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Sunday, June 5, 2011

DM3 - Road to Rome

DM3 - Road to Rome
@320 or FLAC - Covers are included
1. Can't Get What You Want
2. Please Don't Lie
3. Speed Freak
4. Second Floor
5. Pleaze You
6. I Thought That You Were Foolin'
7. Show You
8. Dead Stars
9. Something Heavy
10. Soultop
11. Fairweather Friend
12. T.V. Sound
If, somehow, you were misled or weren't aware that DM3 are indeed one of Australia's musical treasures, you can stop cowering in embarrassment now and cast your eyes and ears on the feast of fabness that is their second album, Road To Rome.

Recorded in Perth at Pet Rock and Revolver Studios as the year 1995 unfolded, Road To Rome features the core trio of DM3 (DM himself, bass player Tony Italiano and drummer Pascal) with the augmented guest talents of guitarist Ian Campbell and keyboard player Bob Patient complimenting these soon to be classic pop tunes from the purple pen of Dom Mariani. At home in North Carolina famed producer/engineer Mitch Easter once again manned the controls come mixing time in his Brickhenge Studio.

Mariani's classic love of true pop tunes and his ability to write better ones has seen him emerge as one of the genre's most respected songsmiths. The guitars bump and grind but the delicious pop mastery is still there in abundance. explained to the simple minded:

1) Enter the code

2) click on the green button

3) a blue underlined link appears. Click right, save as.


Anonymous said...

Bought this album when it came out. One of the best powerpop albums of all time.

Pep Sonic said...

A great album. Thank you for the music and thankx also for the scans. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ratboy69.
Any chance of you reupping this file: DM3 - Road to Rome?
It looks like the file on the Russian site is gone and megaupload is gone altogether...