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Friday, June 17, 2011

Devil Dogs "...StereOdrive!"

Devil Dogs "...StereOdrive!"
In Flac - covers are included
1 Get Up (For Rock 'N' Roll)
2 Broken Heart
3 I Don't Know What I Want
4 Laugh At Me
5 Coolsville
6 Higher The Heel
7 Shakey Sue
8 Jump On You

5 originals + 3 covers by Steve Baise's Devil Dogs. Japanese hard-to-find import by this late and always missed R'n'R combo.


Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution


Anonymous said...

great great great !
Thanks a lot for the flac
I thinks there should not be mp3 posted here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if there is no problem in my computer, it seems that the flack files are damaged.

Anonymous said...

Is this really the rip you meant to post? The zip I extracted has less than thirty seconds of very glitchy music followed by two minutes of silence in the first song, and then that partially repeats for track two. The index marks all fall in the middle of the tracks for the rest of the songs, so that track three is a repeat of the same glitchy song of track one plus a bit of another song that continues into track four. What's listenable here sounds great, though... really good high energy rock. Hope it's possible to post a better rip. Thanks.


ratboy69 said...

Flac files seem indeed damaged. Gonna check this out and repost later!

trgec said...

cheers...Devil Dogs,hm;what am I supposed to say except they RULE!!!!
It's my favourite ''new'' band and I've got all their stuff...but I'm still looking for another great band- Crumbs...and one and only thing what I'm looking for is their self title lp,but the other one not one with song sheakspeare etc...maybe someone could help?
stay punk and keep the faith

Cositronico said...

Thank you very much for another great post. Alwasy fantastic rock and roll in this place.

Andy said...

Thank you! One of my favorite bands, and I've never been able to find this record.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost... sounds perfect.

Frank (again)