White’s Third Man Records release their brand new full length album, the aptly titled Four Stars. From the dark pop of lead single “Saying Goodbye,” the glam bubble of “Song 13” to the moody psych of “Cave Drawings,” Four Stars is the band's strongest collection of songs to date. Produced by The Greenhornes and John Curley.


Anonymous said...

May I request The Greenhornes - self titled album (2001)? If you have it, please.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Can you answer the last post please :(

TikiGraham said...

cant work out how to download from that weird website - any help??

ratboy69 said...

1) Self titled check it here:

2)How to download from NAROD.RU CHECK dm3 post : explained to the simple minded!

Mark said...

Can you re-upload the Surfin Lungs and Shock Treatment split named Tell 'em I'm surfin' ??

Aguar said...

Saludos agregado a ENLACES
pon un link gracias

TikiGraham said...

OK being simple minded - i cant find that post. Am putting in the numbers, then information bar drops down at top of browser, i click install and it keeps going back to the page where i put in the numbers..........also - wont show the numbers when i open the page with google translator - might have to wait for another download somewhere

TikiGraham said...

ok, sorry, found the dm3 post, right clicked around a bit and a download box popped up - thanks, i appreciate all the stuff you put up, by why use this site.